How To Cancel Pets Best Insurance? Best Hacks That Work!

Cancel Pets Best Insurance

Do you believe that you can get a better insurance service from another company than Pets Best at a much more affordable price? Then, do not waste much time and quickly cancel your Pets Best Insurance for the well-being of your pet as well as your budget. 

With insurance to Pets Best for your pet, whenever your pet falls sick or gets injured, all the amount that you have paid for the treatment will be reimbursed by the insurance company on the basis of the veterinary bill that you show them. 

To cancel your Pets Best insurance, you will need to contact the customer support team of Pets Best Insurance which you can do by calling on the number 1-877-738-7237 and talking to the representative assigned to you. As you provide them with the details regarding your insurance, they will process the cancelation. 

To know in detail about the cancelation as well as reimbursements of Pets Best insurance, keep reading this article. 

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How To Cancel Pets Best Insurance?

If you wish to get your insurance on Pets Best canceled, there is only one way for you to do that, and it is by contacting the customer support of Pets Best Insurance.  

The official contact number where you will be required to call is 1-877-738-7237. Dial this number and you will soon be connected to a customer service representative who you can talk to. 

You can then request the cancelation of your currently ongoing insurance policy. They will probably ask you for a reason for your decision, so provide them with a valid one so that they are convinced. They might encourage you to keep your policy going, so be firm with your decision. 

They will probably ask you for some important details related to your Pets Best insurance, provide them with the required information so that they can proceed with the cancelation process. Make sure to ask them to provide you with a confirmation message once the insurance has been terminated. 

Remember that the customer service of Pets Best Insurance is available only between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. MST on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. MST on Saturdays. 

The service is not available on Sunday, so make sure that you call them on the right day and during the right time as mentioned above. 

Can I Get My Money Back From Pets Best Insurance?

Yes, once you have terminated your insurance on Pets Best, you can also claim a refund for the amount you have paid in advance if any. They will process your claim and if they find you eligible for reimbursement, they will definitely give your money back. 

How Long Does Pets Best Take To Refund?

If your pet has fallen sick or got injured and you have a valid veterinary bill for the same, you can claim reimbursement on Pets Best as per your eligibility for the same, Pets Best will refund the amount to your account within 2 days from the processing of your claim. 

However, if you have not shared the direct deposit details with them, then you will receive a paper check in about seven to ten days from the day your claim is processed. 

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How To Contact Pets Best Customer Service?

The best way to contact Pets Best is via their official customer service phone number which is 1-877-738-7237. 

However, there are other ways that you can choose to contact them. One is by mailing them and the other through fax. 

If you wish to send a mail to Pets Best, here is the address that you need to write to. 

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC 

965 Keller Rd.

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

If you want to fax Pets Best, then you need to share it at 1-866-777–1434. 

If you want to visit them in person, then their physical address is

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, 10840 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28277. Remember that their physical address cannot be used for sending mail, so if there is any mail you want to send to them, write it to their mailing address only. 

Pets Best Insurance- FAQs

Does Pets Best Increase With Age?

Yes, as the age of your pet increases for which you have taken up the insurance policy on Pets Best, the premiums of your insurance plan will also start increasing regularly, as the risks increase with the age of your pet, you are ultimately required to pay more. 

Can I Make Claim For Pets Best Insurance? Pets Best Insurance Claim Form Pdf

Yes, you can make claims for Pets Best Insurance. Visit the Submit Claim page and sign in to your account. Then fill out all the required details as asked and then submit it.

Does Pets Best Insurance Cover Neutering?

Pets Best Insurance claims to provide full coverage even when the pet is not spayed or neutered. You can visit the Pets Best Coverage page to learn more about it.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this article was helpful for you to know about the right cancelation procedure for your Pets Best Insurance and other important information related to Pets Best including their customer service contact details. For more insurances or memberships that you want to cancel, you can tell us in the comments so we can help you out with the right procedure. 

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