About Us

CancelHow is a modern tech-driven blog that covers all the ways to cancel service, subscriptions, and free trials. 

Decluttering your subscriptions and auto-renewal has never been so easy. With CancelHow, you can unsubscribe from unwanted free trials, auto-renewal subscriptions and keep the ones you want, and cancel the rest with our daily digest and easy-to-follow editorials.

There are multiple options to cancel your subscription but sometimes it is very annoying to find an easy solution and get a chargeback. At CancelHow, we make sure our readers find the easiest solutions to their questions. If you run into any issues doing this or have additional questions, please contact us through Contact Form.


Our vision is to put customers at the heart of every subscription. You can use our self-help flow to cancel a subscription. We want fast customer redressal regardless of the channel you use for communication.