How To Cancel Edible Arrangements Order? 3 Methods!!

Cancel Edible Arrangements Order

Did you order a fruit basket from Edible Arrangements but no longer require it any more? Well, if you are looking for ways to terminate your order then we can help you cancel your Edible Arrangements order you no more want to receive. 

An uncommon arrangement is provided by Edible where the franchise makes fresh fruit arrangements and combines and designs them to give them the shape of a fruit bouquet or fruit basket. Inspired by flower arrangements, Edible makes the gifts healthier with fruits and pretty with the arrangement designs. 

You can easily cancel your Edible Arrangements order by contacting your local store for the same. You can also make an order cancellation request online from the official website and the representatives will contact you accordingly. 

How To Place An Order From Edible Arrangements?

You can place your order easily by calling any of their local Edible Arrangements stores directly or placing an order online via its website

Can You Cancel Edible Arrangements Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Edible Arrangements order any time before it’s been shipped or delivered to you by calling their local store, which is responsible for your order. Edible Arrangements does not allow a cancelation policy on those orders that have been shipped or delivered to you. 

How Can I Cancel My Edible Arrangements Order?

You can cancel your order from the local store or contact the representatives online.

If you need to cancel your order that is scheduled for pickup or delivery from the local Edible LLC store, then you have to call its local store which is processing your order and canceling it at least 24 hours before it is been shipped from the store, or pick up timing. 

If you want to cancel your order via FedEx, then for that you have to submit your order cancelation request by contacting their call center at 877-DO-FRUIT. Currently, Local stores are unable to cancel orders that are been shipped by FedEx.

No cancelations are allowed if your order is shipped from the LLC store or delivered to you. 

Cancel Edible Arrangements Order From Local Store

 If you ordered a delivery from the local Edible Arrangements store and now want to cancel it then you will have to contact the local store for cancellation. You must ensure that you cancel your order almost 24 hours before your order’s scheduled delivery.

If you are late and your order has already left the local Edible Arrangements store then it won’t be possible for them to cancel your order. 

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Cancel Edible Arrangements Order Via FedEx

If you have ordered a Dipped Fruit shipment from FedEx then there are other ways to cancel the order. You will be required to contact their Call Center at 1-877-DO-FRUIT and you must also make sure that you contact them by noon before the date of your scheduled delivery.

The local Edible Arrangements stores won’t be able to help you with order cancellation if you ordered the product via FedEx. 

Cancel Edible Arrangements Order Online

1. You can also submit a request for your order cancellation online from the official website itself. 

2. Visit the Edible Arrangements Contact Page and fill out the short form available there. 

3. Sign In to your account and you will be required to provide your Order number there. 

4. You must also provide your name, email address, phone number, and the subject of your query. 

5. In the Subject and Details box, you can write down your request to cancel your Edible Arrangements order and when you are done, click on the Cancel button. 

Can I Make Changes To My Edible Arrangement Order?

If you don’t want to continue with the original order you placed then you can of course make changes to your Edible Arrangements order. If you have ordered from the local store then you can contact the store regarding your changes. You can also make changes to your order online from the website. 

1. Visit the Edible Arrangements Change Request Page to initiate the procedure. 

2. Provide your Order Number in the box above. 

3. Give your name, email address, and phone number as asked in the form. 

4. In the Subject box, you can write a request to change the Edible Arrangements order

5. In the Comments section, you can write down the details of the changes you wish to make to your order. Click on the Submit button when you are done. 

Changes in order are only possible if your order is not yet out for delivery. 

Can You Get A Refund From Edible Arrangements?

Yes, Edible Arrangements gives you a full refund if you have canceled your order before it is shipped from Edible Local Store or before your pickup timing. Your refunded amount will automatically be credited to your account. 

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Can Edible Arrangements Offer Return & Exchange Policy?

No, edible arrangements do not have any free return and exchange policy. You are only allowed to cancel your order from them that too before the shipment or being delivered. 

What If Your Edible Arrangements Order Is Not Delivered?

Edible Arrangements offers easy cancelation and fast shipping of their products to their users. So, they do not take any kind of responsibility regarding your undelivered order or failure to deliver your order.

They stated that, if your order from Edible Arrangements is not delivered to you, then it must be your fault as maybe you provided us with the wrong address or your order was shipped via FedEx, because right now, Edible Arrangements is not responsible for shipping via FedEx.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Changes To Your Placed Edible Arrangements Order?

Yes, you can request order changes on your placed order (like address, delivery date, or even adding or changing any item) before its shipment from the LLC store by filling out the “Change Your Order” from its website. 

Do Edible Arrangements Offer Free Shipping?

No, Edible Arrangements does not offer free shipping. 

Are Edible Arrangements Gifts High In Price?

Edible Arrangements gifts range from budget-friendly to high-end. If you are on a tight budget, then you can shop from its website for under $30 cost which includes chocolates covered with a strawberries fruit platter. 

Its most expensive gift pricing can go up to $1000.

What Is Edible Arrangements Customer Service?

For any kind of help, you can contact Edible Arrangements Customer Service at 1(203)774-5357


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