How To Cancel Target Red Card? Here’s The Easy Ways!

Cancel Target Red Card

There are times when you find a better credit or debit card service, so, you decide to close the existing one to keep less clutter. If the same has happened with having a Target card, then we are here to help you find out how to cancel your Target Red Card, so, if you want to know, this is the apt place for you. 

With access to a Target Red Card, customers can enjoy the offer of a 5% discount on a number of items that they purchase from Target. And the best part about these cards is that they come with a Zero annual fee. Still, many people find it unsatisfactory and prefer switching to a better card service.

To cancel your Target Red Card, you need to dial their Customer service number and discuss your decision with them. They will ask for some details related to your card and subsequently cancel your card. You can also send mail to their address for this purpose.

To know in detail about the cancelation process of your Target Red Card and other related information that you might be looking for, you can continue reading this article. 

How To Cancel Target Red Card?

If you wish to have your Target Red Card canceled, there are only two ways to do this and of which, the better one is by calling on their customer support number. 

For this, you need to first dial the number (800) 659-2396 on your mobile phone and enter your account information as asked. Then you will be required to navigate through their menu and they will direct you to get connected with a customer service representative. 

You can talk to the representative and tell them that you do not need your Target Red Card anymore and request its cancelation. They will ask you why you want to cancel it and will encourage you as well to keep it, but be firm with your decision and provide them with a valid reason for the same. 

Then, the representative will ask you for some necessary details related to your Target Red Card and process its cancelation. 

Make sure that you ask the representative for a confirmation text as soon as your Target Red Card is canceled. 

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make a call and talk to a customer service representative of Target, you can also write a mail to them and send it to the following address:

Target corporation, ℅ Financial, And Retail Services, P.O. Box 9491, Minneapolis, MN, 55440. 

However, if you go for the mailing option, it will take a lot of time of yours. So, if you want to cancel your Target Red Card immediately, then you should prefer the calling mode. 

Can I Cancel Target Red Card Online?

As of now, there is no way in which you can cancel your Target Red Card online. The only mode of cancelation of your card from Target is by contacting their customer support and requesting the cancelation either via a phone call or through the mail. 

How To Cancel My Target Account?

If you wish to delete your existing account on Target, then again, you will be required to contact their customer service by calling the number 1-800-591-3869 and provide them with your account details as they ask. They will process your request for cancellation and your account shall soon be terminated. 


What To Do If I Lost My Target Red Card?

In the case that you have lost your Target Red Card or if it has been stolen, you need to immediately contact customer service of Target and report the loss of your card. If you do not wish to call them, you can also report the loss of your card on their mobile app or official website.

They will request important security information for your identity verification and cancel your current Target Red Card. Don’t worry, you will soon be provided with a replacement for your card which you can then use. 

Does A Target Red Card Affect Your Credit?

It depends upon which type of Target Red Card you are using to decide whether or not it will affect your credit score. 

So, if you are using a Target Red Debit Card, then you do not need to worry about it because that has nothing to do with your credit score. However, if it is a Target Credit Card, then it will greatly affect your credit score, so be careful with that. 

Does Target Red Card Have A Monthly Fee?

No, you are neither charged any monthly fee nor an annual fee for using your Target Red Card. Instead, you are given with 5% discount on every eligible product that you purchase from Target. 

Wrapping Up

Closing a Target Red Card is not that big of a deal because your part ends as soon as you inform their customer support representative and the rest is their job. If there is any other card or subscription that you would like to cancel, you can tell us in the comments and we shall sort it out for you.

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