How To Cancel Kaiser Insurance? Step By Step Guide!

Cancel Kaiser Insurance

When family and the future are involved, you must only choose the best options and try them, and if they don’t work for you, choose the next better available option. You must have tried the Kaiser Insurance policies but if you are not satisfied with their services then you don’t need to continue, we can help you cancel your Kaiser Insurance with ease.

Kaiser Permanente is a good choice to check out some individual and family healthcare plans. They operate in a few selected states so if they are available for you, you must go through their plans and choose the best coverage for yourself and your family.

If you are no longer satisfied with your current Kaiser Insurance Plan then you can cancel it with the help of your agent or by sending a mail to the company. You can also cancel your Kaiser Insurance via a call to the officials or to your agent.

Kaiser Insurance Plans

Kaiser offers its customers numerous health coverage plans for them to choose from that would be perfect for them and their families. You can select from individual and family plans, medicare options, employer and group insurance, and more. 

PlansAge about 21Age about 40Age about 60

Health Insurance price rates differ from location and even from plans and age of the customer. There are several conditions one must keep in mind before choosing the best insurance for them. The above-mentioned plans are the tiers Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The price rates are the average and base rates of these tiers according to the age of the customer. One must visit the official page of Kaiser Permanente or take the help of their agent to learn more about these plans in detail and choose what they wish for. 

How Can I Cancel My Kaiser Insurance? Kaiser Insurance Cancellation Form

If you no longer desire to continue with Kaiser or have found a better insurance plan for you and your family then there is no need to continue with them. You can always cancel your Kaiser Insurance if you don’t require them anymore. 

Cancel Kaiser Insurance Through Agent

1. Visit the website and open your Kaiser Account

2. On the right of the screen page, hit the Cancel Insurance button. 

3. From the page, download the Disenrollment Form

4. Print out the form you downloaded and fill out all the important required details they ask for. 

5. Provide the reason for your insurance cancellation and give the form to your agent who would further process your cancellation request. 

Cancel Kaiser Insurance By Mail

1. Download your Disenrollment Form as directed above by visiting your Kaiser account. 

2. Provide all required details and the reason for your cancellation in the printout copy of your form. 

3. When you are satisfied with the form, you can mail it to

 Kaiser Permanente – Medicare Unit 

P.O. Box 232400 San Diego, CA 92193-2400

4. You can also fax your mail at 1-855-355-5334 or Email [email protected].

5. You will soon receive a written confirmation from Kaiser about your cancellation procedure. 

Cancel Kaiser Insurance Via Phone Call

1. It isn’t very complicated to cancel your Kaiser Insurance via mail or with the help of your agent but if you want, you can also try canceling your insurance via a phone call. 

2. Dial the number of your Agent and ask them to cancel your Kaiser Insurance plan. 

3. You can also contact Kaiser Member Services at 1-800-464-4000 (TTY 711)

4. The Member Services hotline of a few of the locations are-

Colorado: 1-800-476-2167

California: 1-800-443-0815

Georgia: 1-800-232-4404

Mid-Atlantic States: 1-888-777-5536

Washington: 1-888-901-4600

Hawaii: 1-800-805-2739

Northwest: 1-877-221-8221

Can I Reinstate My Kaiser Insurance?

Yes, if you wish, you can easily reinstate your Kaiser Insurance. To reinstate your coverage, all you need to do is submit the money order or the cashier’s check for all provided premiums.

You must submit all your dues and administrative fees and also a reinstatement fee of $25 for your first reinstatement. Your subsequent reinstatement would be $50.

You must ensure that all your reinstatement payments must be received by RealCare within 45 days from your insurance cancellation date.

There must be no lapses in coverage between your cancellation date and your reinstatement date. 

Customers can visit the official website of Kaiser and read out the eligibility and guidelines for reinstating their insurance.

They can also contact their agents who will explain in detail the cancellation and reinstating steps and direct you to the required steps.

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Terminate Kaiser Insurance- FAQs 

How Can I Cancel My Kaiser Permanente Appointment?

It is easy to cancel your Kaiser Permanente appointment and you can do that by visiting your website or through the Kaiser Permanente mobile application.

You can also contact their local Health Line at 404-365-0966 or 1-800-611-1811 for dialing long distances. 

How Do I Cancel My Kaiser Automatic Payment?

You can easily cancel your Kaiser Automatic Payment from the website by logging in to your account and selecting the AutoPay link. Follow the steps as directed and tap on the Cancel button for deactivating your Autopayment.

You can also send or fax a request to cancel your Automatic Payment at 855-414-2796. You can also contact Kaiser Member Services at 800-777-7902 (TTY 711)

How To Cancel Kaiser Insurance Through Covered California?

To cancel your Kaiser insurance through Covered California, you will be required to dial the help number of the Covered California Service Center which is (800) 300-1506. Visit the official website of Covered California for more details.

Why Was My Kaiser Plan Terminated? Kaiser Cancelled My Insurance?

Kaiser will terminate your plan or cancel your insurance if you haven’t yet paid the monthly dues. They will terminate your coverage if you do not make the payment within 30 days of your billing due date. You can contact their Support department for more information on your insurance cancellation.

Wrap Up

Kaiser provides you with several healthcare plans and you can select the ones that you feel would be best for those close to you.

However, if you have found a better insurance plan than this then you can easily cancel your Kaiser insurance by following the steps we discussed above for the same. Contact their Service Support if you have other queries related to insurance cancellation or reinstatement.

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