How To Cancel Cigna Dental Insurance?

Cancel Cigna Dental Insurance

If you do not want your dental insurance from Cigna anymore or have found a better insurance policy at a lower price, then you should immediately switch to it. For that, you will first be needed to cancel your current Cigna dental insurance policy. In case you are not sure about the procedure, we are here to help. 

There is a range of dental plans that are covered under Cigna Insurance. You can choose whichever plan suits you best and pay your premiums. The dental plan from Cigna is more like a medical PPO which has a network of dentists. There are a lot of services covered in Cigna Dental Insurance including x-rays and cleanings varying as per the plan that you have taken up.

To cancel your Cigna dental insurance, you can either call on their customer support number and talk to a representative who will cancel the subscription for you. Otherwise, you also have the option to write a letter requesting the cancelation and send it to their official address. 

If you want to know in detail how you can possibly cancel your Cigna dental insurance, then keep reading this article to get your answers. 

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How To Cancel Cigna Dental Insurance?

There are two possible ways for canceling your Cigna Dental Insurance as of now, one is by calling on their customer support number and requesting the cancelation while the other requires you to send a written cancelation notice to their address. 

Let us discuss in detail how your Cigna insurance can be canceled.  

How To Cancel Cigna Dental Insurance For Members Billed Individually?

If you are a member of Cigna insurance in which you are billed individually, then the best and easier way of canceling your Cigna insurance is by calling on their customer support number which is 1-877-521-0244. You will be connected to a customer service representative whom you can request that you do not want your insurance any longer and ask them to cancel it immediately. 

They will ask you for some details related to your personal information as well as your insurance, provide them with all and have your insurance terminated. 

Alternatively, you can also write a letter on your own mentioning your request for the cancelation of your insurance. You will be required to send this letter to the following address:

Cigna Dental, 8100 S.W.

10th Street, Suite 2000,

Plantation, FL 33324.

Attn: Operations. 

As they check your letter, they will process your cancelation request and the respective insurance shall be terminated for which you will receive a confirmation as well. 

How To Cancel Cigna Dental Insurance For Members Billed Through A Group?

If you are a member of the dental insurance of Cigna billed through a group, then you will simply need to contact your employer to have your insurance canceled. 

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How Do I Get A Refund For Canceling Cigna Dental Insurance?

If you have taken up the discount medical plan organization membership on Cigna and want to cancel it and have the paid amount reimbursed, then you will be required to cancel your membership before the completion 30 days from the date when you were enrolled for the respective insurance. 

If you believe that you are eligible to get a refund from Cigna on your insurance cancelation, then make sure that you request a refund from them when you call on their customer service number. Your refund will also include the periodic payments that you have made if any. 

How To Cancel Cigna Dental Insurance Online?

Unfortunately, at present, there is no way in which you can cancel your Cigna insurance online. You will either need to contact their customer service over the phone and have the insurance canceled or you will be required to send a letter to their address. 

How Do I Cancel My Cigna Provider Contract?

If you are someone who represents a dental clinic or affiliated clinics at Cigna, or provides any related facility and want to cancel your provider contract, then you will need to send an email to the address [email protected] and apply for the termination of your contract. 

Your request will probably take around 15 days to be reviewed and processed after which you will receive a confirmation mail as a result of the successful termination of the contract. 

How Do I Cancel My Cigna AutoPay?

If you want to cancel your Cigna Autopay, you need to first head to the official website of Cigna and log in to their account. Then, head to the “Manage My Profile” section and select “Reimbursement Preferences”. In this menu, you will find the option of “AutoPay references”, this is where you will easily be able to cancel your Cigna AutoPay. 

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Wrapping Up

We hope that once you entirely go through this article, you will not have any trouble canceling your Cigna dental insurance no matter which insurance plan it is or whether it is billed individually or through a group. If there are any other insurance policies that you would like to terminate, you can mention them in the comments for us to help you with the process. 

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