How To Cancel Peloton Membership? Different Modes To Cancel

Cancel Peloton Membership

In this holiday season, if you wish to improve your fitness, do bring Peloton home as it will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals. But if you don’t want to use it anymore or don’t really wish to continue the membership then you can cancel it. 

Peloton has amazing fitness products like Peloton bikes, treadmills, rows, and more. They also provide you with a Peloton guide and various live classes to learn from the experts. You can choose the plan that fits both you and your household perfectly and enjoy a fitness session together with your loved ones.

To cancel your Peloton membership, you can go through different methods according to the devices or platforms you are using. You can also contact the Peloton team at 1-866-679-9129 to get their help.

Continue to read more details on Peloton membership cancellation. 

What Is Peloton? Why Do You Need Peloton Membership?

Peloton is an American-based Fitness company that provides its customers with various exercise equipment and fitness classes through media support. Their products include treadmills, stationary bicycles, Peloton row, and Peloton guide. They also provide you with various workout classes. 

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A Peloton Membership will provide you with numerous live fitness classes and according to their plans, other family members of the users can also get those benefits.

The In-app Strive-Score can even monitor your heart rate, calories burned, etc. The movement tracking feature is also an important part of these memberships. 

Peloton Membership Plans

Peloton Memberships come in two types of plans-

  1. Peloton App Membership: In this membership, no Peloton Equipment is needed.
  2. Peloton Equipment Membership: You will need Peloton bike, bike+, Tread, Row, and Guide Owners.

Take a Look at this table for Peloton Membership Plans Pricing.

Peloton App Membership

Peloton App Free Peloton App One Peloton App+
$0$12.99 per month$24 per month 
Free Classes60-Day Trial60-Day Trial

Peloton Equipment Membership

Peloton Rental MembershipPeloton All Access MembershipPeloton Guide Membership
$89 per month$44 per month$24 per month 

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How To Cancel Peloton App Membership?

If you have subscribed for the Peloton App Membership, then you can cancel it at any time on your own either online from its website or from the platform or device via which you have subscribed for it.

The below headings explain you to cancel the Peloton App Membership on different devices.

How To Cancel Peloton Membership On Android?

To cancel your Peloton Membership on Android devices, users will have to:

>Go to Google Play Store on their Android device.

>Hit the profile icon at the top right of the screen page.

>Tap on the three lines and choose Payments and Subscriptions

>Go to Subscriptions and tap on the subscription you wish to cancel. 

>Tap Cancel Subscription and this will cancel your membership. 

How To Cancel Peloton Membership On iPhone?

To cancel your Peleton Membership on iOS devices, users can:

>Go to Settings on their device.

>Tap on your name and then go to Subscriptions. 

>Choose Peloton from the subscriptions. 

>Tap on Cancel Subscription and confirm your cancellation procedure. 

How To Cancel Peloton Online?

How To Cancel Peloton Membership? Different Modes To Cancel- How To Cancel Peloton Online?

To cancel Peloton Membership through the website, the members can:

>Go to the Peloton official website

>Click on the link to your Peloton subscription. 

>Click on Cancel Subscription.

>Confirm your cancellation process. 

How To Cancel Peloton Membership From ROKU? 

If you have subscribed to your Peloton Membership through a ROKU device, you can cancel your membership by-

>Use your ROKU remote and press the Home button

>Go to the Peloton channel.

>Press the * button to get the Menu options. 

>Choose Manage Subscription.

>Select the Cancel Subscription option. 

>Confirm the cancellation process. 

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How To Cancel Peloton From Verizon+Play Store? 

If you have subscribed to the Peloton Membership through the Verizon+ Play Store, you can cancel your membership plan by 

>Login to My Verizon Online 

>Go to the Manage Subscriptions tab.

>Look for your Peloton Membership under the Subscriptions tab. 

>Click on the Manage option and then go to Status.

>The Status option would be On, toggle it Off

This will cancel your Peloton Membership from the Verizon+ Play Store. 

How To Cancel Peloton From Amazon Fire TV?

If you have subscribed to the Peloton Membership from Amazon Fire TV, then do follow these simple steps for its cancelation.

Cancel Peloton Membership On The Amazon Website

  1. Go to the official Amazon Website and log in to your Account which is linked with Peloton
  2. Navigate to “Your Account” from the top right-hand of the screen
  3. Select “Your Android Apps and Devices” from the menu
  4. Then, choose “Your Subscriptions” under “Your Android Apps and Devices”
  5. Choose Your Peloton Subscription
  6. Tap the Cancel Subscription option.

Cancel Peloton On Amazon Fire Tablets

  1. Select Apps> Store
  2. Then, tap on Subscriptions from the menu
  3. Choose Peloton Subscription from the list
  4. Click on the Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Peloton On The Amazon App Store

  1. Go to the Amazon App Store and open the Menu
  2. Choose the Subscriptions
  3. Tap on Peloton Subscription
  4. Select the Cancel Subscription button

How To Cancel Peloton All-Access Membership?

How To Cancel Peloton Membership? Different Modes To Cancel- How To Cancel Peloton All-Access Membership?

If you have subscribed for the Peloton All-Access Membership, then follow these steps to cancel the membership online-

  1. Login to the Peloton Account
  2. Tap the Manage next to the subscription
  3. Then, select the “Pause or Cancel” option and go for the cancelation steps.

If you are unable to cancel your Peloton All-Access membership through the online method mentioned above, you can try canceling your Peloton membership through offline mode. 

To cancel your Peloton membership, you can call Peloton Support at 1-866-679-9129 or Start the Live Chat function on the Peloton Website.

When you talk to a Peloton representative, ask them to cancel your subscription. Please provide them with your membership details and others they require and you are done. 

How To Activate Peloton Membership?

When you start a Peloton product for the first time, you will be asked to sign in with your email and password. So, 

>The first step is to set up an account for logging in. 

>Use the email you added while purchasing the product and set a password. 

>To activate the Bike, tread, Bike+, or row, you will have to provide your credentials like the email and password to log in and you will get access to them if they find a membership activated to it.

To activate membership without these products:

>Enter your Peloton account email and password.

>Choose the Membership account and tap on Activate

>Add username and other information to make your Rider profile

>When you are satisfied with the details, tap on Looks Good.

Following these methods will help you activate your Peloton Membership and their products. 

Peloton Membership Cancellation- FAQs

What Happens If You Cancel Peloton Subscription?

If you cancel your Peloton Membership, you will lose access to all those benefits the members get.

You won’t have access to their workout library and extensive fitness live classes. However, without a membership, you will still get access to their 2 pre-recorded classes. 

Why Can’t I Cancel My Peloton Membership?

If you are unable to cancel your Peloton membership, it might be possible that your membership plan is finished, or your internet connection isn’t good enough to cancel your membership online.

You can cancel it offline by contacting Peloton at 1-866-679-9129. The representatives will answer your queries related to Peloton Membership cancellation. 

Can You Pause Peloton All-Access Membership?

Yes, the members can pause or take a break from their Peloton Membership whenever they want. You may need to pause your membership due to an injury, a busy schedule, or any other reason.

They allow you to pause your membership for 1 month, 2 months, or a maximum of three months.

Will I Get A Refund For Peloton Membership Cancellation?

Peloton will provide you with a time of 14 days after you inform them that you wish to return their products. Once they get back their products, they will contact you and repay you for the product cost and delivery charges within 14 days. 

How Can I Contact Peloton Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to the services Peloton provides, you can contact their Customer Support team for the desired help.

Visit the Peloton Support page and hit the Chat icon at the bottom to speak to a representative regarding your queries. You can also give a call at 1-866-679-9129.

Wrap Up

A Peloton Membership will do wonders for you if fitness is your major goal. You can get their finest fitness and training equipment easily.

However, if you are actually taking a break from fitness and enjoy the season doing something else then you can cancel your Peloton Membership anytime you like. Go through the cancellation steps discussed above and end your membership plans. 

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