How To Cancel Pearson Plus Subscription?

Cancel Pearson Plus Subscription

If your semester has ended or the eTextbooks you are getting from your Pearson Plus plan are already available to you physically, then you should cancel your Pearson Plus subscription so that you do not have to spend away all your pocket money. If you are confused because you do not find any cancellation option on the website, don’t worry, we know the method. 

Most students have referred to online apps and sites for studies, especially ever since the pandemic hit the world. Pearson Plus is one such platform that is really beneficial from a student’s point of view. But, it is not necessary that you would want its subscription throughout. 

To cancel your Pearson Plus subscription, you just need Pearson’s virtual assistant where you can have a conversation with Pearson Support explaining that you no longer need your further months’ subscription and they will cancel it for you. 

To know more about the available Pearson Plus subscription plans and how to unsubscribe from them, you must keep reading this article. 

What Is Pearson Plus?

Pearson Plus (Pearson+) is basically an eTextbook platform. Through the Pearson Plus subscription, the students can have access to all the eTextbooks published by Pearson publications. In addition to that, they can also have access to their course-specific video collections in different channels, and there are also various exclusive offers available.  

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Is Pearson Plus Free?

Though the Pearson mobile application is free to use for everyone on their devices, Pearson+ is a subscription that is required to purchase. There are a number of subscriptions you can choose from as per your need. 

How Much Does Pearson+ Cost? 

There are two major subscription plans on Pearson+, single and multi. Here is the description and price of each of them. 

1. Single Title Pearson+ Subscription Plan

This will charge you $9.99 for a month. In this plan, you receive access to one eTextbook title. You can use the service on a maximum of two devices. You also get a discount on tutor access and there are certain other exclusive offers that come with this plan. You can also pay $39.96 for the entire four-month term at once. 

2. Multi Title Pearson+ Subscription Plan

You will have to pay $14.99 for a month for this four-month term subscription, for which you can also pay $59.96 at once. In this subscription plan, you will have access to more than 1500 eTextbook titles. This plan can also be used only on up to two devices. You also get some exclusive offers with this plan including discounted tutor access. 

How To Cancel Pearson Plus Subscription?

The process of canceling your Pearson Plus subscription is quite easy. All you have to do is contact Pearson Support via the Virtual Assistant of Pearson. 

There, you can request to them the cancellation of the Pearson Plus services and you will no longer have to pay for it, and you will also no longer have access to the services of Pearson Plus at the same time. 

Can I Get Refund From Pearson Plus?

If you cancel your subscription on Pearson Plus within the first fourteen days of subscribing to any of its plans, then you are eligible for receiving a complete refund for it. 

To get your refund on canceling a Pearson Plus subscription, you just need to contact the Pearson Virtual Assistant and the refund will be credited to your linked PayPal account or Credit Card mentioned. It can take at most ten days for the amount to be refunded. 

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How Do I Unregister From Pearson Course?

If you had registered for a course on Pearson and now do not need it anymore. You can unregister from it. For this you need to refer to the following steps:

1. Log in to your account and head to “My Course” page. 

2. Look for the course you want to unregister from, click on “Details” for that course. 

3. Now, click on the “Edit” option of the course details on the next page.

4. You will find the option to Delete the course, select it and confirm your choice. 

As you follow these simple steps properly, you will be unregistered from the selected course and it will no longer be available on the My Courses page of your account. 


How Many Devices Can You Have Pearson Plus On?

If you have purchased a subscription of Pearson Plus, you are allowed to access the services of that subscription on at most two authorized devices. The number of the authorized devices remains the same whether you take a single or a multi subscription plan. 

How Long Are Pearson Plus Subscriptions?

Once you take up a Pearson Plus subscription, it is provided for a total of four months (term). However, the payment needs not be done for all the four months altogether. You can also pay for the subscription on monthly basis.  

How Do I Check My Pearson Plus Subscription?

If you want to check your current subscription on Pearson plus or how long it is for, you can refer either to your access code card or directly to the Pearson page where you will be able to check your subscription. 

Does Pearson Plus Come With MyLab?

No, Pearson Plus doesn’t provide you any access to MyLab, nor does it include any access to Revel or Mastering. For MyLab, you will need to purchase its subscription from the respective platform itself. 

Does Pearson Plus Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, if your account on Pearson Plus has been inactive for the past 390 days, then it will automatically be deleted permanently and if you need to use its services in the future, you will have to create another account. 

Wrap Up

With this guide, you will easily be able to cancel your subscription on Pearson Plus and if you also want to get refund of your subscription fee, then make sure that you cancel the subscription within 14 days after you took the subscription on your account. For the procedure of any other subscription that you want to cancel, let us know in the comments. 

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