How To Cancel Esporta Membership? 2 Easy Way

Cancel Esporta Membership

If fitness is a major concern for you and is present in your new year resolution then Esporta Membership can provide great help. Esporta has numerous health and fitness membership packages and plans for its customers to bring their health back on track. But if you no longer feel the need to use their membership plan, you can cancel Esporta Membership anytime. 

Esporta Membership promises a budget-friendly Gym membership and is one of the fastest-growing health and fitness clubs in the States. The gym membership prices are not sky-touching and you also get the benefits of various equipment, amenities, and fitness classes.

If members are hesitant to continue with Esporta Membership because of any reason or are not satisfied with their plans, they can always cancel their membership any time they like.

It is easy to cancel Esporta membership on your mobile devices and through the website. You can also send an email to Esporta Fitness at [email protected] for canceling your membership. 

What Is Esporta Fitness? How Does Esporta Membership Benefits You?

Esporta Fitness are health and fitness model and has gym chains in the United States. They operate under the very famous LA Fitness umbrella of clubs.

This popular fitness brand helps members to achieve their fitness goals. However, you will be required to get the premium membership plans if you wish to access the special features provided by them. 

These plans also include single-club access membership plans and multiple-club access membership plans. 

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If you want access to their numerous fitness plans and health equipment and amenities, you will be required to get one of their membership plans.

These plans can provide access to the members of the Esporta Fitness gyms in their areas and they can even get access to other gyms and fitness centers if they travel outside and wish to work out.

You can also get additional facilities like various sports and fitness activities. You can also get the benefits of personal training and a kids club.

There is Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Boot Camp Conditioning, and more for its members. The members can also get access to their pool and Spa. Also check out How To Cancel Life Time Fitness Membership?

Esporta Fitness Membership Plans

Membership PlansInitiation FeesMonthly FeesAnnual FeesCancellation Fees
Single Club Access Membership$99$9.99        —Nil
Single-State Multi-Club Access Membership$0$25.99$53Nil
Multi-State Multi-Club Access Membership$0$29.99 $53Nil

Esporta Fitness provides about 3 different membership plans for its customers and the plans charges differ at various locations but these prices can provide you a rough idea of their plans.

These budget-friendly gyms cost $9.99 a month for a single club membership. You will have to pay $29.99 to get multiple clubs membership.

However, for this single club access membership, you need to pay an initiation fee of $99. Do note that these initiation fees differ in different cities and clubs. For more additional services, the members will be required to pay more. 

Those who want to pay for the whole year will be required to pay an Annual Fee of $53. You must definitely read the agreements and other guidelines as many members did complain of charges issues. 

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Esporta Fitness Child Care

There can be, of course, numerous chances that people with kids are unable to take care of their health and fitness due to their children.

If you do not have a babysitter for your kid who would keep an eye on your babies while you are out at the gym then you shouldn’t worry about that anymore. 

Just pay the required fee and Esporta will provide you with childcare options. It all depends on your membership plans and also the charges at that location.

However, the approximate charge for a Kids Klub might be around $10 per month. But do remember, this is only for the time you spend in the Gym, providing babysitters while you are shopping is definitely not included in the list. 

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Esporta Fitness Trial And Free Pass

Esporta Fitness provides a 3-day trial to its customers. During this time, you can work out in those gyms and get more details about all the benefits and offers they have for you.

This Free Pass will give you trial access to Esporta gyms and in some cases, it is even valid for 7 days. 

Users can also get the benefit of Guest Passes. This is possible through an existing Esporta member who can invite you to the club or gym as a guest for these limited trial days. 

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Is Esporta Fitness Membership Worth It? Why Would You Cancel It?

It works according to your desires and needs from a training club. If you are looking for a gym with all the basic facilities and that too at budget-friendly and affordable prices then Esporta Fitness is of course worth it.

You can get all the basic gym equipment and also get the benefits of access to the Pool, hot tub, and games like volleyball, racquetball, and more. You can also get personal training with these membership plans. 

However, there are some member reviews that raise concerns over Esporta Fitness and its membership plans. 

>Some members complained that the Esporta application is mostly down or unusable restricting them from getting access to its features

>There have also been complaints over Staff members, Childcare plans, and even gym maintenance. 

>Some also complained of hidden fees for cancellation that they actually didn’t mention in their membership cancellation plans. 

These are just a few member complaints and there can be numerous other reasons for customers to cancel their Esporta Fitness Membership plans. 

How Can You Cancel Esporta Membership?

The Esporta members can cancel their membership through various modes and methods. Following are some methods to cancel your Esporta Membership:

Cancel Esporta Membership On Android Device

>Open Play Store on your device. 

>Go to your Profile at the top right of the screen. 

>Tap on Payments and Subscriptions.

>Select Esporta subscription from the options. 

>Tap on the Cancel Subscription option. 

>You will be provided with options and you need to choose the reason behind your Subscription Cancellation. Choose the reason and Continue. 

>Tap Cancel Subscription again. 

Cancel Esporta Membership On iOS

>Open Settings on your iPhone device. 

>Go to your Apple ID at the top.

>Tap on Subscriptions.

>Choose Esporta Fitness from the given options. 

>Tap Cancel Subscriptions

>Confirm the cancellation process.

Cancel Esporta Membership On Website

>For that, you will be required to go to the official website of Esporta.

>Provide details to sign in

>Go to Billings or Subscriptions. 

>Click on Cancel Subscription.

This will cancel your Esporta membership. 

Cancel Esporta Membership Through Email

>Open the email app you use on your device and then Compose an email

>At the recipient tab, add [email protected] 

>On the Subject tab, you can type Request For Cancelation of Membership

>Provide details of your membership plan, account, and contact. 

>Provide them with the reason for cancelation and when you are satisfied with your email, hit Send

Wait till you receive the Confirmation email regarding your membership cancelation from the Esporta team. 

Esporta Fitness Membership- FAQs

Is Esporta Different From LA Fitness? Can you go to Esporta with an LA membership?

Esporta Fitness and LA Fitness provide their members with similar facilities and amenities. Esporta is an upgraded form of the LA Fitness Brand.

If you have a membership of LA Fitness then Esporta will allow you and welcome your membership in their selected locations. However, this does not go vice-versa if you have an Esporta Membership. 

When Did LA Fitness Change To Esporta?

LA Fitness launched Esporta Fitness to compete with all those high pricing gym membership plans and health clubs in 2020. With this, they rebranded many of their LA Fitness clubs location into Esporta Fitness. 

Wrap Up

Esporta Fitness is one of the most affordable and budget-friendly gym chains and fitness clubs. You can get their membership plans and get the benefits of numerous other fitness activities they provide.

But if you are not satisfied with their membership plans and want to discontinue them then you can easily cancel their subscription by following the methods discussed above. 

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