How To Cancel Ring Subscription? Cancel via App Or Website!

How To Cancel Ring Subscription? Cancel via App Or Website!

The best way to enhance your home security is to get a Ring Protect Plan and keep an eye on anyone trespassing around your place. But if you don’t want to continue with your Ring subscription then you can cancel it anytime by knowing the easy procedure for that. 

Ring offers users a wide range of Smart security system devices like smart security cameras and video doorbells. But that’s not it, if you want the benefits of more exciting features then a Ring Protect subscription plan would do wonders for you.

To cancel Ring Subscription, log in to your Ring account> Protect Plan> select the Plan> Cancel Plan> Confirm Cancellation. It must be noted that as of now, you cannot cancel your Ring subscription through the Ring app. 

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What Is Ring Protect? How Much Is Ring Protect Plan?

When you are rarely at home but its safety worries you every minute then Ring Protect is just what you need. Smart security cameras, video doorbell devices, and other security systems are perfect to keep your home safe and your homies secure.

On top of that, if you add a Ring Protect Plan, you can even record live videos and get timely access to the old history and many more security features like personal alerts, a snapshot feature, two-way talk, theft protection, and more.

3 Ring Protect Plans

There are basically three types of Ring Protect Plans that you can choose from to ensure and upgrade your Home Security. 

Plans Price Benefits 
Ring Protect Basic$3.99/month and $39.99 yearly. -Video recording history up to 180 days. -Download/Share recorded videos. -Motion Notification, Snapshot Capture. -Only covers one device.
Ring Protect Plus$10/month and $100 yearly-Video recording.-Person alert-Snapshot Capture -Extended Warranties for Ring devices. -Covers more than three Ring devices
Ring Protect Pro$20/month and $200 yearly Apart from the benefits mentioned above-24/7 monitoring of Ring Alarm security system. -Backup cellular internet-Store and Process videos and alerts on the microSD card. -Alexa Guard Plus

Can You Cancel Ring Protect Subscription?

How To Cancel Ring Subscription? Cancel via App Or Website- Can You Cancel Ring Protect Subscription?

If you are unable to continue with your Ring Subscription then you can always cancel it, anytime. You must, however, be aware that the subscription cancellation is only available through its official website or through Amazon(for those who bought it from there).

Cancel Subscription Through Website

To cancel your Ring Subscription through the website, you will have to:

>Go to and log in. 

>From the options at the top, select Protect Plan.

>Choose the Plan you wish to cancel.

>Hit Cancel Plan, you can find it at the bottom of the screen page. You will also be required to provide a reason for cancellation. 

>You can even choose if you wish to cancel the plan at that moment or when the plan ends itself. 

>Now, confirm the Cancellation process. 

Cancel Subscription Through Amazon

Customers who have purchased their Ring devices through Amazon can even cancel their subscriptions from the same platform. For that, they need to:

>Go to and log in to their account. 

>Navigate to Memberships and Subscriptions

>Look for the Ring Protect Plan you wish to cancel. 

>Select Cancel Subscription and Confirm to end your Subscription Plan. 

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How To Cancel Ring Subscription Over The Phone?

You can also cancel your Ring Subscription by getting in touch with their customer support service team and asking them to cancel your subscription.

For this, make a call to the Ring customer service phone number at 1-800-656-1918 and ask their team member to cancel your subscription by providing them with your subscription details.

How to Delete Ring App Account | Remove Ring Application Account

Ring Protect Subscription- FAQs

Can You Cancel The Ring Subscription From The Ring App?

Users are unable to cancel their Ring Subscription through the Ring app itself. However, if you want to cancel your Subscription through your Android or Apple devices then you can do it through the website.

Does Ring Protect Provide A Free Trial?

Ring Protect provides customers with a 30-day trial plan that initiates with the setup of the Ring Devices such as Ring Video Doorbell, security cameras, or Alarms. This trial will provide you with the access to subscription benefits of Ring Protect plans

Will I Be Refunded For Ring Subscription Cancellation?

Yes, you will be refunded, but it all depends on the plan you have selected. Canceling an annual plan will provide you with a refund for all the unused days.
If you cancel your annual plan after a new month of its initiation, you will be charged for that month’s subscription. 
For a monthly plan, you will get a refund for the number of days you didn’t use the subscription. 

Can I Change My Ring Subscription? How Is It Done?

Yes, you can always change or upgrade your Ring Subscription anytime you want. For that, you just need to: Login to your Ring Account> Select Protect Plan> Upgrade Your Plan>
You can now compare and choose the plan you wish to change to. 

How To Cancel Ring When Moving?

Ring allows users to cancel their Ring Subscription Plan or deactivate their Ring devices when moving.

Follow these steps to deactivate- Tap the three lines on the top left of the page> Go to Device> Device Settings> General Settings> Deactivate devices> Tap Got It

How To Contact Ring Customer Service?

You can contact the Ring Customer Support Service team by calling 1-800-656-1918 or via Live Chat. Go to the Ring Contact Page for their Live Chat option and more contact numbers.

Wrap Up

It’s easy to get these smart Ring devices for the enhancement of your home security and it’s even easier to cancel your subscription plans. Do go through the modes and steps discussed above to cancel your Ring Subscription and do get one when you feel the need. 

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