How To Cancel Clear Membership? 3 Easy Ways!

Cancel Clear Membership

If you hate waiting in those long lines at the airport then a Clear Membership is all you need. But if you are taking some time off travels or want to cancel your Clear Membership due to any other reason then it’s possible with a few simple steps.

Air travels are actually fun, it’s the airport security and verification in those long queues that stress people out. Clear makes this security check easy for all travelers with their advanced biometric systems in the selected airports. Clear is a traveler program that provides benefits to its members through easy and quick document verification at selected airports. 

If you wish to cancel your Clear membership then you can do it by going to the website or by contacting customer support. To cancel your membership you will have to log in> Membership Details> Cancel> Confirm. You can also cancel your membership through calls or emails. 

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What Is Clear? Why Do I Need Clear Membership?

Clear is perfect for those who are rarely home and had to travel thousands of miles a year due to work or other situations. If you don’t want to wait for hours for the security checkup, Clear will provide you with quick and easy, touchless verification. It is an identity validation system. Clear is available for your service in about 50 selected airports and stadiums. All they require is an iris scan and your documents and other verifications would be done in a minute before your physical screening. 

You can enroll easily and faster with Clear in just a few minutes. This is just a speed-up security process. You can also make a reservation for your security check by entering your flight details and getting the benefit of a reservation anytime you go to the airport. All these features are only available at selected airports so do check out first the list of all the stadiums, airports, and arenas that provide Clear benefits. 

Does Clear Have A Membership Trial? Is Clear A Monthly Membership?

Clear offers its members a 2-month trial and if they are not satisfied with Clear services or didn’t find them very useful, they can cancel it within this free time and will not be required to pay any money for that.

In these two months, the customers can go through all the benefits and services provided by Clear and if they are satisfied, they can continue with their membership or cancel it according to their wishes. 

No, Clear is not a monthly membership, it does provide you with a two-month trial. Clear charges an annual fee from its customers and you will be required to pay a sum of $189 for a year to get that convenience during airport or stadium security checks. 

Is Clear Membership Worth It? Why Would You Cancel Clear Membership?

The standard Clear Membership charges annually $189. This annual membership is billed per month at $15.75 and is free for children under 18. The Clear members can add up to 3 adult family members with just $50 extra each annually.

People who travel a lot and cannot afford to waste time at security checks will definitely be benefited from this. Clear membership will ease your security checks and fastens the process where just a fingerprint or an iris scan would do your work instead of showing documents.

However, if you do not travel that much or the security lines do not bother you more then paying $189 for just a part of the security check would be a waste of time for you. 

A TSA pre-check membership costs just $85 for a membership of five years. Also, even after paying a large amount, you will still be required to undergo other screening and security checks.

Whether at a stadium or an airport, members will still be required to go through physical and baggage screening. At some specialized Clear points, you might even be required to go through the registration process

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How Can I Cancel My Clear Membership Plan? Cancel Clear Membership Free Trial 

Clear will speed up your security check at airports or stadiums and arenas. However, if you are uncomfortable because of these high prices and not so many benefits, then you can cancel your membership by the following three methods:

1. Cancel Clear Membership Through Website

It is easy to cancel your Clear Membership through the website with simple steps:

> Open your default browser and go to the official website of Clear.

>Provide necessary credentials like email and password and sign in to your account. 

>Look for the Membership Details section and click on it. 

>Click on the Cancel button. 

>You will see a warning notification that will provide you with the list of benefits you will lose after canceling your membership. 

>Go through the warning and if you still wish to continue, Confirm your cancelation process. 

2. Cancel Clear Membership Via Phone Call

Clear provides you with another method to cancel your membership. To cancel your Clear membership through a phone call, you will be required to:

>Dial the toll-free number provided by Clear at 855-253-2763 and contact customer support at Clearme. 

>When you talk to one of their representatives, explain to them why you want to cancel your Clear membership. 

>Provide them with all the required account details or other information they require. 

>The customer support will immediately listen to your concerns and help you with membership cancellation

3. Cancel Clear Membership Via email 

You can also cancel your Clear membership via an email to their team. To cancel through an email, you can:

>Make sure you use the registered email account for this purpose. 

>Compose an email to [email protected] 

>Choose Request To Cancel My Clear Plus Membership as the subject of the email. 

>In the body of the email, write down the reason for your membership cancellation and also provide all the required and relevant details they might need for completing your membership cancellation. 

>After you are satisfied with the email you composed, you can click on the Send button and wait for them to reply.

>Customer Support will surely get back to you and respond within two days

How Long Do You Have To Cancel Clear? Will Clear Membership Cancellation Provide Refund?

Clear allows its members to cancel their membership anytime they like. You can cancel the membership even after a two-month trial by following the similar steps mentioned above or you can cancel it anytime after that. You will be required to cancel your free trial before the last days of the trial ends to prevent being charged for that. 

About getting a refund from Clear, if you cancel your Clear membership with more than 30 days remaining till the completion of your membership plan, Clear will provide you with a refund for the time remaining. However, canceling the membership just a few days before won’t provide you any benefits. 

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Cancel Clear Enrollment- FAQs

Will Clear Membership Automatically Renew? Does Clear Renew Every Year?

Clear will first provide you with a two-month free trial as soon as you register with them. After the completion of the trial months, the members will be automatically charged $189 for an annual membership.

To prevent that renewal, you can cancel the membership before the trial ends by following the steps discussed above. However, the automatic renewal only takes place after the two-month trial. It will not renew your membership after completing an annual membership cycle. 

Can You Cancel Clear Membership After Free Trial?

Yes, you can always cancel your Clear Membership after the free trial. However, if you don’t wish to get charged for the same then you must cancel your membership free trial before it ends. After the trial ends, and you haven’t yet canceled it, you will be charged the standard annual fee of Clear. 

Wrap Up

Clear can provide you with quick security check benefits with their membership at their selected airports and stadiums. But if this amount feels insanely high for just a little convenience at the airports then it is better to cancel it. Follow the steps discussed before and cancel your membership if it’s no longer required. 

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