How To Cancel Urban Outfitters Order? Easy Cancel And Return!

Cancel Urban Outfitters Order

Nothing can be compared to the vintage style and Urban Outfitters believe that too. But did you ever order an item but later no longer require it? Well, you can always cancel your Urban Outfitters order and we will show you the correct and easy way to do that. 

Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retailer platform where you can shop for exclusive lifestyle brand clothing that has been created with an influence of the Vintage culture. Their collection also includes the culture of Paris in the 90s. You get numerous options and you can easily order your favorite collection. 

It is easy to cancel your Urban Outfitters membership online by visiting the official website and logging in to your account. You can also return your Urban Outfitters order and get a refund from them. Keep reading to learn more detailed steps of cancellation and return. 

How Do I Cancel My Urban Outfitters Order?

It is easy to cancel your Urban Outfitters order online from their official website. Unless your order is shipped, you are allowed to cancel it, and if your order is already shipped, you can only return your order by following their given guidelines. 

1. Visit the official website of Urban Outfitters and log in to your profile. 

2. Provide your details and go to the My Orders section. 

3. Choose the order you wish to cancel and click on the Cancel Order or Cancel Items button there. 

4. Confirm the procedure and you are done with your order cancellation. 

After you are done with this procedure, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your cancellation order in about 1-3 business days and you won’t be required to pay any cancellation charges. 

How Can I Return My Urban Outfitters Order? Will I Get A Refund From Urban Outfitters?

Urban Outfitters allow their customers to return or exchange their orders if they are defective or unused. You can return your online order via mail or if you purchased it from their store, you can return it back there. Their policy says that if you return an order within 30 days of its delivery date, you will be provided a refund according to the original form of payment. Also, if you return your orders later than 30 days, you will be refunded in the form of an e-credit. 

Return Online Order

1. From the official website or application, search for your Order Number. You can find it when you go through your order details. 

2. Follow the steps as directed by them and print your Return Label. You can get this information in the email sent by them. 

3. Get your package ready and add all the items you wish to return. Cover your original shipping label with the new Return Label on your box. 

4. Now all you need to do is schedule your pickup to mail back your order to Urban Outfitters. 

It may take them about 14 business days to process your return and a refund may take 1-3 business days more to reflect in your account. However, the shipping charges and other such fees are non-refundable. 

Return Order In Store

1. The Urban Outfitters stores in the US and Canada can help you return your order by visiting your local store. 

2. Remember to carry with you the packing list, the order receipt, or the order confirmation email from Urban 

3. If you return your order within 30 days of its receipt, you will be refunded your payment in full and if you return later than 30 days, you will receive the refund in the form of a Gift Return. 

Cancel Urban Outfitters Order- FAQs

Why Did Urban Outfitters Cancel My Order? Urban Outfitters Keeps Canceling My Order

If Urban Outfitters cancel your order after its placement then there are chances that the items you desire are no longer in stock. They can cancel your order if they don’t have the items at the moment or if there is some problem with your payment method. You can contact Customer Support for more information on your order cancellation. 

How To Contact Urban Outfitters Customer Service?

To interact with Urban Outfitters Customer Support, you can visit the Contact Us page and click on the Chat With Us button and ask your queries. You can also send them a text message at 800-282-2200. Their team will contact you asap. 

Can I Change My Order On Urban Outfitters?

No, Urban Outfitters does not allow any kind of order changes or modifications after the order has been placed. You can either cancel your order before it ships or return the order after it arrives to get a refund from them. 

Why Does Urban Outfitters Shipping Takes Forever?

Urban Outfitters takes about 5-8 days for standard shipping and about 7-10 business days for shipping outside the US. Some large items like furniture and more can take up to 2-3 weeks. Track your order for more information or contact Customer Service for help.

What Does Urban Outfitters Backorder Mean?

Sometimes, in Urban Outfitters, items that are no longer available in their distribution center are to be restocked due to its increasing demand. These are Backorder items and customers can order these items and reserve the specifics like size or the color and they will receive the order once the item is back in stock.

Wrap Up

If your fashion sense enjoys vintage looks and other unique styles then Urban Outfitters can be a good option to checkout. But if you have already ordered an item from Urban Outfitters and don’t want it anymore then you can easily cancel your order online by following the steps we discussed above. You can also return an order if it is defective and unused. If you have more queries, you can always contact Urban Outfitters Customer Support. You can also cancel your Old Navy order and Mercari order.

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