How To Cancel Mercari Order? Cancellation In 3 Easy Steps!

how to cancel mercari order

Did you place an order through Mercari and no longer need it? If you have changed your mind and don’t want to continue with the purchase then you can cancel your Mercari order and we will help you with cancellation by providing you with effective steps for the same. 

The e-commerce company Mercari is a marketplace where you can buy and sell products or unique items. You can easily sell your stuff online and there are numerous who want to buy. All the transactions here are secure and selling becomes easy with not many listings and rules to follow.

If you don’t need a product you ordered from Mercari then you can easily cancel it online. If the order isn’t yet shipped, you can cancel it from the official website by visiting the Order Status page and following the steps as prompted. 

How Can I Cancel My Mercari Order?

You can cancel your order on Mercari if the seller hasn’t confirmed the shipment yet. After an order is placed, the sellers are given a 24-hour time to ship the order and if they haven’t gone forward with the shipment then the buyers can opt for cancellation and the sellers can approve the cancellation request. 

1. Go to the official website of Mercari and log in to your account. 

2. From your account, navigate to the Order Status page and look for the order you wish to cancel. 

3. Check out your order status and tap on Request cancellation

After the buyers request cancellation, the Mercari team will reach the sellers to ensure that they haven’t shipped the product yet. 

What Happens If You Cancel A Mercari Order?

Mercari is for both buyers and sellers and both parties can cancel orders if they wish to. 

Cancellation By Buyers

If the seller hasn’t yet confirmed shipment then the buyers can request cancellation. Now the sellers can choose to accept or deny the cancellation request. If the seller agrees to the request and it is confirmed that the order hasn’t shipped then your order would be canceled and you will be refunded accordingly. If the seller however denies the request then the order would be shipped. 

Also if the order has already been shipped by the sellers but the package has not been tracked for about 7 days then the buyers are allowed to cancel it. 

Cancellation By Sellers

Cancellation can also be done by sellers if they are unsuccessful to ship the item or it has been damaged before shipment. If the purchase of the item has already been initiated and a seller wishes to cancel the transaction then Mercari may charge them a cancellation fee of about 5% of the price of the item. This would cover the shipping label and transaction fee cost. 

The sellers must reach out to the buyers if they want to cancel their order and tell them that they can no longer continue with the shipping or whatever the reason is. 

How To Cancel Offer On Mercari?

Offers can be made on Mercari to get your favorite products at your desired price. If you made an offer on Mercari then you will be bound to it and will be charged immediately when the seller of that item accepts your offer. You will have to request the seller to cancel the offer or directly contact Mercari for the same. 

Cancel Offer On Mercari Online

1. You can directly contact the platform to cancel your Mercari offer. From the official page, click on the Order Status section. 

2. There would be several options related to your orders and their status, look for the request cancellation option and click it. 

3. You will now have to wait for 24 hours when Mercari will request your cancellation to the seller and will let you know if they agree to the same. 

4. Even if the seller does not respond to the request within 24 hours time, you will be refunded accordingly and your offer will cancel. However, if they do not agree with your offer cancellation then Mercari can’t do anything about that. 

Cancel Offer On Mercari By Contacting Seller

1. It is not yours but the Seller’s authority to choose to agree or disagree with your offer cancellation request. 

2. You can gently request the seller to cancel your offer. You can contact the seller by sending them a message for the same from the message box present there. 

3. If they accept your request then great or else you will have to continue with the offer. 

Cancel Mercari Order- FAQs

Why Can’t I Cancel My Mercari Order?

If you are unable to cancel your Mercari order even after following the cancellation steps then it is probably because the seller has already sent the package for shipping. If that is the case, you can’t cancel the order. 

Does Mercari Provide Refund On Cancellation?

If you cancel an order you purchased on Mercari and the seller confirms that the order has not yet been shipped then they will refund you your purchase amount. You will receive the refund in the original payment method and if the seller does not agree with the request then your transaction will continue. 

If I Block A User On Mercari Will It Cancel My Offer?

Yes, if you block the user, it will cancel your offer on Mercari. However, this method is not appreciated or encouraged by Mercari to cancel the offer. You can go to the user’s profile and click on the Block User option there. 

What Happens If I Decline A Counter Offer On Mercari?

If you decline a counteroffer on Mercari then it voids the original offer of the buyer. There are no binding contracts or obligations and it is their choice, they can deny your counteroffer request and you can’t do anything about that. 

What Is Mercari Cancellation Fee?

If a person cancels a Mercari order or is unable to fulfill or complete the order then they will be charged with a 5% cancellation fee from the actual price of the item. You can visit the official website and learn more about these details.

Wrap Up

Mercari is an open marketplace for all where you can buy and sell products for a great number of audience. However, if you placed an order but don’t require it anymore then you can cancel it online by following the steps discussed above for the cancellation. You can cancel an offer made to the seller and refer to the steps mentioned above for the same. Visit the official website of Mercari for more related details. You can also cancel your Poshmark order and StockX order.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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