How To Cancel FaceDance Trial Subscription? 5 Simple Modes!

Cancel FaceDance Trial Subscription

Make your selfie dance now with Face Dance App! Do you want to have some fun with your old photos by animating them with hundreds of different effects? If yes, then signed up today for Face Dance App free trial subscription and make your or your friend’s photos funnier and more entertaining. 

Face App: Photo Animator App is an amazing app available to both Android and iPhone users to level up the fun by experimenting with your photos. With this app, you can make your photos dance, sing, cry, laugh, and do many more things. This photo animator app got positive reviews from the users and after signing up for its free trial subscription, you can easily make its subscription cancelation without any complex procedure. 

To cancel your FaceDance App Subscription, first, go to your iPhone settings> Subscriptions> Active Subscriptions>Face Dance Subscription> Cancel Free Trial> Confirm Cancelation.

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Can You Cancel Your FaceDance Trial Subscription?

Yes, you have to cancel the Freedace trial subscription at least 24 hours before your trial expires. If you do so, then your trails will not auto-renew.  

How To Cancel FaceDance Trial Subscription On iPhone?

Here are the steps to cancel your FaceDance App Subscription from your iPhone:

  • Tap on your iPhone Settings
  • Tap on your Apple ID from the top of the screen
  • Simply, choose “Subscriptions” from here
  • It takes some moments to load and after that, it will open the list of all your “Active & Expired Subscriptions”
  • Under Active Subscriptions, Look for “FaceDance” subscription and tap on it
  • Click on “Cancel Free Trial” from the bottom of the screen
  • Tap “Confirm” again from the pop-up to confirm your cancelation
  • After that, your subscription with Facedance is canceled and you will not charge anymore

How To Cancel FaceDance Trial Subscription On Android?

If Android users want to cancel their FaceDance App Subscription, then you need to follow the steps explained below:

Follow these steps to cancel its subscription from Android devices:

  • Open Google Play Store from your Android device
  • Go to “Subscriptions”
  • Select Face Dance: Photo Animator App Subscription
  • Tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option

Note: All future subscriptions will be canceled and not renewed after your FaceDance App Subscription is removed from the Google play store.

How To Cancel FaceDance Trial Subscription On A Mac Computer?

If you want to cancel its subscription on a Mac computer, then do the following steps:

  • Open Mac App Store
  • Click on your name from the bottom
  • Tap on the “View Information” tab from the top
  • Sign in if asked
  • Scroll down to the page to look for “Subscriptions”
  • Click on “Manage”
  • Tap on “Edit” next to Face Dance Photo Animator App
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription”

Note: Make sure to use the same username and ID for cancelation, that you used for the subscription.

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How To Cancel FaceDance Trial Subscription On PayPal?

Here are some simple steps to cancel your membership from PayPal:

  • Signup to your PayPal Account (
  • Go to its “Settings” which is located beside the log-out button
  • Then, “Payments” from the menu
  • Click “Manage Automatic Accounts” 
  • You will be shown a series of merchant agreements with which you have previously transacted. To cancel, select “FaceDance: Photo Animator App” or “Codeway Dijital Hizmetler Anomin Sirketi” from the merchant agreement series.
  • Tap “Cancel Automatic Payments” which prevents making payments
  • Hit on the “Done” button and cancel your subscription with FaceDance 

What To Do If You Subscribed Directly To FaceDance’s Website?

If you subscribed to FaceDance from its website, then for its cancelation you must visit its website. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Visit the FaceDance Website
  • Login to your Face Dance account
  • Look for “Billing”, “Subscription”, “Payment”, “Manage Accounts”, or “Settings” from the menu section
  • To cancel your subscription, click the link and follow the on-screen instructions

How To Delete FaceDance Account?

After canceling their FaceDance App Subscription, many people want to cancel their account Face Dance App. Here are some ways or steps to completely delete your Face Dance account.

How To Delete The FaceDance App From Your iPhone?

We have 2 methods for deleting your FaceDance app from your iPhone.

Method 1

  • Long-Press to your FaceDance App from your iPhone home screen
  • Click on the “X” mark from the top of the app
  • Your FaceDance app is uninstalled

Method 2

  • Go to your iPhone settings 
  • Click on “General> “iPhone Storage”
  • Scroll down to look for Face Dance: Photo Animator App from the list of installed apps
  • Tap on “Face Dance” to uninstall or delete it  

For iOS 11 and above: Follow these steps to delete the FaceDance account on iOS 11 and above devices.

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Click on “General”> “iPhone Storage”
  • Click on the “Enable” option next to “Offload Unused Apps”
  • By enabling this option, the apps that you don’t use will offload itself

How To Delete The FaceDance App From Your Android?

Follow these steps to delete the FaceDance app from your Android devices.

  • Open Google Play from your device
  • Click on the “Hamburger menu” from the top left side
  • Go to “My apps and Games” 
  • Then, navigate to the “Installed” option
  • Select “Face Dance” from the list of the installed options list
  • After selecting BlazeTV, click on “Uninstall”

Note: You can also search for an app from the search bar at the top.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Request A Refund From FaceDance: Photo Animator App?

Unfortunately, FaceDance does not give a refund on Apple Payments. If you believe you were charged without permission and would like a refund, we recommend contacting Apple Support.

Is The FaceDance App Safe?

Security intelligence found that this app can send your sensitive data back to servers. So, you should be a little careful while using the app.


You can cancel your FaceDance app free trial subscription at any time with the above-mentioned steps. The great thing is you can use the app after canceling its subscription until the date was originally due. Also, deleting the “FaceDance App” or your “FaceDance Account” will not cancel your subscription and the subscription renew automatically unless you cancel your subscription manually on your own.

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