How To Cancel Old Navy Order? 2 Easy Methods To Cancel Order!

how to cancel old navy order

Ordering your favorite products or items online is easy and sometimes we don’t really think if we actually need it and just order in flow. If you too placed any such order on Old Navy but no longer require it anymore then no problem, we are here to help you cancel your order from there. 

You can buy the latest fashion from Old Navy as it provides customers with a huge number of branded fashion, clothing, accessories, and other similar items. The items are available for all ages and have some popular brands to choose from for all your family members. 

You can easily cancel your Old Navy order online from the website or application or call their Customer Service department for the same. The items can also be returned to the store if you don’t want to keep them and you will be provided with a refund accordingly

How Can I Cancel My Old Navy Order?

You can cancel your order from Old Navy online from the website or app or just call their Support department for that.

Cancel Old Navy Order Online

1. Visit the official website of Old Navy and log in to your account. 

2. From your account, go to the Orders section on the menu on the screen page. 

3. You will see all your orders there, select the one that you wish to cancel. 

4. Next to the Order you selected, you will see the Cancel option, click it. 

You can also open the Old Navy application on your device and visit the Orders section there. Choose the order you wish to cancel and confirm the procedure when done. 

Cancel Old Navy Order Via Customer Service

1. You can also call the Customer Service department of Old Navy to cancel your order. 

2. Dial their help number 1-800-OLD-NAVY (653-6289) and you will be connected to one of their representatives. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your Old Navy order and provide your order details and number. 

4. They will help you cancel your order accordingly. 

How To Return Or Exchange Old Navy Orders?

You can return your Old Navy order by mailing it to them or returning it to their store. 

Return Old Navy Order By Mail

1. Look for the item details you want to return and then visit the Old Navy Return Page

2. Provide your Order ID in the given box and then click Next

3. You will be able to make and print a prepaid UPS label from there. 

4. Now place your items to be returned in a package and cover them. Then fix the return label over it. 

5. When you are done and your package is now ready to return, drop it off at a UPS location near you. 

Return Old Navy Item In Store

1. To return your Old Navy item in-store, you must first find a store location near you. 

2. Pack your item in the package you earlier received your order in and bring it to the store. 

3. Talk to the sales associate there and tell them that you want to return the order.

4. Also provide them with your order shipping confirmation email or the card you used to purchase.

5. They will help you accordingly with your order return. 

Old Navy Cancel Order- FAQs

How Long Do You Have To Return An Old Navy Order?

If you want to return an order from Old Navy, you will have about 30 days from the day of your order shipment to return it. You can print out the return label from the website and attach it to the package. Then you can return it in-store or through the mail service. 

Can You Return Old Navy Online Purchase?

You can return both your Old Navy online or in-store purchases and you will be given 30 days time for that. The time starts on the day of the shipment of your order in case of online purchase. Do visit the store near you for more related details. 

Can I Return Old Navy Item Without Receipt?

You do need to provide them with your order receipt if you are returning your item in-store. However, if your receipt is lost or you don’t possess it at the moment then they can learn about your order details by your card details. 

How Do I Contact Old Navy Customer Service? Old Navy Chat

If you have any queries related to your order then you can contact Old Navy Customer Service for that. You can chat with their representatives online by clicking on the Chat icon on the official website or can dial their toll-free number 800-OLD-NAVY (1-800-653-6289) and speak to the agent regarding your problem. Visit the Old Navy Contact Us Page for more such details on contact and help.

Wrap Up

Old Navy has an ocean full of branded clothing and accessories options for you to choose from. However, if you placed an order on that platform but are hesitant to continue it then you can cancel it easily by following the order cancellation steps discussed above in detail. You can also refer to the steps above if you are to return an item from Old Navy in-store or through the mail. Visit the store or go through the official website, contact the Customer Service department of Old Navy for your more related queries and they will help you accordingly. You can also cancel your Fanatics order and Adidas order.

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