How To Cancel My Fitness Pal Membership On Any Device?

Cancel My Fitness Pal Membership

Do you no longer need information related to macronutrients and other nutrients? Then why are you still going on with MyFitnessPal Premium? Or maybe, you just signed up for it to check out its free trial and the time is passing by so you must want to know how to cancel your MyFitnessPal membership, right? 

With the Premium membership of MyFitnessPal, the users firstly get rid of all the advertisements that keep popping up on their screens and also get access to a lot of information related to macronutrients and many other nutrients. You can also easily customize the app through this membership and have a better insight into your health in an organized manner. 

To cancel your MyFitnessPal membership, you can go to your respective Subscriptions section on your device’s app (Google Play Store for Android and Settings app for iOS) and tap on the Cancel option for your membership on MyFitnessPal. You can also directly go to your respective account on their website and terminate your subscription. 

To know in detail all the possible methods by which your subscription to My Fitness Pal can be canceled easily, we think that you should continue reading further. 

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Is There A Free Trial Of MyFitnessPal?

Yes, MyFitnessPal does offer all the users with its free trial to all the premium paid services. You can avail the benefits of this free trial for one month of signing up for it. However, if you do not plan to pay anything for this subscription, then make sure that you cancel your free trial at least 72 hours prior to the billing date of MyFitnessPal which will otherwise charge you the subscription price. 

How To Cancel My Fitness Pal Membership?

If you are determined to cancel your membership on MyFitnessPal, then we are going to discuss all the methods with you so that you are not troubled because of the difference in the procedure as per the device or platform you are using. 

How To Cancel MyFitnessPal Membership On Android?

Android users can refer to the steps provided below for the cancelation of their membership to My Fitness Pal. 

1. Launch the Google Play Store application on your Android device. 

2. Make sure that you are logged in from the same account linked to your MyFitnessPal membership.

3. Tap on the profile icon present at the top right corner of the home screen.

4. Next, select the “Payments and Subscriptions” menu. 

5. Here, you will see the Subscriptions option, select it to view all your current subscriptions.

6. Look for your MyFitnessPal subscription and tap on it.

7. Select the Cancel subscription option and follow up as directed. 

How To Cancel MyFitnessPal Membership On iPhone Or iPad?

If you are an iOS user and wish to cancel your MyFitnessPal membership, then you will need to see through the steps provided just underneath. 

1. Head to the Settings app of your iOS device.

2. Make sure you are logged in from the right Apple ID.

3. Tap on the “iTunes & App Store” menu.

4. Next, you have to tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen and then select “View Apple ID”.

5. Tap on the Manage option.

6. Now, look for your MyFitenessPal subscription and disable the auto-renewal feature for it. 

As you do this, your subscription to MyFitnessPal shall not automatically renew anymore. 

How To Cancel My Fitness Pal Membership On Website?

MyFitnessPal also allows its members to access and manage their subscriptions through their official website and here are the steps for the same. 

1. Open a web browser on your device and head to the official MyFitnessPal site. 

2. Enter your credentials and log in to your MyFitnessPal account.

3. Next, in the My Home section, click on the Premium option.

4. Here, you will see your Subscription Settings, select it.

5. Now, switch “OFF” your auto-renewal for the currently active membership from the menu, and this way you will successfully opt out of your premium membership.

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How To Contact MyFitnessPal Customer Service? MyFitnessPal Customer Service Number

If you wish to reach out to the customer survive of MyFitnessPal, you need to head to their customer support page, which is There, you have to tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the screen and click on the “Submit a Request” option. 

This will open up a message box for you where you can either select from the mentioned questions that you might probably have or just simply type your question in the typing section and hit the send button. 

If you select from the above-mentioned options on their page, then they will immediately provide you with an automated response to help you resolve the matter. As for your subjective question, the customer support representatives of My Fitness Pal shall soon check out your query and respond accordingly. 

If you wish to give a call to MyFitnessPal Customer Support then you can try calling them at (415) 206-1335. The number has been circulating all over so you can give it a try.

How Do I Get A Refund From MyFitnessPal?

You can request a refund from MyFitnessPal by following the subscription specific methods. Your refund request will depend on how you purchased the membership.

Refund Request For Membership Purchased Via Google Play Store

If you have purchased the MyFitnessPal membership via Google Play Store then you can request a refund by following these steps:

1. Visit the Google Play Store Order History page.

2. From the available options, select MyFitnessPal.

3. Now select Request a refund and follow the steps as asked and fill out the form.

You may get the refund information in about 4 business days.

Refund Request For Membership Purchased Via Apple

If you have purchased the MyFitnessPal membership via App Store or iTunes then you can request a refund by following these steps:

1. You will first be required to Sign in to

2. Now hit the I’d like to option and then select Request a refund.

3. Select a reason for your refund request and then click the Next button.

4. Choose MyFitnessPal membership that you wish to get a refund for and then click Submit.

You can also try contacting them at [email protected] and request a refund.

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Wrapping Up

We think that you have surely made the best out of your free trial on MyFitnessPal and we also hope that our guide was quite helpful to you in canceling your membership in time and you henceforth, didn’t have to pay for the subscription. 

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