How To Cancel Fitness Connection Membership? Try The Easy Way!

Cancel Fitness Connection Membership

If you are not satisfied with the services that Fitness Connection is providing you with respect to the price you are paying, then you should try out some other service. But, before that, it is important that you cancel your Fitness Connection membership so that you are not further charged for it. 

People who want to stay fit but can’t work out on their own need some fun activities where people from different areas can come together to work on their health. Fitness Connection is one such membership service where you get so much to do. There are basketball courts, a kids club, a hot sauna, a turf training area, and so much more. In fact, they also provide a separate workout area for women. 

To cancel your Fitness Connection membership, you can call on the customer support number of Fitness Connection and ask them to cancel your membership. You can also send an email to their official address mentioning your request for the cancelation of the membership. 

How Do I Cancel My Membership At Fitness Connection? 

If you wish to cancel your membership to Fitness Connection, you can go for one of the methods that we are about to discuss right below. 

How To Cancel Fitness Connection Membership Online? Fitness Connection Cancellation Form

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer to contact customer support for the mere action of terminating a membership, then you can also do that manually through the Fitness Connection cancelation form. 

Here is provided what you have to do in this case.

1. Head to the official website of Fitness Connection and you will find the cancelation form right over there.

2. Fill out all the details asked in the form. 

3. Make sure that you have provided your email address as you will receive an email response on the same. 

4. Once they process your application, they will send you your case number via email.

5. You will be required to submit the same case number to Fitness Connection and your membership shall thus be terminated. 

Once your membership to Fitness Connection is canceled, you will receive a 30-day notice for it.

You will be charged for another month if the upcoming billing cycle starts within the period of this 30-day notice, so make sure that you provide the notice right on the day of your billing for the last month. 

How To Cancel Fitness Connection Membership Over The Phone? Fitness Connection Customer Service

The best way to terminate your Fitness Connection membership is by calling on their customer service number. 

The contact number for the customer service of Fitness Connection shall vary depending on where you reside. 

So, if you are from Austin or Dallas, then you have to call on the number (281) 931-6609. Otherwise, you can dial the number (800) 922-7898 to contact them. 

Once you are connected to a customer support representative on call, tell them that you no longer want to continue with your membership to Fitness Connection.

Provide all the necessary details related to your membership that the agent asks for and they will process your request to cancel the membership. 

How To Cancel Fitness Connection Membership Via Email?

If you are not interested in talking to a customer support representative over the phone to cancel your membership on Fitness Connection, then there is an emailing option also available for you. 

All you need to do is compose an email with the subject mentioning your request to cancel your Fitness Connection membership. 

In the body of the email, explain why you want to cancel the membership to their services. Make sure that you provide your important personal details for identity verification as well as all necessary details related to the membership that you want to terminate. 

Once you have composed the email properly, you have to send it to their official email address which is [email protected].

As soon as the customer support of Fitness Connection checks out your email request, they will send you a reply to it mentioning the confirmation that your membership has been canceled. 

Can You Freeze Your Fitness Connection Membership?

Yes, if you do not exactly want to cancel your membership on Fitness Connection forever and just need to stop it for the time being and resume it later, then you can simply get it frozen.

For this, you will just need to either call their member services department by dialing the number 800-922-7898 and ask them to freeze your membership. 

Alternatively, you can also visit your Fitness Connection location or call on the local number where you have taken the membership. 

What Is Fitness Connection Cancellation Fee?

Fitness Connection does not charge a cancellation fee from its members unless they are in any sort of contract. Then they will have to pay if they cancel prior to the termination of their contract period. You can visit the club in person or contact their support team for more related details.

Wrapping Up

In hope that with the help of this article, you were not late in canceling your Fitness Connection membership and you could choose the method you were most convenient with.

We are concluding our article and assume that you have found a much better fitness membership nearest to your home where you can do better for your health and fitness.

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