How To Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership? 4 Effective Ways!

Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership

Do you know what is the best part of 24-Hour Fitness? It is that this fitness service is open 24 hours a day, as its name suggests at a low price. Yes, you heard it right, you can visit and use its service at any time as per your convenience of the day. Still, looking for some ways to cancel it? Here you will get to know about it. 

24-Hour Fitness is a gym franchise, that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the world’s largest privately owned fitness chain, with approximately 425 clubs worldwide. Many people subscribe to it because of its low membership price and some of them are finding proper methods to cancel it. If you also don’t know about its cancelation process, then we are here to help you out with this. 

The ways to cancel 24-hour fitness membership are- 

  • Send a letter
  • Cancel by visiting your local gym
  • Request a membership cancelation on its website
  • Call them over the phone

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How To Cancel 24-Hour Fitness Membership By Sending A Letter?

One of the oldest ways to cancel your 24-hour fitness membership is by sending a letter to their fitness department. Here are the clear steps for that:

  • Compose a request letter about canceling your membership
  • Include all basic and necessary information
  • Send it to PO Box 2689, Carlsbad, CA

Note: Make sure to include the following information in your letter- Your Name, Your billing address, the Last four digits of your credit card, Your Email, and your Phone number. 

How To Cancel 24-Hour Fitness Membership At Your Local Gym?

You can cancel your membership by visiting a 24-Hour Fitness gym in person if it has a local gym near your location and speaking to one of the representatives of the gym regarding your membership cancelation. If you request your cancelation, they should be able to cancel it for you.

How To Cancel 24-Hour Fitness Via Website?

One of the easiest and quickest ways to cancel its membership is from its website. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Visit
  • Navigate to its account management page
  • Go to “Cancel Page”
  • On the cancel page, type your date of birth and member number
  • Tap on “Proceed” 

How To Cancel 24-Hour Fitness By A Phone Call?

If you want to cancel your membership easily and quickly, then calling their customer support team is the only best way for you to do so. For this, you just need to follow these basic things:

  • Make a call at 866-308-8179
  • Provide asked information to prove your identity
  • Request them to cancel your membership 

Can You Get A Refund From 24-Hour Fitness?

Yes, in order to get a full refund from 24-Hour Fitness, you need to take care of certain things which are explained below:

  • Fill out a cancelation form at the front desk
  • Submit the form by midnight on the last due date of 
  • Wait for your refund check to arrive

If you submit your refund request before the start of your next billing cycle, then you will receive your full refund from the 24-Hour fitness service. Remember, that you must provide your original payment card which you used at the time of joining in order to receive a full refund. A photo ID or driver’s license is also required. 

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Can You Freeze Your 24-Hour Fitness Membership?

For those members who are not ready to continue their workout sessions with the gym but on the other hand, don’t want to cancel their membership, 24-Hour Fitness provides them with a one-month freezing option. Yes, if due for any reason you do not want to continue your gym service, then you can freeze it for 1 month. 

Some of the acceptable reasons for freezing your membership are:

  • Military Duty
  • Temporary Job transfer
  • Medical conditions
  • Pandemics

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 24-Hour Fitness Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, 24-hour fitness provides you with a 3-day free trial before taking its membership. 

What Are The Alternatives To 24-Hour Fitness Membership?

Take a look at some of the best alternatives to 24-hour fitness.

  • LifeTime Fitness
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Crunch Fitness
  • NYSC Fitness

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Refund From 24-Hour Fitness?

It will take up to two weeks after submitting your refund request. You will have to wait for at least 4-6 weeks for getting your refund. 

Can You Cancel Your 24-Hour Fitness Membership Via Email? 24 Hour Fitness Cancel Membership Email

No, you can not cancel your 24-Hour Fitness Membership via email. 

24 Hour Fitness Cancellation Problems?

If you are facing any kind of problems with canceling your 24-hour fitness membership then you can immediately get in touch with their Customer Service department. Dial their help number 866-308-8179 and cancel your membership.


Taking or canceling your membership for any fitness service is your choice. Somehow, there are some companies, which do not allow you to cancel your membership. But, 24-hour fitness provides you with easy cancelation methods which are discussed above in this article.

If you find any difficulty, while canceling your membership with any of these methods, then get instant help from the 24-hour fitness support team. 

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