How To Cancel Carnival Cruise Easily?

Cancel Carnival Cruise

Wanna enjoy some romantic quality time with your partner or go on a long vacation trip with the family? Whether, if you want some break from your busy hectic life, then I think booking a Cruise can be an exciting option for you and Carnival Cruise is the best among them. But, sometimes things do not work out in the way you want and you may end up canceling it.

As in the phase of Covid 19, many people had to cancel their Carnival Cruise Booking. Obviously, how could you take a cruise trip at that time? Apart from this, medical conditions could be the other reason for your cancelation. Carnival Cruise’s cancelation policy is a little confusing. If you don’t know about its cancelation phases, then read this entire article up to the end.

Carnival Cruise comes with three tier cancelation policy and these are- cancel before final payment, cancel after final payment, and cancel the booking with a special offer. 

What Are Cancelation Options For Carnival Cruise?

Carnival Cruise Cancelation options clearly depend upon the time you cancel in relation to the departure date of your cruise. There are no cancelation options, but tiers determine the amount of refund you will get. The sooner you cancel your booking, the more refund you will get otherwise you will receive less refund from Carnival Cruise.

Let’s discuss its three tiers one by one.

Canceling Carnival Cruise Before Final Payment

This is the most simple and quickest method to cancel your Carnival Cruise without losing any of your money. If you cancel your booking before making your final payment, then you will get your full refund. It is set to be under 90 days.

Your final payment deadline will also depend on your cruise, if your cruise is shorter, then its deadline is also later than the longer cruise. For less than 5 days of the cruise, the deadline date of final payment is 75 days before sailing, and for cruises more than 5 days it is 90 days before sailing. 

The best way to get the most money back is to cancel your cruise at least 3 months before it is scheduled to depart. If you do so, then you will not have to pay any cancelation fee along with a full money-back guarantee. 

Canceling Carnival Cruise After Final Payment

If you cancel your Carnival Cruise after the final payment date, then a good structured amount of penalty will be applied to your refund and you will not get your full refund amount. Cancelation penalties apply once the final payment is made, and they increase as the date of departure comes. 

  • If you cancel your booking after 12 and 8 weeks of your departure, then the penalty should be from your standard deposit amount and the rest of the money will be refunded back to you.
  • From 55 to 30 days before departure, the penalty is 50% of your standard deposit amount which is greater and the rest is being refunded. 
  • From 29 to 15 days, the penalty is 75% of your standard deposit amount and the rest is refunded to your account. 
  • From 14 days and 0 Days before departure, the penalty is 100% of the total fare or standard deposit amount. 
  • There will be no refunds if you do not arrive for your cruise or you cancel your vacation after it has begun. 

Canceling Carnival Cruise With A Special Offer

The Early Saver Promotions sometimes offer to await special deals with great prices on Carnival Cruise. The company has described that the Early Saver Promotion is the time when you will get the booking of Carnival Cruise at a very low rate. Furthermore, these promotions offer price protection for up to two business days before sailing and under this promotion, the deposit amount is non-refundable at any time after booking. 

  • Special Offer Cruise (Cruise on Early Saver Promotions) prices for short cruises (5 days or less) are available for up to 76 days before departure.
  • Longer cruises (more than 5 days) are available for up to 91 days before departure. 

That is, they are available until the final cancelation dates, so there is little or no chance of receiving a refund. But, if you booked a cruise with an Early Saver promotion and cancel it before its final payment, then there is a chance of receiving a cruise credit to you, which comes with a $50 per person free service.

Carnival Cruise Super Saver Promotion

Carnival Cruise also comes with Super Saver Promotion, which comes at a low rate as compared to Early Saver Promotions. But, along with low prices, it comes with some restrictions like you can not choose the cabin of your choice. Its deposit is totally non-refundable. 

Carnival Cruise Go & Pack Promotions

Another type of special last-minute deal is Go & Pack Promotions which is best for spontaneous travelers! Its policy is not that much restrictive as Super Save Promotion. In this, you are not allowed to customize your package and you will not get any kind of refund from it after the booking is made.

How Long Does It Take For Carnival Cruise’s Refund?

It can take up to 90 days to process your cruise refund. Generally, it takes time to transfer your refund request to your account. So, you don’t need to panic, if you do not get your cruise refund. It will take some time but will be refunded soon to your account.


If you want to cancel your Carnival cruise, then the best way is to cancel it before the final payment so that you will be refunded your full money at the time of refund, you just need to take patient, as carnival cruises take more time to get back you with your refund amount. 

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