How To Cancel Blink Fitness Membership? Cancel Blink Fitness Membership Online!

Cancel Blink Fitness Membership

If the facilities of your Blink Fitness gym are not matching the amount you are paying for it, then you should definitely cancel your Blink Fitness Membership without a second thought and switch to another gym franchise that offers much more at an affordable range. 

Fitness freaks always need scheduled training for the maintenance of their physique. And this is what the memberships like Blink Fitness are for. Through this membership, you will have access to your local Blink Fitness gym where you will have a wide variety of gym equipment along with personal training programs that are certified. 

To cancel your Blink Fitness membership, you can either compose a written letter and mail it to Blink Member Services, you can also visit your local Blink Fitness gym in person and submit your written cancelation request, or you can head to their online portal and submit your request for the cancelation of your Blink Fitness Membership. 

We believe that there is a lot more that you need to know regarding the cancelation of Blink Fitness, so, if you want us to explain it all to you in detail, we recommend you to continue reading this article. 

How Do I Cancel My Membership At Blink Fitness?

As of now, there are two possible ways in which you can have your membership to Blink Fitness terminated. We are going to explain each of them in detail right here so that you can proceed with the one that you are more convenient with. 

How To Cancel Blink Fitness Membership Via Mail?

You can cancel your membership to Blink Fitness by sending them a letter via certified mail. 

In the letter, you need to mention your request for the cancelation of your membership to Blink Fitness. Make sure that you have provided all the necessary details related to your Blink Fitness membership in the letter so that they do not find any difficulty processing your request. 

Once you have written a letter properly, you will need to send it to the official address of Blink Member Services which we have mentioned here.

386 Park Ave south 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016 

Make sure that you send the mail via certified mail. 

Once you have sent the mail to the right address properly, you will be required to either call your local gym or visit there in person after one week and confirm that your membership has been canceled successfully. 

How To Cancel Blink Fitness Membership Online?

Recently, Blink Fitness also introduced another method for its members who wish to terminate their membership. Through this method, you will no longer have to write and send physical mail as this is an online method. 

In this method, you need to just visit the online portal of Blink Fitness where you will have to enter some details including your full name, your contact information, as well as your membership ID number. Then, you can just follow up with the online cancelation process and it will soon be confirmed and you will receive a message regarding the same. 

How To Cancel Blink Fitness Membership In Person?

If your local Blink Fitness gym is nearby your residence, then visiting it in person is the most reliable method for canceling your membership to Blink Fitness. 

So, all you have to do is visit your local Blink Fitness gym and submit a written request mentioning that you would like to terminate your membership to their gym. They will soon process the request and your membership shall be canceled. 

How To Contact Customer Services Of Blink Fitness?

If there is any matter or issue with your membership to Blink Fitness, then you might want to discuss it with the customer support representatives of Blink Fitness. Well, that is possible through their calling number. 

You can dial the number 800-256-1953 on your phone and you shall be connected to their customer service agent to talk to, you can discuss whatever you want to with them and they will guide you through the same. 

If you do not plan to make a phone call, you also have an alternative option of emailing at their official email address which is [email protected]. You can compose your email with the subject mentioning the matter you wish to acknowledge them with and send it to this address. 

How Much Is Blink Fitness Cancelation Fee? 

Well, the cancelation charges of your Blink Fitness membership lie somewhere between $50 and $60. While in most states, the fee is usually $60, but, if you are from California or Pennsylvania, then you will just have to pay $50. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the possible methods by which your membership at your respective Blink Fitness gym can be terminated, we hope that it won’t take you much time to go through the procedure. And now that you have gotten rid of Blink Fitness, you can register for some other gym like Youfit, Crunch Fitness, 02 Fitness, and so on. 

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