How To Cancel ViewFreeScore Membership? 4 Easy Steps!

how to cancel viewfreescore membership

Today, an individual would be better described not by their worth but by their creditworthiness. Thus, it is important to maintain your credit score and several platforms can help you view your credit score, monitor it, and maintain it accordingly. 

ViewFreeScore is a similar platform where you can view your free score and monitor it. You can get information regarding your credit bureau reports and credit files to learn the situations about the market and the possible ways to maintain your credit score. 

It is easy to cancel your ViewFreeScore membership and you will only be required to contact the Customer Service department for that. You can dial their help number and a representative there will help you accordingly with your requirements.

How Can I Cancel ViewFreeScore Membership?

If you do not want to continue using the services provided by ViewFreeScore then you can cancel your membership easily by contacting their Customer Service department and requesting the same. 

1. From your device, dial the ViewFreeScore Customer Service number (866) 460-2315 to terminate your membership. 

2. Calling on this number will soon connect you to a representative from ViewFreeScore and you can speak to them. 

3. Put forward your request to cancel your membership and also give the details of your account, information about your membership, and personal details that they may require to proceed with termination. 

4. When they are done, do remember to ask them for a membership cancellation confirmation message to have proof. 

Once your membership is canceled, you won’t be automatically charged for the services of ViewFreeScore. 

Is ViewFreeScore Legit?

Yes, ViewFreeScore is a legitimate website. TrustedSite monitors this website to check its security issues like phishing, malware, and online fraud activities. However, no spams were detected on the ViewFreeScore website.

  1. This website also proves to be safe in Google Safe Browsing.
  2. No major issues are reported in PhishTank.
  3. ViewFreeScore has a valid SSL certificate, which means the company is legit and safe.
  4. The ScamDetector Algorithm gives 85.4/100 scores to the ViewFreeScore website as a Trust Index

ViewFreeScore TrustPilot Reviews

Despite being a legit company, customers of ViewFreeScore drop some mixed reviews about the ViewFreeScore service and most of them are negative. Yes, even this website has only 1.7-star ratings on Trustpilot.

How To Cancel ViewFreeScore Membership? 4 Easy Steps- ViewFreeScore TrustPilot Reviews

Customers reviewed this website as a theft or fraud. They claimed that no real business is actually made through ViewFreeScore and they only charged your Credit Card unnecessarily. This company charges you fraudulently in the name of a loan and refuses to refund you back.

Quite Strange!! Right? Well!! This company is safe to use. So, if you still, want to use this website’s services, you can do so and find out, whether any fraud happens to you or not.

ViewFreeScore Cancel Membership- FAQs

What Does ViewFreeScore Do? How Does ViewFreeScore Work?

ViewFreeScore is a credit-monitoring platform that claims to view and monitor all your credit files there at the three major credit bureaus.

They will review your credit score and will inform you if there are any changes required to improve your credit score.

You can first use the trial period and then see for yourself if you want to continue with the platform and if not, terminate the membership immediately as mentioned above. 

Can I Cancel ViewFreeScore Membership Online?

No, you won’t be able to cancel your ViewFreeScore membership online. However, you can contact the Customer Service department of ViewFreeScore by dialing their help number and speaking to a representative about the same.

Tell them that you want to cancel your membership to ViewFreeScore and they will help you accordingly. Also, there might be issues opening the website so we would recommend you talk to their Support team.

How Can I Contact ViewFreeScore Customer Service?

If you are having any problems or have queries related to the services provided by ViewFreeScore then you can contact their Support team by dialing their service number (866) 460-2315 and interacting with their agent.

You can also send an email to their Customer Service department or write down and mail your query to their address. Visit the official website for more related details. 

Wrap Up

There are several platforms to view and monitor your credit scores and ViewFreeScore provides similar services.

But if you already used ViewFreeScore and are not much satisfied with the platform then follow the above-mentioned steps and terminate your membership.

You can visit the official page for more details and their Customer Support department will help you with your queries. You can also cancel your TransUnion Membership.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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