How To Cancel With Easy Ways?

how to cancel mypcbackup

Are you finding the subscription plans of MyPCBackup Account expensive? If Yes, then you must be thinking to cancel MyPCBackup Account in some easy and quick ways. Right? Let’s get started to know about the cancelation procedure or methods of MyPCBackup Account.

MyPCBackup is a cloud-based backup and storage service that enables users to store their important files, pictures, and other data in the cloud. As long as there is an internet connection, the service offers a simple way to keep crucial data secure and reachable from anywhere. To accommodate various needs and price ranges, MyPCBackup offers a variety of plans and pricing options. While some plans are made with individuals in mind, others are made with businesses and enterprises in mind. 

You have two ways to cancel your MyPCBackup Account either by sending an email to their customer support service team or canceling on your own online from MyPCBackup Website. 

How To Cancel MyPCBackup Account Online?

Canceling your MyPCBackUp Account or subscription online requires a few simple steps which you do on your own. Follow these steps to cancel your MyPCBackUp Account online from its website. 

Step 1: MyPCBackup Login

Logging into your account on the MyPCBackup website is the first step in canceling your subscription. Your account dashboard, which includes details about your backup settings and account information, should be visible once you’ve logged in.

Step 2: Navigate To My Account

You must go to the Account Settings section after logging in. You can access this by selecting the Account tab from the top navigation menu. Select the Billing sub-menu from the Account menu.

Step 3: Click On The Delete My Account Button

When you land on the billing page, a button labeled Delete My Account ought to be visible. To start the process of canceling your account, click this button.

Step 4: Confirm Your Cancelation

You will be asked to confirm your decision to cancel your account after clicking the Cancel Account button. This ensures that you are intentionally canceling your account and not doing so by accident, so it is a crucial step.

Step 5: Provide Reason For Cancelation

Once you confirm your cancellation, you will be asked to provide a reason for canceling your MyPCBackup account. This is optional, but it may be helpful for the company to know why you are leaving.

How To Cancel MyPCBackup Account Via Email?

If you’d rather not sign in to the website or if you have trouble canceling online, you can also cancel your MyPCBackup account by email. Follow these steps to cancel mypcbackcom via email:

Step 1: Compose An Email

Send an email to the MyPCBackup customer service department asking them to cancel your account. To speed up the cancellation process, be sure to include your full name, account username, and any other pertinent account information.

Step 2: Request Confirmation Of Cancelation

Make sure to include a request for confirmation in your email that your account has been closed. You will have a record of the cancellation and won’t be billed or charged for services in the future if you do this.

Step 3: Provide Reason For Cancelation

Although it is not necessary, giving a justification for canceling your MyPCBackup account might be useful. The business can use this information to enhance services or deal with any problems that caused your cancellation.

Step 4: Send the Composed Email

After you did, sent that composed email to their customer support service team to [email protected] 

Step 5: Wait For A Response From Customer Support

Check your email for a response from the MyPCBackup customer support staff after sending your cancellation request. They might ask for more details or verification of your cancellation, so be sure to get back to them as soon as they ask.

How To Contact MyPCBackup Customer Service?

If you are facing any sales, technical, or billing issues on your MyPCBackup Account, then you can easily get in touch with their team from their ContactUs Page and tell the, about your issue. They will try to help you to solve your issue and to make your connection stronger with them. 

Here is how you can get in touch with their customer support service team. 

You can also send them a written letter at their mailing address which is:


25 Barnes Wallis Road, 



PO15 5TT,

United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund For MyPCBackup Account?

You will get your full refund from MyPCBackup if you cancel your account within 30 days of signing up or renewing services. After 30 days, you will get only prorated refund for your subscription plan. 


MyPCBackup provides you with so many subscription plans, Depending on the plan you select, you might have access to extra features like file versioning, automatic backup scheduling, and round-the-clock support. You can use the procedures described in the steps listed above to cancel your MyPCBackup account. Before canceling, it’s crucial to look for any unpaid fees or refunds that may be due to you. You should also get customer support to confirm your cancellation. You can also cancel your Dropbox Subscription.

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