How To Cancel TransUnion Membership? End Service In 2 Simple Ways!

how to cancel TransUnion membership

To keep your credit score in check is necessary and TransUnion can benefit you that way. But if you don’t want to continue using TransUnion or found a better option then it is better to end the services. We can help you cancel your TransUnion membership in easy and effective steps. 

TransUnion is a popular Consumer Credit reporting agency from America. It provides users with complete credit protection. You can get your total Credit Report and keep a check on your Credit Scores. The Credit Freeze option provided by TransUnion can also help with the security of your credit. 

To cancel your TransUnion membership, you must contact their Customer Service department at (855) 681 – 3196. Another easy way to cancel TransUnion is online through the Account page. You will have to give a complete read to the post for more details.

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How Much Does TransUnion Membership Cost? Is TransUnion Membership Worth It?

TransUnion sometimes provides a trial period to the users for about a week which is made available for $1. During this trial period, the users can learn all the membership benefits and choose to continue if they are satisfied with the services.

he membership costs about $19.95 for a month and you will be required to pay $29.95 for 3- bureau credit reports/scores. Some of the features are available for free, but to get access to more features, you will require a membership.

There might not be the required services for families or children. However, you do receive benefits like identity theft insurance and even a Credit Lock that prevents any kind of access to your personal credit report. You can compare the features and benefits with other similar platforms and choose for yourself if you wish to keep or cancel the membership. 

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How Can I Cancel My TransUnion Membership?

You can cancel your TransUnion membership easily from your account page or by directly contacting the Customer Service department. 

Cancel TransUnion Membership Online

1. You can manage your TransUnion membership online from their official website. 

2. The members must log in to their TransUnion account to proceed with the cancellation. Visit the TransUnion Log In Page

3. Now navigate to the Manage Account section on the screen page from the menu. 

4. Look for your subscription plan and then manage or cancel your membership. 

Cancel TransUnion Membership Via Customer Service

1. You can also take the help of their Customer Support department to cancel your membership. 

2. Dial their service number (855) 681 – 3196 and you will be connected to one of their representatives. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your TransUnion membership and provide them with your account details and other information they require. 

4. Do ask them to provide you with a confirmation message when they are done canceling your membership. 

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TransUnion Cancel Membership- FAQs

Is It Easy To Cancel TransUnion?

There are times when ending the services or subscription becomes a hectic procedure but it is not the same with TransUnion. After going through their guidelines, you can easily cancel your TransUnion membership wherever you are through their online cancellation method.
If you are unable to cancel your membership online or don’t understand the process then you can also contact their Customer Service department for the same and they will help you. Go through the steps mentioned above. 

Why Do I Keep Getting Charged By TransUnion?

TransUnion can help you keep a check on your credit scores and more and provide membership for the same. You must have purchased or signed up already for the $1 credit check.
After the selected period is over, which is about a week, you will be charged $19.95 for a month as a membership plan. So you should cancel before the trial period is over to prevent being charged for the subscription. 

How To Cancel TransUnion Free Trial?

TransUnion provides a 7-day trial to the users for specific products. They can also get free weekly reports online for a specific time period.
But if you are unsatisfied with the services during the trial period then you must cancel TransUnion immediately during the trial so that you are not charged for the paid membership after the trial is over. Follow the above-mentioned steps to cancel your TransUnion trial. You can also dial the cancel TransUnion free trial phone number (855) 681 – 3196.

Will I Get My Money Back From TransUnion?

If you purchased a product from TransUnion that comes with a money-back guarantee then of course you will get your money back. It may take up to 30 days to process your money back and you will receive the complete amount you paid if you are eligible.
If you are unable to request your refund within the selected period then you won’t receive your money back. You can dial their Customer Service toll-free number (855) 681-3196 to process your request. 

Wrap Up

Your Credit Reports and Credit protection are safely managed by TransUnion and the company makes sure that the consumers here have a reliable representation in the marketplace.

But if the services are not very reliable for you or you have another better option then it’s probably time to end the services and you can follow the cancellation steps discussed above in detail to cancel your TransUnion membership. You can also get in touch with their Customer Service department for your more related queries. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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