How To Cancel Opus Clip Subscription? 5 Effective Methods

How To Cancel Opus Clip Subscription?

Being a vlogger or content creator, it’s very difficult to create stunning videos for your channel. Right? In that case, Opus Clip can prove to be really helpful to you.  

Opus Clip is a video editing tool that can edit your videos and make them stunning with their perfect finish touch. This can be accessed by students, professionals, as well as kids. It is easy to use and offers subscription plans for extra benefits.

You can cancel your Opus Clip Subscription From your Opus Clip Subscriptions page or by submitting your cancelation request to their team from their contact methods. 

How Can You Cancel Opus Clip Subscription? 

To cancel the Opus Clip Subscription you have to go to the Opus Clip Subscriptions page. Navigate to that page, and look for the option to cancel or downgrade the subscription. 

Click on it and cancel your Opus Clip Subscription. Your subscription will be canceled on the first day of your next billing term till then you can use the subscription benefits. 

After canceling your subscription, you can even delete your Opus Clip Account and all information or content on your account will be removed from their team’s database. 

How To Cancel Opus Clip Subscription Via Email?

Contact the Opus Clip customer service team by sending an email to [email protected] and submitting a request to cancel your Opus Clip Subscription. 

They will get in touch with you soon after receiving the email and provide you with complete assistance & support in cancelation. Just compose your Email in a proper way. 

How To Cancel Opus Clip Subscription Over The Phone?

Make a call to Opus Club Customer Service phone number at +1 650-507-8145 and tell their team member that you want to cancel the subscription. 

They will ask for some subscription details from you. After the verification and other formalities, they will cancel your subscription. 

How To Cancel Opus Clip Via Discord?

This is one of the easiest methods to cancel the Opus Clip. Yes, you can cancel your Opus Clip Subscription by joining the Opus Clip Discord Community and messaging their team on Discord to ask them for subscription cancelation. 

Their team will then reply to your message and let you know the process of how you can cancel your subscription or maybe they cancel your subscription from their end. 

How To Cancel Opus Clip Via Mail?

This is the less-used method to cancel the Opus Clip Subscription but still working. In this method, you can submit a cancelation written letter to the Opus Clip Team to request them to cancel the subscription. 

Send the written letter to the following Mailing Address- 303 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get An Opus Clip Refund?

No, once you have paid for any of the Opus Clip Subscription plans, you are not given refunds under any condition. Refunds are not allowed at Opus Clip. 

Is Opus Clip Free To Use?

You can access the Opus Clip for free for up to 90 minutes of video upload. You can get up to 60 minutes of free plan in its monthly subscription plan in which you can upload videos with watermarks on it. 

What Are The Best Opus Clip Alternatives?

Some of the best Opus Clip alternatives are- Vidyo, Pictory, 2short, Gloss, EditAir, Shrynk, Nova, and Wisecut. In the meantime, you can also cancel the Pictory AI Subscription. 

How To Contact Opus Clip Customer Service?

Make a call to Opus Clip Customer Service Number: +1 650-507-8145. Send an Email: to [email protected]. Connect with their team on Discord or send a request to their Mailing Address. 


We hope that now you are satisfied by knowing this information on canceling the Opus Clip Subscription. 

If you have not tried the services of Opus Clip, then go for one of its paid plans and cancel it at any time with the methods mentioned above.

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