How To Cancel A Stable Diffusion Subscription?

How To Cancel A Stable Diffusion Subscription?

Are you getting bored by using the Stable Diffusion platform for generating images and want to try out a new platform? Well!! Don’t worry, Here you will get to know how to cancel Stable Diffusion Subscription, and after that, you can explore the new one. 

You can start using the Stable Diffusion service for free by generating free images from it. You just need to give a prompt of what types of image you want to create, then click on Generate Image your image will be generated within seconds. Go to the Stable Diffusion Website to generate the image for free. 

You can cancel your Stable Diffusion Subscription by writing a cancelation Email to their customer support service team. 

Stable Diffusion Pricing

You can use the Stable Diffusion Platform for free. But, to unlock the benefits of its subscription plans, you have to take its paid subscription plan and you can generate unlimited images from this platform. 

Take a look at this table for the Stable Diffusion Subscription Pricing Plans. 

Stable Diffusion PlanMonthly Subscription CostYearly Subscription Cost
Basic Plan$9$90
Standard Plan$49$490
Premium Plan$149$1599

How To Cancel A Stable Diffusion Subscription?

All the subscription plans of Stable Diffusion (monthly or yearly) renews automatically until you cancel them. 

The only way to cancel the Stable Diffusion Subscription is by sending a written cancelation notice to their customer service team at their Email Address at [email protected] 

As your cancelation Email is received by their team, they will start the cancelation process soon and you will get a confirmation message from their team, that your subscription has been canceled. 

With this, your Stable Diffusion Account is downgraded to its free version. Your paid subscription will be canceled and you will only access the free features of this platform. 

How To Cancel Stable Diffusion Account?

To cancel your Stable Diffusion Account, you need to inform their team about your deletion at least 15 days before the end of your subscription term. 

Send an Email to [email protected] to submit your request to delete your Account. With this request, your Stable Diffusion Account will be deleted permanently. 

You can’t even access any of the features of your Stable Diffusion Account (not its free version) and all the content and data will also be deleted from the account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Stable Diffusion?

No, you will not get a refund, even if you cancel the subscription in its middle term. They will only offer a refund if you cancel the subscription within 24 hours of its purchase. 

How To Contact Stable Diffusion Customer Service?

To contact the Stable Diffusion service team, you can email them at [email protected] or you can Join their Discord Server.


Despite the fact that Stable Diffusion is one of the best AI Platform tools for generating realistic images, there are many people who want to cancel their paid subscription and want to be in its free version only. 

Follow these methods to cancel the subscription or account. In case of any doubt, contact the Stable Diffusion Team. 

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