How To Cancel Pictory AI Subscription? Quick Ways To Cancel

How To Cancel Pictory AI Subscription?

It seems like you are using the Pictory Subscription for getting more benefits from this tool, but later on, you realized that now it’s time to try some other AI video-creating tools. 

Pictory is an AI tool that can be used to edit and make videos. If you need a short video of any of your events or function, then you can use the Pictory Platform to create videos quickly with their AI-generated system. 

If you want to cancel your Pictory AI subscription, then you can do so from your Pictory Account by selecting the Cancel button from the billing tab.  

Can You Cancel Your Pictory AI Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Pictory Subscription at any time and start using its free version. Make sure to notify their support team about your termination by sending a 30 days notice before your cancelation date. 

How To Cancel Pictory AI Subscription Online?

Follow these steps to cancel the Pictory AI Subscription-

  1. Go to Pictory Website 
  2. Login to your Pictory Account by tapping on the Login button from the top
  3. Tap on your name from the top-right corner of the screen
  4. Go to My Account
  5. Tap the Billing option
  6. Select the Cancel button
  7. Choose a reason for cancelation
  8. Move forward and confirm the cancelation.

How To Cancel Pictory Subscription Via Email? Delete Pictory Account

The other method to cancel the Pictory AI Subscription is by sending an Email to their support team and informing them that you want a quick cancelation of your subscription. 

Composed an Email about canceling the Pictory Subscription. Make sure that your Email contained all the information required to cancel the subscription. 

When you are done, send the Email to [email protected] 

Pictory AI Alternative

If you canceled your Pictory AI Subscription and want to explore a new tool instead of Pictory, then you can go for the following tools. 

  1. Movavi: It is a video editor tool in which you will get amazing video effects. 
  2. Camtasia: You can create professional-type videos with this tool
  3. AI Studios: It is an AI tool that can use texts to convert them into video
  4. Fliki: AI tool used to convert videos & audio from Text. It is the fastest video AI tool that can create videos quickly (less than in a minute)
  5. Videobolt: AI tool almost used by everyone that creates quality videos. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pictory Free? How To Use Pictory AI For Free?

You can use the Pictory for free but for a limited period of time. After its trial period ends, you will then go for its paid subscription plans. 

To use Pictory AI for free, you have to tap on the “Free Trial” option on Pictory Website and sign up to Pictory to access the free version. 

How Much Does Pictory Subscription Cost?

You can get the Pictory Monthly & Annual Subscription. It offers three types of Subscription plans- Standard Plan ($19 per month), Premium Plan ($39 per month), and Teams Plan ($99 per month). 

How To Contact Pictory Support Team?

You can contact Pictory Support Team via email at [email protected] 


That’s It!! For today’s article. If you want to go for the new tool to create and manage your videos, then definitely you will go for it after canceling the Pictory Subscription with the methods mentioned in this article. You can also cancel your Gamma App AI Subscription.

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