How To Cancel GPTZero Subscription? 3 Sure Ways To Cancel

How To Cancel GPTZero Subscription?

There is hardly any platform that you can rely on for detecting AI-generated content. If you also feel the same about GPTZero, then you can cancel GPTZero Subscription with some possible methods. 

If you have to check whether the written content is generated by AI (ChatGPT) or human-written, then you can paste that content into the GPTZero Platform. After analyzing your content with their AI-detector technique, it will give you results like how much content is written via ChatGPT. 

You can cancel your GPTZero Subscription by logging into your Account or by contacting their customer support team via Email or sending a written cancelation notice.

How To Use GPTZero?

GPTZero is actually used to detect whether the content is human-generated or AI-generated. With these simple steps, you can use the GPTZero tool. 

  1. Go to the GPTZero Website
  1. Paste the content on the box from the right side or you can upload the content file
  1. Click the “Check Origin” button
  1. Then, you will get the description of your content, how much percentage of the content is AI-generated

How To Cancel GPTZero Subscription?

The first method to cancel your GPTZero Subscription is by logging into your GPTZero Account and finding the Cancel Subscription button. 

Remember, that after canceling your subscription, you can access the benefits of a subscription until the current subscription term ends. 

How To Cancel GPTZero Subscription Via Email?

If you have some issues with GPTZero services and want to cancel the Subscription, then you can also contact their support team at [email protected]

They will accept your cancelation request via Email and will cancel your subscription soon. 

How To Cancel GPTZero Subscription Via Mail?

You can also send a written cancelation notice to their team on the following Mailing Address. 

GPTZero Inc.

35 Olden St

Princeton, NJ 08544

United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GPTZero Provide A Free Trial?

Yes, you can access the services of GPTZero with its 30-day free trial. After 30 days, your account will be shifted to its paid subscription, which you will choose in the beginning. 

Can You Get A Refund From GPTZero?

No, once you purchase its subscription, there is no way to get back the refund, even after canceling the subscription. 

Is GPTZero Safe?

Yes, without even risking your data, you can use the GPTZero tool without any worry. It is absolutely safe to use. 

Does GPTZero Save Your Work?

No, any of your content or data will not be stored or saved on the GPTZero database. Once you check your content on GPTZero, that content is removed too. 

How To Contact GPTZero Customer Service?

For any kind of support, you can go to GPTZero Support Page. If you have any questions, then send your queries to [email protected] or send them to this address: GPTZero Inc. 35 Olden St Princeton, NJ 08544 United States


The GPTZero Accuracy is 98%, but still, some people have doubts about this platform. That’s the main reason most people want to cancel their GPTZero Subscription. We hope these above-mentioned methods will help you with your cancelation. You can also cancel the Undetectable AI Subscription.

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