How To Cancel StockX Order? Try It My Way!

How To Cancel StockX Order?

If you love shopping for accessories then StockX is the best place to get all your favorite products. You can order from numerous options available on your required products anytime with just a click. But if you don’t want to receive an order you placed, you can cancel it but there are conditions. 

StockX is an online marketplace that sells various accessories, especially sneakers and other such accessories. You can now even shop for many electronic products including smartphones and other game consoles. This marketplace allows you to buy and sell branded stuff. 

If you wish to cancel your StockX order, it is only possible if a bid has not been made. To cancel a bid that hasn’t been accepted yet, you can go to the official website of StockX> Log in> My account> Buying> Current> Delete. 

What Is StockX? How Does It Work?

StockX is not just a regular eCommerce shopping place where you buy your branded stuff at their prices. It is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell rare and branded products and it’s actually you who decides their selling price. The products here are sold and bought all over the world and the items sold are initially verified by experts at many levels. 

In StockX, you are either a seller or a buyer. You can buy or sell items like Sneakers, designer handbags, watches, streetwear, and more. StockX is like the middleman or a platform to continue this trade. StockX even helps buyers and sellers with product prices by informing them about the current market value of those items to ensure that you get a good profit. 

>If you wish to buy a product, you can either just buy the item at the available price or place a bid at the price you desire and wait for a seller to accept your bid. If your bid is accepted, you will be charged accordingly. 

>If you want to sell an item then you can choose the item from StockX and select the size you possess. You can then either sell your item for the current highest price at the moment or choose an asking price and wait till that is accepted by a buyer. 

Can I Cancel A StockX Order?

That is a tricky concept. You can and cannot cancel a StockX order as there are many situations involved. Processing of orders and deducing payments are automatically done on StockX. There, if a bid is made, it is like a commitment to the seller that you are gonna buy their item.

In order to keep on this promise and maintain its reliability, StockX doesn’t allow buyers to cancel their order if a bid they made is accepted. So, no, you cannot cancel a StockX order if a bid has been accepted. 

However, there is a loophole in this situation. You might be able to cancel an order if the bid you made is not yet accepted. A bid is a commitment, so if you are not yet committed to a seller then you are not bound to buy that product. You can cancel your order before they accept your bid. 

How Can I Cancel My StockX Order? Cancel StockX Order Before It Ships

To cancel a product bid that has not been yet accepted, you can:

>Open StockX in your default browser. 

>Log in to your StockX account and provide your credentials to get in. 

>From the tab on the upper part of the screen, Click on My Account. 

>You will see several options in the menu, click on Buying. 

>This will provide you with a list of your purchases. 

>Go to the Current Tab at the top of the screen. 

>The options under this tab will display all the bids you have placed and that are not yet accepted. 

>From the options, choose the bid you wish to cancel. However, if the bid you made isn’t in the Current tab but is now placed under the Pending tab then the bid and the order are now accepted and you cannot cancel it. 

>If the bid is under the Current tab then you can select it and click on the Bin icon next to it. 

This will cancel and delete your StockX order. 

What Can You Do If A Bid Was Accepted? Accidental Purchase On StockX

If you mistakenly placed a bid and it got accepted then there isn’t much you can do about that. It’s now actually time for trying some techniques that might work or thinking about how can you compensate for it. 

Get In Touch With StockX

You can contact StockX if you have made a mistake while bidding for a product and it’s all on them now. They are not actually obligated to allow you to cancel your order so if they find your cancellation reason genuine or they are satisfied with the reasons you provide then they might cancel your order but may also charge you for that.

Explain your situation to them but also ensure that you do this before the order is shipped. You can either email the team at [email protected] or call them at (313) 343-1228. 

Ask Your Bank To Stop Payment

You can get in contact with your bank and request them to stop your payment. There are various ways to do so and the method is dependent on the source of your payment or the mode of payment you chose already. However, StockX might see this as a threat to their reliability and there are chances that your StockX account might get suspended or even permanently banned. 

Bid Again 

This is just a compensation method to actually think of doing something to balance this mistake. Just accept the order you got and if you wish, you can keep it or if you really think that you received the product for a higher price then you can sell it again on the same platform and choose the price according to your wish. You might get compensated by this method. 

Cancel Your StockX Order- FAQs

How Much Is The Cancellation Fee For StockX?

StockX does not let you cancel your order once the bid is placed. However, if you are unable to fulfill a sale order or fail to complete it on time then you will be charged with a penalty that will be equal to 15% of the price of the transaction. 

Can You Cancel A StockX Order That Is Pending?

You can only cancel a StockX order if the bid placed is not yet accepted. But if you find your purchase under the Pending tab then that means your bid has been accepted and the product will be ordered for you. Then, it would be kind of impossible to cancel an order that is Pending.

What If StockX Sent Me The Wrong Item?

If StockX ever send you a damaged or wrong item then they do promise to resolve this issue of yours as part of the StockX Buyer Promise. For that, you will have to submit a Buyers Promise Support Request form within the initial ten days of receiving the item.

Can I Get A Refund From StockX?

If the seller is unable to deliver your order in the given time then you are of course eligible to get a complete refund from StockX. If the item is not delivered within 2 business days then the sellers will have to provide a penalty fee for the same. 

Wrap Up

Buying and selling branded products and accessories at the price you love is very easy on StockX. But do be careful while bidding as once the bid gets accepted, you will not be able to cancel it. You can, however, go through the cancellation methods we discussed above and enjoy safe and secure trading.

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