How To Cancel Subscription?

How To Cancel Subscription?

Do you think that you are paying more than you are saving from your rebates subscription? This can happen if you order very less from online platforms or maybe you were just checking out the free trial for the same. You should simply cancel your subscription in both cases and we are here to help you with the same. 

People are making online purchases more frequently these days, and besides the cost of the product purchased, they often have to pay the shipment costs or return shipping costs as well, which adds up to their payment amount. To help save your money on shipments and returns of online purchases, online subscriptions like are there for people who order a lot from online platforms. 

To cancel your subscription, you can either do it manually by heading to their website and opening the Help tab of your account where you will find the Cancel Membership option. Or simply send an email request to their customer service and ask them to cancel the subscription for you. 

Keep reading if you want to know more in detail regarding your subscription to Shipmentsfree and how you can easily have it canceled. 

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How To Cancel Subscription?

As of now, there are two possible ways in which your subscription to can be terminated.

We are going to discuss each of them with you so that you can choose the one suitable for you because one of these methods lets you cancel the subscription manually while the other needs you to make a request. 

How To Cancel Subscription Online?

If you prefer the manual method of canceling your subscription to, then here are the steps that you need to follow to do that.

1. Head to a web browser on your device and open the official website of Shipmentsfree. 

2. Log in to your Shipmentsfree account and go to the Help tab.

3. Here, you will see the Cancel Membership option on the screen, select it and follow up as directed and your subscription shall be terminated. 

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How To Cancel Subscription Via Email?

If you are not interested in manually going through the cancelation procedure for your Shipmentsfree membership, then you can write an email to their customer support and ask them to cancel the subscription for you. 

For this, you will first need to compose an email with the subject mentioning your cancelation request for the subscription. In the body, provide all the basic necessary details related to your personal information and also regarding your respective subscription.

Then make a request to customer service that you do not wish to continue your ongoing subscription along with a valid reason for the same. 

Once composed, you have to send this email to the official email address of the customer service of which is [email protected]

Wait for their response, as soon as they check your email request, they will process it and respond to you accordingly. You will also receive a confirmation email on the successful cancelation of your subscription. 

Is There A Free Trial On

Yes, Shipmentsfree does allow the customers to try out its free trial before paying for the actual subscription amount. This free trial is for a period of 14 days. This means that you can use the services of without paying anything for about 14 days from the day you signed up for it. 

But, once the trial period ends, you will be charged the exact subscription amount for using the services of

So, if you are not planning to pay a single penny for this subscription, or if you are feeling that the subscription is of no use after trying out the free trial period, you should make sure that you cancel your subscription before the trial period ends and thus, you will not be charged for any of their services. 

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Is There A Monthly Limit On Rebates?

Yes, Shipmentsfree has a limit for which you can get your rebates. For a month, the subscribers are allowed only up to $100 of rebates.

However, there is no limit on the number of times you request a rebate, but the total amount throughout the month should not exceed $100. 

What Is Shipmentsfree Customer Service Number?

If you have any issue related to the services or your subscription on, you can contact their customer service over the phone by dialing the number (310) 593 4557 on your phone and you will be connected with one of their customer support agents who you can speak with and discuss the matter.

Wrapping Up 

Coming to the conclusion, we hope that you have made the best out of your service and have been successful in terminating the subscription in time without having to pay anything extra for your upcoming billing period.

If you again find any problem with any other subscription or membership that you want to cancel, we are always here for your assistance.

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