How To Cancel FFC Membership? Termination In 2 Simple Steps!

how to cancel ffc membership

If you are moving to a different place or are finally done with your fitness resolutions then you no longer need to continue with your gym membership. If you purchased a membership at FFC but are now unable to continue with them then we can help you cancel your FFC membership by providing you with easy and effective steps for the same. 

FFC or Fitness Formula Clubs as the name suggests are gyms and health clubs for those who prioritize their fitness. You can visit their official website and can enroll in a club that is close to your location. There are about ten club locations in Chicago to choose from. 

You can easily cancel your FFC Club membership in person and provide them with a written notice for the same. Cancellation can also be done by filling out the required form online and the representatives will contact you shortly

How Much Is FFC Club Membership? FFC Membership Cost

If you are planning to join any of the Chicago gyms and clubs of FFC then you can go through the several membership plans provided by them and select the one that fits you the best. 

FFC Membership Plans Cub Membership Charges
Single Club Access$119/month
Signature All Club Access$149/month
Premier All Club Access$199/month

The FFC Single Club Access membership plan can be purchased for $119/month and this provides you with complete access to the location. You also get group fitness classes and about 2 monthly guest passes. An enrollment fee of $175.00 must be paid to get the membership. The Signature All Club Access is available for $149/month and gives you complete access to all FFC locations. You get the similar benefit of group fitness classes and about 2 monthly guest passes and will be required to pay an enrollment fee of $175.00. The Premier All Club Access can be bought for $199/month and with similar benefits as before, you get access to all FFC locations with massage and training sessions,  laundry services, and more. An enrollment fee of $175.00 must also be paid. 

How Can I Cancel My FFC Membership?

There are two ways to cancel your membership at FFC, you can either visit the club in person or fill out an online form and then follow the steps as they say. 

Cancel FFC Membership In Person

1. The members must provide written notice for their membership cancellation. The membership gets renewed on the 15th of every month so the cancellation request must be provided prior to that to prevent being charged. 

2.  Visit your local club location and provide them with a written notice. Request them to cancel your membership. 

3. You will be asked the reason for your membership cancellation so do ensure that you already have one prepared. 

4. Provide them with your membership number or other required details and make sure you do not have an outstanding charge. 

5. Ask them for a cancellation confirmation message and you are done. 

Cancel FFC Membership By Online Form | FFC Cancellation Form

1. Visit the FFC Contact Us page and fill out a form for your cancellation request. 

2. Provide your first name, last name, email, and phone number in the boxes given on the page. 

3. You can now choose your FFC Club location from the options available in the drop-down menu. 

4. When you are done choosing the location, you will be required to select the reason for your request. From the options provided, choose Cancel/Freeze membership

5. In the Comments box, write down your request to cancel your FFC membership and provide the details. 

6. Click on the Submit button and the representatives there will contact you accordingly. Follow the steps as directed by them and you will be able to cancel your membership. 

FFC Cancel Membership- FAQs

Does FFC Charge A Membership Cancellation Fee?

No, FFC does not charge you a membership cancellation fee and you can cancel your membership whenever you want to. However, if you cancel your membership after the 15th of the month then you will be billed for the next month due to the auto-renewal feature. 

Can I Freeze My FFC Membership?

Yes, you can of course freeze your FFC membership or keep it on hold if you are planning to take a break from your fitness routine. For freezing the membership on non-medical grounds, you might have to pay a fee of $30 for an individual and about $60 for a family or couple membership. The freeze can be from a month up to three months maximum.

How Do I Contact FFC Chicago?

You can fill out an online form to contact FFC Chicago by visiting their Contact Us page where you can write down and submit your query. You can also send an email regarding your query to [email protected] or dial their contact or support number 312.648.4666

Wrap Up

FFC has several club locations in Chicago and you can select your nearest health club location and choose the membership plan that works best for you. However, if you don’t want to continue with your FFC membership then you can follow the detailed membership cancellation steps discussed above and terminate the service. You can freeze your membership account at FFC if you are only taking a break for a few months. For your more related queries, you can contact the Customer Service department or visit your local health club location. You can also cancel your Equinox membership and Club Pilates membership.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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