How To Cancel JM-Myshop Order?

JM-myshop order cancel

No matter, how much quality assurance is provided by any company for their products. There will always come a time when customers have to cancel their order at some point. 

If you want to cancel your order from JM Customized, then here’s we made a proper guide for you for order cancelation. JM Customized is an online website that deals in small form factor (SFF) PC cases. 

To cancel the JM-Myshop order, you can either cancel it online from your account or by sending a cancelation Email to their customer service team.

Can You Cancel The JM-Myshop Order?

Yes, you can cancel your JM-Myshop in-stock as well as pre-order items. But, there is a time limit for canceling the orders. 

You can cancel the in-stock orders within 24 hours of placing and for pre-orders, you have 48 hours to cancel the order. 

Before its shipment, it’s possible to cancel the JM Customized order. You are not allowed to cancel the Custom Orders. 

How To Cancel JM-Myshop Order Online?

Within 24 hours of placing your order, you can follow these steps online from your account to cancel the JM-Myshop Order. 

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  • Login to the JM Customized Account 
  • Navigate to your Orders Page
  • Select the order or item you want to cancel 
  • Follow the on-screen steps to cancel the order

How To Cancel JM Customized Order Via Email?

The other way to cancel your JM Customized order is to submit a cancelation request to their customer service team and ask them to cancel your order. 

For this, send your email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to include your Order Number and your details like your Name and Contact Number in the Email. 

What Is JM Customized (JM-Myshop) Return Policy?

JM-Customized believes in customer satisfaction and provides the best customer service experience. Yes, they accept the Returns of orders and provide refunds. But it has its own Return Policy. 

They accept the Returns of order for Replacement. If the product has some manufacturer defect, then the Return will be accepted and you will get a refund for that order. 

Note that, the Returns on JM Customized can only be accepted via the Tracked courier or postage. Make sure that your tracking number is properly verified before making a Return. 

It’s important to note, that if the package is not received by their team, then your Return request is canceled by the JM-Myshop team. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From JM-Myshop?

Yes, in case of a manufacturer defect, the customer is allowed to make a return and the amount will be refunded to them. 

How To Contact The JM-Myshop Customer Service?

You can contact the JM-Myshop customer service team via their Discord community or email at [email protected] 



No need to worry, if you accidentally placed an order from the JM-Myshop. You can cancel the order within 24 hours of placing the order. After 24 hours, you are not allowed to make changes or cancel the order.

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