How To Cancel Pizza Hut Order?

How To Cancel Pizza Hut Order?

When it comes to ordering Pizza, many people still prefer Pizza Hut over Domino’s. But, if you have accidentally placed an order from Pizza Hut, then today, we are here to help you in canceling the Pizza Hut Order, which seems a bit difficult to some customers. 

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain company. Apart from delicious Pizzas, they also serve Italian-American cuisines like Pasta and other side dishes. You can also taste heart-warming desserts at Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut does not allow to cancel the order, once it is placed. But, you can try to cancel the order by contacting its customer care team or from the Pizza Hut App. 

Read the entire article up to the end to get the full information on canceling Pizza Hut orders. 

Can You Cancel Pizza Hut Order?

Once the order is placed on Pizza Hut, you can’t cancel or modify your order. But, you can try to cancel your order within a short period of placing it with the below-mentioned methods. 

How To Cancel Pizza Hut Order By Calling?

You need to call the customer service team at the number provided here 18002022022

Ask for cancellation and provide a reason for cancellation and give the information like Pizza order number, mode of payment, and contact information handy. 

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How To Cancel Pizza Hut Order Via App?

Follow these steps to cancel your Pizza Hut Order from its App. 

How To Cancel Pizza Hut Order- How To Cancel Pizza Hut Order Via App?
  1. Open the Pizza Hut App
  2. Login to your Account
  3. Click on My Orders
  4. A list of all your orders will appear
  5. Click on the order you want to cancel 
  6. Then, tap on the Cancel Order

At last, you have to provide the reason for the cancellation of the order And your order will be cancelled. 

How To Cancel Pizza Hut Order In-Store?

You can also cancel your Pizza Hut Order, by going to the Pizza Hut store and asking the manager for cancelation. Provide them with your Pizza Order Number and payment information. 

After getting all the information, the store manager will cancel your order.

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What If My Cancellation Request Is Denied?

Sometimes, it is possible that your cancellation request will not be fulfilled because of reasons as- 

1 The cancellation window has passed.

2 You didn’t follow the proper cancellation procedures. 

3 The order has already been delivered. 

But if you still want to cancel the order no matter what then you can reach out to Pizza Hut customer service. Their team member will then cancel your order and help you with your refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pizza Hut Refund Policy?

In case your order is late or you have not received your order, then you can go for the refund process. You can contact them on this number- 18002022022

How Many Days Does It Take For A Refund?

If you have contacted Pizza Hut for your refund, then you will get the refund within 21 business days. In case of payment made via credit card, the refund will be processed within the next credit cycle. 

Do I Need To Pay Taxes On My Order?

Yes, all prices mentioned on the website are exclusive of taxes.

What Is Pizza Hut Customer Care Number India?

You can contact Pizza Hut customer service for queries or any complaints – 
By calling this number 18002022022 or write an email at [email protected]


If you have changed your mind after placing an order or something else comes your way, then the above-mentioned ways can help you cancel your Pizza Hut Order. Make sure that you cancel the order as soon as possible after it is placed. 

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