How To Cancel Order On DHgate Easily? Effective Guide!!

How To Cancel Order On DHgate Easily? Effective Guide!!

Have you ordered goods from the DHgate and now want to cancel it? However, that is possible, but quite difficult and frustrating. Don’t Worry!! This guide will help you in canceling your order from DHgate easily. 

DHgate is one of the biggest online marketplaces for Chinese-made goods at wholesale prices. They provide more than 30 million goods in different categories. You will get almost every type of item in this market. 

You can cancel your DHgate order before it ships either online from the DHgate Account or the DHgate App. 

DHgate Order Terms & Conditions

Before canceling your DHgate order, you should know its Terms and conditions. Under what circumstances, are you allowed to cancel your order? Let’s discuss this in more detail. 

DHgate order takes a long time to process and deliver your order. According to DHgate, after you make your payment and your order is successfully placed, the sellers of DHgate have 3 days to process your order. When the processing is done, within 7 days, they have to pack your order.

Then, the package is delivered to the shipping company, and within another 5 working days, your order will be delivered to you. In short, it will take almost 15 days to successfully deliver your order to your home. 

DHgate Cancellation Policy- Can You Cancel Order?

That’s how the order processing is done at DHgate. It takes a longer time to process the order. It means you have a lot of time to cancel your order. You are only allowed to cancel the order before it ships. 

Take a look at some of the important points for DHgate order cancellation.

  1. You are allowed to cancel the order within 24 hours of purchasing it and get a full refund.
  2. You cannot cancel the orders that have already been shipped or delivered
  3. You will get only 80% of your payment refunded if you cancel any customized order.

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How To Cancel Order On DHgate App?

Make sure that you cancel your order from the DHgate App before the seller starts preparing it for shipment. Follow these steps to cancel your order from the DHgate App. 

  1. Open the DHgate App on an Android or iOS device
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines from the top of the screen
  3. Select the menu button from the top 
  4. Your order list will be displayed on your screen 
  5. Select the order that you want to cancel 
  6. Order can only be selected for cancelation if it is not shipped yet
  7. Then, tap on the Cancel Order from the bottom of the page
  8. Choose “Yes” from the dialog box to confirm your cancelation 
  9. Again, select “Cancel Order” on the next window
  10. Select a reason for cancelation 
  11. On the next page, click the “Yes” button to continue the cancelation process

By completing all these steps, your cancellation request will be accepted by the DHgate. But, it will take 24 hours for the final confirmation from the seller to cancel your order.

Once the seller confirms the cancelation from their side, your order will be canceled immediately and you will be notified about it. 

How To Cancel Order On DHgate Easily From Mobile Phone?

The steps to cancel the order from DHgate from your Mobile Phone are pretty simple. You just need to sign in to your DHgate Account from your mobile and go to “My Orders”> Select the order to cancel> click on the “Cancel Order” button.

How To Cancel DHgate Order On Desktop?

If you are canceling the order from the Desktop or PC, then the process to cancel the order is a little difficult. On PC, you will not get a direct option to cancel the order. You need to send a request to the customer service team to cancel your order. 

How To Cancel Order On DHgate Easily? Effective Guide- How To Cancel DHgate Order On Desktop?

For this, go to the “Customer Service Center”> Click on the “Dispute Management”. On the next page, you will see the list of your orders. Select the order to cancel and select the “Request to Cancel” option. 

Fill out the given form and submit it to their team. After submitting your cancelation request, the customer service team of DHgate will contact you within 24 hours and assist you in canceling the order. 

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Why DHgate Cancelled My Order?

Under some circumstances, your order will be canceled by the DHgate team. These are some of the situations, under which DHgate canceled your order. 

Before Payment

  • For old buyers, the order will be canceled if the customer has not made the payment within 30 days. 
  • For new buyers, the order will be canceled if they have not made the payment within 10 days.

After Payment

  • The order will be canceled if your payment is not verified successfully by their team. 
  • The order will be canceled if you have made your purchase from the punished DHgate store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel DHgate Order On iPhone?

Open the DHgate App or sign in to the DHgate Account on your iPhone and from the “My Orders” section, you can cancel your order. 

How To Cancel An Unpaid Order?

Steps to cancel the unpaid DHgate order- Navigate to My Orders> Click the Awaiting Payment section> Choose the order> Tap on the Cancel Order button.

If I Cancel An Order On DHgate Will I Be Refunded?

Yes, once your order is successfully canceled, you will get a refund within 7 working days. 

Can I Cancel My DHgate Order After It Is Shipped?

No, you are not allowed to cancel your DHgate order, once it is shipped. 

Is It Possible To Cancel My Order After Payment?

Yes, you need to contact the seller to cancel your order. If the seller accepts your request, he will give you a cancellation number. Use that number on your Order Details page and cancel your order.

How To Contact The DHgate Customer Service?

To contact the DHgate service team, go to the DHgate Customer Service page and click the “Online Service” button by scrolling down the page. Sign in to your Account and you will get different methods to reach out to their team. 


You can easily cancel your DHgate order online with the steps mentioned above in this guide if the order is not shipped yet. Remember, cancelation is not possible, once the order is shipped. 

So, for smooth cancelation, you must cancel your order on time before its cancelation window is closed.

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