How To Cancel Grande Cosmetics Subscription?

Cancel Grande

Like hair, your eyelashes also need extra care, and Grande Cosmetics provides you with a lash-enhancing serum for that. It provides the world with new beauty products. 

But sometimes, we just no longer want to get the product and not know how to do it. So, in this article, you will get the full information regarding this concern. 

Ways of canceling Grande – Well!! You can not cancel your Grande Order. What’s the reason behind this?

To get to know about it and to know about the Grande Return Policy, you have to read this entire article. 

Can You Cancel Your Grande Cosmetics Order?

Once the order is placed, the process of shipping starts immediately so that it can reach you as early as possible, so the order can’t be canceled or modified once submitted. But you can feel free to return your order for a refund. 

Return should be placed within 90 days from order delivery so that you get a full refund but this guarantee is not valid on international orders. 

How To Cancel Grande Order Via Call?

The easiest way to return your order is to contact them on a phone call. You can get in touch with them through this number – 877-835-3010. 

Note that the call must be made between 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays excluding holidays. 

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How To Cancel Grande Order Via Email?

You can also request your return via the general customer service email. 

Just email them with the below-mentioned email and mention the necessary information required for the return process. 

E-mail: [email protected] 

How To Cancel/Return Grande Order Via Contact Form?

Grande has contact form features to help people submit their problems and queries. 

You can send a message to customer service through the contact form for the refund return. 

  1. Go to the Grande Contact Page and scroll down and you will get the Contact Form. 
  2. Then start filling in the details mentioned which are – your name > E-mail address >order number >purpose of filling the contact form(about the order) such as for return purpose>your region > leave a comment about the issue.
  3. Then, lastly, press the submit button on the form. 
  4. Once, the contact form is submitted, their advisor will reach out to you as early as they can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To contact Grande Customer Service?

You can get in touch with them for any concern — by calling – 877-835-3010
— Or through email- [email protected] 

Do We Get A Refund Or Money Back Guarantee? 

YES, If the return order is placed within 90 days from the delivery, you will get the full refund but on international orders, return is possible. 

In How Many Days Will I Get My Credit After Return? 

It usually takes 7 to 10 business days from the time they receive your product and the return process starts. 

Can We Exchange The Order? 

Yes, you can also request to exchange your domestic orders by contacting their customer service team. 


If you no longer want to get the product from Grande and want to cancel the order, there is no way to do it but you can surely return or exchange the product through the above-mentioned methods.

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