How To Cancel Huel Subscription?

How To Cancel Huel Subscription

In today’s busy world, people have so much work that they hardly get time to eat food which affects their health. For such busy people, we have Huel products, and most of the people are already subscribed to its products but they know how to cancel Huel subscriptions.

Everybody who is busy in their life mostly prefers ready-to-eat food but most of the time these meals are not good for your health because they lack nutritious values. But not with the Huel. Huel is especially known for its 100% nutritious meals in the form of shakes, powders, or grains. 

Well!! If you are now done with receiving Huel products but still have your time period left, then you can cancel your Huel subscription by navigating to its official website. Steps are- Login to the website> Subscriptions> View Delivary> Edit> Cancel Subscription.

Let us read to know more about the Huel products and more facilities provided to you. Through this article, we made people more familiar with Huel.

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What Is Huel?

Huel is a meal replacement industry that deals in making different kinds of nutritious meals in the form of liquids, powder, or in grain forms. It is a no-prep meal that does not skimp on nutrition, spends less time on cooking, and is ready in minutes. Their shakes are very famous and they guaranteed that their shakes are 100% nutritious. 

How To Create Huel Subscription?

To start a subscription with Huel go to any of Huel product pages and start with these steps:

  1. Select “Subscribe- 10% off”
  2. By clicking on the + button in front of each flavor, you can add the flavor and its quantity you want to add to the subscription
  3. Choose a delivery frequency, such as three weeks
  4. Select the “Subscribe” button

After done with these steps, you will be taken to the cart page from where you can review your order details before continuing with the checkout. 

Can You Cancel Huel Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Huel Subscription at any time from its official website. You have got an option to cancel your subscription at Haul’s website. Apart from cancellation, you can pause your subscriptions, and even update your deliveries. 

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How To Cancel Huel Subscription?

There is only one way to cancel Huel Subscription and that would be from Huel’s official website. Except for the website, there is no other way for its cancellation. 

Follow these steps to cancel your Huel Subscription

  • Login to As said above, Huel Subscription is only canceled from its official website. So, your first step should be to log in to the Huel website.
  • Subscriptions: After login into its website, go to the subscriptions option and click it, which contains your Hual Subscription status.
  • View Delivery: Click the “View Delivery” option and check your delivery details. 
  • Edit: Select the “Edit Subscription” option, below which you got 2 options- pause and cancel
  • Cancel Subscription: Click on “Cancel Subscription” to cancellation of your current Huel Subscription.

How To Modify Huel Subscription?

Changing the Huel subscription means changing flavors in that subscription which has already been done. If you want to change flavors or add some new flavors to that subscription that is placed, then you are allowed to do that. Huel gives you the option to “change flavors” to your placed Huel subscription. 

You can also make a new Huel Subscription by choosing the “Create a new subscription” option.

Can I Order From Huel Without a Subscription?

Yes, you can make your order from Huel without a subscription but you are only allowed to make a one-time purchase from Huel without a subscription. 

How To Order From Huel Without Subscription?

To order products from Huel without a subscription you first need to select the products of your choice and add them to your cart and then proceed to pay. You can only buy one time without Huel Subscription, after that, you will have to subscribe to it for which you can get 10% off with every purchase. 

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What Is Huel’s Subscription Price?

Huel subscription price depends upon the number and quantity of products you are purchasing from Huel. Its subscription or price varies from person to person. Just like in online shopping, you just need to add products to your Haul cart and after making a payment (which depends upon the product you purchased) you will be subscribed to Haul.

What Are The Payment Modes For Huel Subscription?

Some of the payment modes that you can use for a Huel Subscription are:

  • Master card
  • Amazon pay 
  • Debit card
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • Amex card

Huel’s Cancelation Subscription Retention Review

In terms of retention, Huel really needs to work a lot. Huel provides us with so many options for changing the number and type of products, pausing your subscription, and creating new subscriptions for which customers unnecessarily order something from Huel and then on the next moment delete their orders. People started taking it lightly and the cancelation rate of its subscription increased because its cancelation process is very easy which automatically affects its retention. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Huel’s Subscription Worth It?

Obviously Yes. Huel Subscription is really worth your money because the cost of its products is not very expensive and you received ready-to-eat products at your doorstep without any delay. Also, you can cancel its subscription at any time without giving any solid reason.

Can You Buy Huel Subscription Using PayPal?

Yes, PayPal is now available to make payments for Huel subscriptions. 

Can You Return Products Bought From Huel?

Yes, you can make the return within 30 days of your purchase. 


Hopefully! This article has given all answers to your questions related to Huel’s subscription cancelation and Huel also. Steps to cancel its subscription are quite easy that can be done by anyone. But, if someone is still facing a problem with its cancelation, then go and come in touch with Huel’s support team through [email protected] and tell them about your issue in detail. 

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