How To Cancel CleanMyMac X Subscription?

Cancel CleanMyMac X Subscription

If the amount of junk that your Mac contains terrifies you and you are searching for a Mac-friendly cleaner then CleanMyMac X is just the required solution. This will help you to clean and even protect your Mac device for future use. You can easily subscribe to CleanMyMac X to get those benefits. The users can also cancel their CleanMyMac X subscription if they no longer use that device or no longer require the subscription.  

CleanMyMac X guards your Mac by scrubbing out all the junk and preventing the system by deleting unwanted stuff or removing undesired applications. If the speed of your Mac has never been slower, then your device definitely needs a CleanMyMac X subscription. You can easily subscribe to get this desired cleaner for your Mac. 

To Cancel your CleanMyMac subscription, the users must start with the Subscription Manager page> Add Email address> Send Link> Look for Email from MacPaw> Manage Subscription> and then Cancel Subscription. You can follow these steps to Cancel your CleanMyMac X subscription. 

What Is CleanMyMac X And How Does It Work?

CleanMyMac X is the best friend that your Mac desired for a long time. This application is designed in a way to clean your Mac by deleting harmful or unwanted applications, junk files, and more. With this cleaning process, the life of your Mac enhances and so does its system speed. You can even delete or completely remove the hidden cache files. This cleaner after removing all the junk will provide you with enough space on your Mac that you can actually use for better. 

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CleanMyMac scans your hard drives and deletes all those unnecessary caches and files that you do not require anymore. The app even scans and searches for files or malware and viruses that may pose as dangerous for your device. This also speeds up your device, making it similar to how it was on day one. It does have a free version for its users but if you wish to unlock more features, you will be required to get the pro version. CleanMyMac possesses tools that can search for unwanted junk from your device and remove them. 

How To Get CleanMyMac X Subscription?

The following steps will help you to get a CleanMyMac Subscription

>CleanMyMac X is a MacPaw product so you will have to go to the official website of MacPaw.

>Choose CleanMyMac X from the options and this will open it on a new page. 

>You can tap on Free Download to use it for free or Buy Now if you want to get the subscription. 

>When you click on Buy Now, you will next have to choose from the available options of a one-year subscription plan or a one-time purchase that stays forever. 

>Choose the plan you desire and finally click on By Now to get the subscription. 

You will now have your desired CleanMyMac X subscription that you can use to clean your device. 

Can You Cancel Your CleanMyMac X Subscription?

Yes, if you no longer want to use or continue with your CleanMyMac X subscription then you can of course cancel it when required. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want and if you still have a current subscription going on then you will receive the benefits of your current CleanMyMac X subscription till the date ends. Users can easily Cancel or Manage their Subscription by following a few simple steps to achieve that. 

How Can I Cancel My CleanMyMac X Subscription?

If you don’t want to keep your Subscription then you can cancel it anytime by following the given steps:

>On MacPaw, initiate the process by going to the Subscription Manager page. 

>There, you can enter the Email address in the given space that you used earlier to get the Subscription.

>Click on Send Link after you find the required Email address.  

>You will now receive an email from MacPaw so keep an eye on your Inbox. 

>In the Email you received, click on Manage Subscriptions

>There, from the given options, choose to Cancel Subscription

These steps will easily help you to manage or Cancel your CleanMyMac X subscription in just a few simple steps. 

Can You Use CleanMyMac X For Free?

CleanMyMac X provides a free trial that you can use before actually buying a Subscription. This version, however, has a limited amount of junk that the users can clear from their devices. You can initially clean your Mac for free but will later need to get the Subscription to increase the amount of unwanted junk you can clear and get all other benefits. 

If you do not want to pay for the subscription and are satisfied with its limited benefits then you can get the free trial to use CleanMyMac X for free. You can easily get the CleanMyMac X Free Trial by downloading it from Mac App Store on your Apple Device or by going to the MacPaw official website and getting the free version from there. 

What Are The Subscription Plans For CleanMyMac X?

If you chose to use the Free Trial version of CleanMyMac X and loved all the wonders it did for your Mac then you will definitely want to get a CleanMyMac X subscription plan. The offers available for the users range from:

> One-Year Subscription Plan- $39.95 for one Mac, $59.95 for two Macs, and $89.95 for five Macs. 

> One-Time Purchase Plan- $89.95 for one Mac, $134.95 for two Macs, and $199.95 for five Macs. 

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Wrap Up

Cleaning your system is required for its better functioning and for your Mac, that work is done by CleanMyMac X. You can use this cleaner for free or take the subscription to get the benefits of more features. We have discussed the steps that you can use to get or cancel your CleanMyMac X Subscription. Do follow those steps to manage your subscription. 

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