How To Cancel Factor Subscription? Quick Cancellation Steps!

How To Cancel Factor Subscription? Quick Cancellation Steps!

Factor is a renowned food delivery service among all health-conscious individuals. You can plan your meals according to your preferences from the available options. The commitments with them are not permanent and you can add or cancel the subscription whenever you wish to. 

Choosing Factor for your health commitments can be beneficial as you will be delivered, as they promise, fresh and healthy meals prepared by chefs if you believe in being healthy but don’t want to waste time doing that. Factor works in Subscription mode and you need to subscribe to a plan to get your meals. 

To cancel Factor 75 Subscription, all you need to do is Log in to the official website of Factor> Account Settings> Plan Settings> Deactivate My Plan> and Confirm.

You can also email or call the officials for help and support. Get Detailed information in this article.

What Is Factor 75?

If you want to eat right and healthy but also don’t have enough time to plan or prepare your meals then Factor comes as a boon for you.

Factor is a Meal Delivery Service that provides you with healthy and fresh food prepared by Chefs while keeping in mind your preferences and choices. You can choose your meal courses according to your diet plans and the dieticians who work in Factor will add health to it. 

If you are looking for an option that provides both health and flavor then your search must stop here. It’s easy to subscribe to a plan and it’s also not very difficult to get rid of them. 

How To Subscribe To Factor Meal Plans?

Subscribing to Factor Meal plans is extremely simple. You don’t need to go to various places for that, just choose your preferences and subscribe to your meal plans. 

>To subscribe to your first Factor Meal, go to the official website of Factor. 

>The first step is to choose your meal preferences that will present the most relevant meal plans according to your choices. The options range from Chef’s Choice, Keto, Calorie Smart, Vegan and Veggie, and also Protein Plus

>The next step is to choose the number of meals per week you require. There are several options for that and they range from 4 to 18 meals per week. 

>When you are done choosing your preferences, you will be provided with the amount you must pay including box price, price per serving, and your Total. You now have to click on the Select This Plan button and proceed further. 

Following these steps will help you subscribe to your first meal plan on Factor. 

How Much Is Factor A Month?

The Factor Meal Prices are selected with your meal and dietary preferences and also with the number of meals you order. 

No. of Meals Whole Meal PricePer Meal Price
4 Meals $60.00$15.00
6 Meals$77.00$12.83
8 Meals$99.00$12.37
12 Meals $138.00$11.50
18 Meals$198.00$11.00

Can I Cancel Factor Anytime?

Factor provides you with easy access to Subscribe to a meal plan and even Cancel your Subscription whenever you feel you don’t need it anymore.

Yes, you can of course cancel your Factor Meal subscription whenever you want and you will only have to follow a few simple steps for that. Not just this, you can also change your meal plans or even pause them for some time with ease. 

It is easy to Cancel your Factor Subscription by following the steps on the website or by contacting Factor officials by calls or emails. 

How To Cancel Factor 75 Subscription Online?

How To Cancel Factor Subscription? Quick Cancellation Steps- How To Cancel Factor 75 Subscription Online?

If you no longer want to go with your Factor meal plan or are planning to pause or cancel your subscription then you can do that by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Sign in by going to Factor Website and this will open your page on Factor. 
  2. Now go to the Settings Menu option available on the website page. 
  3. On the left side of the Settings page, go for Plan Settings
  4. Search for the Deactivate My Plan button on the page and Select Deactivate My Plan when you find it. 
  5. Follow the further simple steps asked next and you will be able to cancel your Factor Subscription. 

Sometimes, there are chances that the Deactivate My Plan option is not available on your page and there can be various reasons for that. In that case, you will need to contact the officials.

How To Cancel Factor Subscription By Calling?

Call the representatives working in Factor by dialing the given number 888-573-5727 and ask them to cancel your Factor 75 Subscription.

Please provide them with your subscription details and they will accept your cancelation request and cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Factor Subscription Via Email?

Email Factor at [email protected] and ask them about your problem. They will surely guide you on how can you cancel your Factor Meal Plan Subscription. 

Make sure to send a properly composed email that includes all of your subscription information as well as your contact details.

Can I Pause my Factor Subscription?

Yes, you can pause or edit your Factor Meal Subscription plans whenever you want. To pause or edit, you will have to:

> Go to the official Factor website and log in. 

>There you can choose from the dates you need to pause or skip Factor delivery.

> Hit the Edit Delivery option and then choose Skip Week. 

If you are using the app:

>Log in to your account and Select the week you wish to pause. 

>At the top right, you will find the three dots, click on them. 

>You can now click on the Skip Week option on the page and you are done. 

Cancel Factor Subscription – Customer Review

Here’s a customer review about Factor’s subscription and the reasons why she canceled her subscription. Also, the steps are stated in the video for you to follow.

Cancel Your Factor Subscription- FAQs

Does Factor Charge Weekly Or Monthly?

To get the best fresh and healthy meals, you will have to go for weekly subscriptions. Factor offers its customers weekly subscriptions to choose from and numerous diet options for you so that you eat healthy and delicious. 

How Can I Contact Factor Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your Factor subscription or their orders then you can contact their Customer Service department by dialing their help number 1 (888) 573-5727.

You can also visit the Factor Contact page and click on the message icon at the bottom of the screen to chat with the representatives online.

Wrap Up

Factor meal delivery services are perfect for those who are unable to eat healthily due to various reasons. They allow you to add or cancel a subscription by following easy steps so that all your focus is on eating healthy and tasty. Follow the steps discussed above to pause or cancel your subscription. You can also cancel your Daily Harvest subscription and EveryPlate subscription.

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