How To Cancel FedEx Shipment? Money Saving Hacks!

How To Cancel FedEx Shipment

You must have definitely ordered your favorite products from many available sites and FedEx shipped and delivered them well.  It is easier to order anything you wish to get at any time and it is also easy to cancel the delivery of your products. But do you know how to cancel FedEx shipment order?

The FedEx Corporation is very well known for its air delivery services and quick shipments and deliveries. Their offer for overnight delivery completely changed the course of the corporation’s future. Their ability to provide reliable but rapid and in-time delivery into almost all of the regions- 220 and more countries and regions, has made them a Global Leader in the industry. 

FedEx deliveries are well-trusted and it’s even possible to cancel a shipment you ordered. For that, you will be required to go to FedEx Ship Manager> Ship History> Shipment> Cancel. These few easy steps will help you cancel a FedEx shipment you don’t require anymore.

Can I Cancel A FedEx Shipment? Is It Possible To Cancel A FedEx Shipment In Transit?

Yes, you can cancel a FedEx Shipment but there is a condition to it. It is only possible to cancel a FedEx Shipment if you do it within 12 hours of the shipment being booked or before the date printed on the Shipping Label. If you try canceling the Shipment after the shipping date has passed, it won’t be possible for you to go further. 

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It is quite difficult to cancel FedEx shipment in transit as when the product is shipped, FedEx is meant to deliver it to you at any cost and in time. The sender, however, can try calling FedEx and explaining the situation to them to not deliver the package and get it returned. Or, the receiver can refuse to take the delivery package and not accept it. It would be sent back if you don’t accept it. 

You can even cancel your FedEx Shipping Label. The Shipping Label you created in FedEx Ship Manager with the help of your credit card could be canceled by contacting FedEx Customer Service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339. 

What Happens When You Cancel A FedEx Shipment?

You can cancel a FedEx Shipment before the shipping date is printed on the Shipping Label. If you are on time, you can easily cancel the shipment in just a few steps. When you cancel the shipment, the selected product won’t be delivered to you anymore and the package will be returned to the original address of the Shipment. And if you didn’t use the air waybill or it isn’t possible for you to delete that from your Shipping History, then you won’t be charged for transportation. 

How To Cancel FedEx Shipment?

If it’s still time before the Shipping date printed on the Shipping Label, then you can easily cancel a FedEx Shipment. To Cancel a FedEx shipment, you must:

  1. Log in to the FedEx Ship Manager
  2. Go to the Ship History Tab 
  3. Select the Shipment you wish to cancel and then click the Cancel button 

This will cancel the FedEx shipment you don’t need anymore. But do remember that these steps only work within the given time limit of cancelation. 

If you wish to Cancel the delivery and return the FedEx intercept package to the sender, you will be required to:

  1. Get into your FedEx account and Navigate to the tracking page. 
  2. Enter your Tracking number on the page. 
  3. Select the Manage Delivery option and then choose Return To Shipper. 
  4. You will be required to provide a reason why you need to return the package.
  5. You can then click on Continue and give your contact information that they might require to complete the process. 
  6. Click on Submit and if required, you can take down the case number, then hit Done. 

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What Does FedEx Cancel Shipment Return To Sender Mean?

FedEx uses Return To Sender as a statement to describe a situation where the selected package was unable to get delivered to the receiver and had to be shipped back to the sender. There can be many reasons for this situation, the package might be destroyed or not in a good condition, the package was unpicked for seven days, the shipping address can be incorrect or even a refused or canceled shipment. 

When a Company is unable to deliver a package, they return it back to the sender.

>If the recipient is not present at the given address, there is a high chance that the package will be returned back to the sender. 

>If the receiver refuses to accept the package delivery, there is no choice for FedEx but to return the package back. 

>There are certain package items that need an age check, however, if the receiver is unable to provide valid age proof, the package might get returned. 

>If the package stays unclaimed for a long time, mostly seven days, then the package can be returned back to the sender. 

Does FedEx Charge For Return To Sender?

Yes, FedEx does charge for Return To Sender if they cancel the shipment, and the charges for return are combined with the original charges they had to pay. However, if the shipment was unable to complete due to a FedEx situation or their fault, then the return charges won’t be forced on the sender. 

Packages are basically returned if it’s not in a good condition or the sender cancels the shipment and even if the receiver refuses to accept it or is unable to claim it for a specific time. The package, then, will be returned back to the sender with returning charges added to the total charges. 

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Cancel FedEx Shipment – FAQs

How To Cancel FedEx Pickup?

If you wish to cancel or even change a FedEx Pickup for the future, you can start with:

  1. Signing In to your FedEx account
  2. Navigate to the Ship tab
  3. Click on the Schedule and Manage Pickup options
  4. Go to My Pickups and you are free to cancel your FedEx Pickup or change it for future deliveries. 

Do I Get Refund If I Cancel FedEx Shipment?

That is actually the most serious question lurking behind our minds while canceling a FedEx Shipment. Well, the answer is not that simple and it all depends on the situation you are in.

1. If you haven’t yet used the label that you bought, you will get an easy refund. For that, you will only be required to cancel the label within 90 days of its creation. You won’t be charged if the labels aren’t used and thus, will surely be refunded. 

2. You won’t get a refund if you sent a shipment and then canceled it after it was out for delivery. FedEx doesn’t refund in these situations. 

3. If FedEx is responsible for any missed delivery or it’s their fault that the package couldn’t be delivered, then you will be refunded

4. You can also request a refund if you are the receiver but it isn’t sure if they will accept your reason for returning and provide the refund. 

What Happens If You Refuse FedEx Delivery?

If the recipient refuses to accept a FedEx delivery then the delivery person might need a signed confirmation for your refusal to accept the delivery. The package will then be taken back and the shipper would be contacted for the future of the package. If they desire a return, the package would be returned back to the shipper. 

How Long Do I Have To Cancel A FedEx Shipment?

If you wish to cancel a FedEx Shipment, you must do it within 12 hours of the booked shipment or before the date that is printed on the Shipping label. It won’t get canceled if you try doing it later that period. 

Wrap Up

The sender and the receiver definitely have many doubts regarding the shipment processes and other questions. We tried to clear almost all of the worrisome queries you might have regarding FedEx Shipment and its cancellation process. We hope we were able to give you the answers you desire so that you have safe and timely deliveries and shipments. 

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