How To Cancel Bannatyne Membership? 3 Simple Modes!

Cancel Bannatyne Membership

You must have pampered your body enough with a Bannatyne Membership to their health clubs, but are you now planning to end the services? If you don’t wish to continue then we can help you cancel your Bannatyne Membership. 

Bannatyne includes a chain of UK-based health clubs, spas, hotels, and much more for customers. You can explore the numerous luxurious spas, hotels, and health clubs around you and become a member to experience the best services. 

If you are determined to end the services and cancel your Bannatyne Membership then you will be required to send a membership cancellation form to your local club via mail. You can also contact the representatives through email or by phone call

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Bannatyne Membership Plans And Charges

Bannatyne provides its customers with several membership plans for their gyms, spas, or health clubs and they can choose what works best for them. The Bannatyne Gym Full Prices which will provide you access anytime with open hours costs about £ 25.00- £ 49.45 for a Single direct debit and about £ 25.00- £ 539.99 for a Full single prepaid.

The Bannatyne Gym Off Peak Prices which is made available for weekdays will cost about £ 25.00- £ 44.00 for the Off-Peak Single direct debit and about £ 25.00- £ 475.99 for Off-Peak single prepaid

The members can also opt for Bannatyne Gym Day Pass Price where a Day Pass Full is made available from £ 15.99. You can also bring about 4 guests with you at a time. 

How Can I Cancel My Bannatyne Membership? Bannatynes Cancel Membership Cooling Off Period

If you are unable to continue due to any reason then you can cancel your Bannatyne membership anytime you want. You will be required to provide a 30-day advance notice to your local health club for your membership cancellation. Also, If you have submitted your membership application online, via an email or through the phone, you will be able to cancel your membership within the initial 14 days of your Joining Date without providing a reason. This is the cooling-off period of Bannatyne.

Cancel Bannatyne Membership By Cancellation Form

1. You can fill out a membership cancellation form to initiate the procedure. 

2. You can download the model Cancellation Form and then fill out the required details to proceed. 

3. Do fill in the details carefully and then you will have to mail the form to your local club address

Cancel Bannatyne Membership By Email

1. You can also try sending an email to Bannatyne and request that you wish to cancel your membership.

2. Open the default email application on your device. 

3. Compose an email and write down your membership cancellation request. You can also fill out the cancellation form and add it to your email. 

4. Make sure you have provided all the required membership details and when you are done, send the email to [email protected]

5. They will send you an email with answers to your queries and you must follow the steps as directed by them. 

Cancel Bannatyne Membership By Phone Call

1. You can also talk to a Bannatyne representative for your membership cancellation queries. 

2. The members can call Bannatyne Customer Service at 0344 477 4777.

3. You will be connected to a representative and you can request them that you want to cancel your Bannatyne Membership. 

4. Provide them with your membership and account details and do as they say. You will now be able to cancel your membership.

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How Do I Freeze My Bannatyne Membership?

If you need to put a pause to your Bannatyne membership then they do give you an option to freeze your account. Members can freeze their membership easily by navigating to their Member Portal on the official web page. You will be allowed to freeze your membership for between 2 and 6 months and will be charged about £10.00 per month.

Cancel Bannatyne Membership-FAQs

What Is Bannatyne Cancellation Policy?

If you are within the minimum term, you will be able to cancel your membership agreement provided that you give a 30-day advance notice to your local club. The cancellation can also take place if the reason for your Bannatyne Membership cancellation includes injury, illness, or loss of employment. 

Is Bannatyne A 12-Month Contract? How Do I Cancel My Bannatyne 12 Month Membership?

When you purchase a membership plan at Bannatyne, you will stay a member for a minimum of a 12-month period. Your membership will remain active for 12 months and your plan will renew after the annual period is over. Yes, Bannatyne membership is a 12-month contract. To cancel this contract, you must provide a written notice to Bannatyne 30 days prior to the term end.

Is There A Termination Fee For Bannatynes?

Bannatynes says that if the members do not provide a good reason to end their contract then they will charge the members with a termination fee. However, they have also mentioned that the fee they charge won’t be more than your membership fee for the remaining term of the contract.

How Do I Find My Bannatyne Membership Number?

When you joined a Bannatyne membership, you must have received an email from them regarding your joining. Go through all the emails you received from Bannatyne and check if your membership number is present in any of them. If you still can’t find your membership number then you must visit your local club and ask for help as they do have records of your membership details. 

How Can I Contact Bannatyne Customer Service?

If you have other queries related to your Bannatyne membership then you can contact their Customer Care department by sending an email to [email protected]. You can write down your queries and they will get back to you. You can also talk to the representative via a phone call. Dial 0344 477 4777 and tell them about your problem. They will surely help you accordingly. 

Wrap Up

Bannatyne has several special services for you to join and give the best to your health and your body. However, if you don’t feel like continuing with Bannatyne then you can easily cancel your membership by following the membership cancellation steps discussed above in detail. You can also go through their cancellation and refund policy from their official website for more details. If your queries persist, you can contact Bannatyne Customer Service and they will provide you with the required help. 

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