How To Cancel Direct Debit In Barclays?

Cancel Direct Debit In Barclays

Is there a direct debit that you do not need to continue for some membership or subscription on Barclays? Well, there are certain ways in which you can easily cancel it no matter how you are accessing your bank account. If you are still facing any trouble with that, we are here to assist you with it. 

Barclays is a great choice for any consumer or small business who wants to use retail banking services and is also good for institutions and other large businesses that need to use investment and corporate banking services. 

To cancel direct debit in Barclays, you can simply contact their customer service which is the most straightforward method for this purpose. Alternatively, you have the choice to do so using the online banking option, the official Barclays application, or physically by visiting one of their branches. 

Keep reading to know more in detail about all the possible ways in which you can easily cancel Direct Debit that has been linked with your Barclays account. 

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How To Cancel Direct Debit In Barclays?

If you want to terminate your direct debit mode on Barclays which means that you do not wish to continue using its services, then there are a few methods for this from which you can choose whichever you find suitable for yourself. 

But before that, you need to know an important thing which is that you will have to cancel your Barclays account or request for the same at least before 5.30 pm one working day before your next payment’s due date. Let us now discuss these methods without wasting any time. 

How To Cancel Direct Debit In Barclays Over The Phone?

If you prefer a direct cancelation method that doesn’t require your manual processes, then calling is a great option for you. 

For this, you can dial Barclays’s customer service number, which will vary based on the type of customer you have been registered as. 

Suppose you are a personal customer of Barclays. In that case, you need to call on the number 0345 734 53345 and you will be connected to their customer service executive who you can talk to and ask to terminate the direct debit option for Barclays. 

If you are a premier customer of Barclays, then the number that you are needed to call on is 0800 924 7356, and you can then ask the representative to revoke your Barclays direct debit. 

Finally, if you are a business customer of Barclays, you can dial the number 0345 605 2345 on your phone and ask the agent to cancel direct debit for your Barclays. 

How To Cancel Direct Debit In Barclays Online? 

If you do not prefer in asking the customer representatives to cancel your subscriptions, then you can also do it online in the case of Barclays. There are two ways in which this can be done, either via your official Barclays application or through online banking. Let us see both ways. 

Cancel Barclays Direct Debit On App 

If you have installed the Barclays app on your device, then you can cancel its direct debit feature from the app itself. For this, you have to go through the steps provided right below. 

1. First of all, launch the Barclays app and log in to your respective account. 

2. There will be a menu at the bottom of the screen where you will see the “Pay and Transfer” option. Select it. 

3. Next, you have to tap on the “Manage Your Payments” option. 

4. Then choose “Manage Direct Debits” from the next options. 

5. Now, you have to select your account that has been added to the direct debit feature. 

6. After this, you have to follow up as the app directs you and your direct debit shall be terminated for Barclays. 

Cancel Barclays Direct Debit Through Online Netbanking

If you want to cancel your Barclays direct debit via online banking, then follow the steps given below.

1. Log in to the Online Banking account page on your device.

2. Next to your account will be the More option, click on it. 

3. Click on the “View Direct Debits” option to see all the apps and services where a direct debit is enabled.

4. Then you have to choose your Barclays account whose Direct Debit you want to terminate. 

5. Then, click on the Direct Debit option and then select the Delete option for the same.

6. Finally, click on Yes to confirm and your direct debit for Barclays shall be revoked. 

How To Cancel Direct Debit In Barclays In Person?

You also have the option to cancel your Barclays direct debit from the branch. However, this method is used mostly in cases when you do not have yourself registered for the Barclays app or the online banking option. 

In such a case, you can cancel your Direct Debit to Barclays in one of their branches. You have to visit one of their branch nearest to you and ask their executives to cancel your Direct Debit on Barclays and that’s it. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that after reading this article, you have found your ideal way which you are convenient with for canceling direct debit in Barclays. If there is any other banking service where you wish to cancel your direct debit, then also you can reach out to us for guidance.

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