How To Cancel Premier Inn Booking? Last Minute Cancellation Tips!

Cancel Premier Inn Booking

If you are no longer planning to continue with your travel and boarding plans then you can easily terminate your bookings.

If you have to withdraw due to some reason then we can help you cancel your Premier Inn booking by providing you with some effective methods to do so. 

Premier Inn is a popular British hotel chain brand with numerous hotels operating at several locations. You can easily make bookings to your desired rooms by selecting your location and other required features from the website itself. There are several amenities provided to the guests so that they enjoy their stay at Premier Inn. 

If your travel plans are canceled then you should also cancel your Premier inn bookings. You can easily cancel your Premier Inn bookings from their official website the link below will take you to the cancellation page where you will have to provide the details and it’s done. 

What Is Premier Inn Cancellation Policy?

There are different rules for your Premier Inn booking cancellation and it all depends on the type of room you booked for your stay there. 

Type Of Room Booked Cancellation Policy
FlexCan make cancellations up to 1 pm on the day of stay
Semi-FlexCan make cancellations up to 3 days prior to your stay
StandardWithin 24 hours of booking

If you have booked a Flex room that charges the guest’s highest price then you are allowed to make cancellations to your stay plans up to 1 pm of the day that you earlier choose to stay.

If your booking is for Semi-Flex which has average charges then the cancellation procedure can take place up to 3 days before the day of your stay.

If the guests book a Standard room for their stay at Premier Inn and now have to cancel the reservation then they can make these changes or cancel their booking within 24 hours

If you make cancellations within 24 hours of your booking then you will be provided with a full refund. The refund is even more likely for the Flex and Semi-Flex bookings and you will receive a full refund.

You will also receive a complete refund if it is the hotel itself that makes the cancellation. You will also receive a refund if the hotel is unable to provide you with a room. 

How Can I Cancel My Premier Inn Booking?

1. You can visit the official website of Premier Inn or directly visit this link to initiate your Premier Inn booking cancellation. 

2. There you will be required to provide your Booking Reference number. This number could be found in your booking confirmation email. 

3. You will also have to add your Surname and arrival date.   

4. You can now click on Cancel and Confirm Changes.  

5. When the procedure is completed you will receive a confirmation email from Premier inn. 

6. Your refund after booking cancellation will be processed in about 3-5 working days

How To Amend Premier Inn Booking?

1. You can go to the official website of Premier Inn or directly visit this link to make amends to your Premier Inn bookings. 

2. You will be required to provide similar details as before like your Booking Reference number Surname and arrival date. 

3. You can now click on the Amend option and then Confirm changes.  

4. After your amend request is processed you will receive a confirmation email from them.

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Cancel Premier Inn Booking- FAQs

How Can I Manage My Premier Inn Booking?

You can make changes or amends to your Premier Inn booking from their official website. You can visit the Premier Inn Cancellation page to initiate the procedure.

You can click on the Manage Booking button at the top bar of the page to update your changes. You will be required to provide your Booking Reference number, your Booking Surname, and the date of your arrival

Will I Get A Refund From Premier Inn?

Yes, Premier Inn does provide you with a complete refund if you manage to make cancellations on time. Canceling within 24 hours of your booking can provide you with a full refund. There are also certain other time limit restrictions that will provide you with a refund.

After receiving your cancellation confirmation email from them, you will get your refund in about 3-5 days. But if you still didn’t receive your refund in 10 days then you can contact 0333 003 8101.

How Can I Contact Premier Inn Customer Service?

If you have doubts or queries related to your bookings or stay at Premier Inn then you can visit their Contact Us page and find out the solution to your queries.

You can also speak with one of their representatives by dialing their Customer Support number 0333 003 8101. They will help you with your situation accordingly. 

Wrap Up

Premier Inn provides you with hotel rooms at several price ranges and you can book the rooms at your affordable rates. There are also several luxurious amenities for the guests.

But if you have unfortunately postponed or terminated your travel plans then you can follow the steps discussed above in detail and cancel your Premier Inn booking.

You can also make updates and amendments to your bookings and reservations at the hotels. You can visit the official website for more details on your refund plans.

If your queries persist, give a call to their Customer Service or contact them from their website. You can also How To Cancel Priceline Reservation? Cancel In 2 Easy Ways!

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