How To Cancel Gamma AI Subscription? 2 Ways To Cancel !!

How To Cancel Gamma AI Subscription?

If you are using the Gamma Pro Plan subscription and found it quite expensive, you can return to its free plan by canceling your Gamma AI Subscription. 

Gamma AI uses its AI techniques to ease human work by creating beautiful and stunning slides for your presentations. They add impressive templates and slides that enhance your presentation work’s outer look.  

If you are thinking of canceling your Gamma AI Subscription, then you can do so by going to the Manage Subscription section from the Gamma App. 

Gamma AI Subscription Plans & Pricing

You can use the Gamma AI App for free to try its services. If you don’t want to upgrade to its subscription, then you can continue using this app with its free plan. 

If you want to subscribe to its paid plan- then you can opt for its Plus Plan or Pro Plan Subscription. Let’s understand the pricing of both plans. 

  • Gamma AI Plus Plan: Annual Plan charges ($96 per year) & Monthly Plan charges ($10 per month). 
  • Gamma AI Pro Plan: Annual Plan Charges ($192 per year) & Monthly Plan charges ($20 per month)

Both subscription plans are for per user, which means one subscription plan can only be accessed by a single person. No sharing is allowed. 

How To Cancel Gamma AI Subscription Online?

You can cancel your Gamma AI App Subscription at least 30 days before your new subscription renewal date. 

Follow these basic rules to unsubscribe yourself to the Gamma AI App. 

  • Go to the Gamma AI Website
  • Login to your Gamma App Account
  • Click on the Settings & Members option from the top left side of the drop-down menu
  • Then, select Manage Subscription
  • Tap on the Cancel Subscription from there
  • Note down, you can also update your billing information, change payment methods, and look for the invoices from this section. 

How To Cancel Gamma AI App Subscription Via Email?

The other method to cancel your Gamma AI Subscription is by reaching out to their customer service team and requesting them to cancel the subscription plan. 

The way to contact their team is by sending an email to their Email address [email protected]

Send the cancelation Email to their team and they will reply to the email soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Gamma App?

Gamma App provides No-Refunds for canceling any of the subscription plans. 

How To Contact Gamma App Customer Service?

In case if you have any questions about your Gamma App services, then you can contact their service team at any time at [email protected]. Send a DM to their team on Twitter. 


You need to be quick with the cancelation, otherwise, your plan will automatically renew and you will be charged for it and even after cancelation, there is no chance for you to get back the refund. 

That’s why, it is recommended to cancel the Gamma AI subscription at least 30 days before it renews automatically. For any other concerts, connect with the Gamma App support team. You can also cancel your Character AI Plus Subscription.

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