How To Cancel Character AI Plus Subscription?

How To Cancel Character AI Plus Subscription?

If you want to prepare for your next interview with AI, then the Character AI website is best for you. You can also download its App on your Apple device and Android. 

By the way, you can use this AI platform for free, but to unlock more perks of it, you can take its subscription plan at $9.99 per month. Don’t Worry!! If you don’t want its subscription later, you can cancel Character AI Subscription at any time. 

Online cancelation steps from Character AI Account is the only method to cancel the Character AI Plus Subscription. Detailed steps are explained later in the article. 

What Is Character AI?

Character AI is a chatbot service embedded with artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. You can get any kind of idea or any information related to any topic on this platform. 

The information will be given by their characters or Chatbots. You need to practice some interview questions, you can do so with their chatbots. 

Amazing games, learning a new language, traveling ideas, everything will be generated by their AI Bots. You can sign up for this platform and start using its service free of cost. 

But for getting some more perks, people subscribed to Character AI Plus. 

How Can You Cancel Character AI Plus Subscription?

Follow these online steps to cancel your Character AI Subscription.

  • Click on the login button from the top
  • Enter your credentials and log in to the Character AI Account
  • Go to Your Account section
  • Tap on the Account button
  • Scroll down and stop on the Subscriptions section
  • Select Cancel
  • Confirm the cancelation of the Character AI Subscription
  • After that your subscription will be canceled and all of your data and messages on your account also be deleted. 

Character AI Alternatives

These are some of the best alternatives to Character AI. 

  • ChatGPT: As you all know that ChatGPT is the latest AI tool launched by OpenAI research company on November 30, 2022. This AI tool is helpful for you in providing information on all of the tasks- writing, coding, emails, and more. 
  • Silly Tavern AI: It is the other version of TavernAI that comes with new and amazing AI features. 
  • Venus Chub AI: It is one of the most interesting AI tools which will give answers to almost all of your questions in a fun and interactive way. 
  • AI 101: This AI tool helps you in learning everything about artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. Isn’t it amazing?


No matter, how easy these AI tools have made our life. Still, there are many such people, who do not prefer to spend their money on its subscription. 

If you are also one of them and no longer want to continue with the Character AI subscription, then cancel it today with the steps mentioned above. 

For getting help, you can go to Character.AI Support. You can also cancel your Ask AI Subscription.

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