How To Cancel Tidal Membership? Easy & Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel Tidal Membership?

You start using Tidal with its free trial and now don’t want to continue with its service anymore, then it is important that you can cancel Tidal before its free trial ends. Otherwise, its paid subscription plan will start. 

When it comes to listening to top-notch songs, then Tidal comes on this list. You will get almost all types of songs on this music streaming platform. 

To cancel Tidal Subscription, just navigate to the Tidal Account Settings and tap on Cancel Subscription. Third-Party cancelations are also allowed. 

Can You Cancel Tidal Music Subscription? Tidal Terms And Conditions

You will use Tidal Services for free for a few days, and after your free days ends, the monthly or yearly subscription to Tidal will start automatically and you will be charged for it. 

So, It’s better to cancel your Tidal Subscription before its current billing term or free trial ends. 

How To Cancel Tidal Music Subscription From Website?

Cancel your Tidal Subscription directly from your Tidal Account with these steps-

  1. Go to the Tidal Website and log in to your Tidal Account 
  1. Navigate to your Account Settings 
  1. Scroll down the settings option and stop your scrolling on Subscriptions 
  1. Click on the Cancel My Subscription button
  1. Submit your cancelation request and their team will contact you within 2 days. 

How To Cancel A Tidal Subscription From Tidal App?

Follow these steps to cancel your Tidal Subscription from the Tidal App.

  1. You have to open your Tidal App first from your device and go to the My Collections section
  1. After that, move toward the Settings option and tap on the Edit Profile option from Settings
  1. Then, tap on Manage Subscriptions and then Subscriptions. Finally, Select Cancel Subscription and you are all done.

How To Unsubscribe From Tidal On iPhone?

 Follow these steps to cancel the subscription from your Apple device. 

  1. Open your Settings from iPhone 
  1. Click on your name from the top
  1. Go to the Subscriptions section
  1. Select Tidal Subscription
  1. Then, click on the Cancel Subscription button

How To Cancel Tidal Membership Via Email?

The last and the working method to cancel your Tidal Subscription is by getting in contact with their customer service team and asking them to cancel the subscription. 

Composed an Email in which you clearly mentioned that you want your subscription to be canceled. 

Include the Subscription details and your contact number should properly be included in the email and sent to [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tidal Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, Tidal Offers a 30-day free trial service to its users before being charged for its paid subscription.

Does Deleting Tidal Account Cancel Subscription?

Yes, if you permanently delete your Tidal Account, then your Tidal Subscription will automatically be canceled. 

How To Contact Tidal Customer Service?

To contact their service team send your query in the form of an email to Tidal Customer Service Email at [email protected]

Contact their team via Mail: Tidal 799 Broadway 11th Floor New York, NY, 10003. 


Okay !! That’s it in today’s article. We hope that your all confusion about canceling Tidal Subscription is cleared up now and from now you can do it on your own. 

If you find any difficulty in canceling the subscription on your own, then you can contact the Tidal service team.

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