How To Cancel Equinox Membership? 4 Simple Modes To Cancel!

Cancel Equinox Membership

If your busy life does not support your quest for a healthy lifestyle then you can spend some luxury moments with Equinox. The membership of the club will provide you even more benefits than the regular customers but if you are hesitant to continue it, you can easily cancel your Equinox membership. 

Equinox, as they say, is a temple of well-being that provides health and fitness training in a way that your body deserves. You can get easy access to the instructors and their classes anytime you want. You must explore a club near you and live the best and the most luxurious moments of your life. 

The clients and customers are allowed to cancel their Equinox membership by visiting the club in person, through the mail, by phone call, and by sending an email to the team regarding your Equinox membership cancellation. 

What Is Equinox? Perks Of Equinox Membership

Equinox is a luxury fitness company that works together with several popular lifestyle brands. The clubs provide various fitness activities for its members with all the luxurious amenities so that you have an amazing experience. The trainers are experienced and helpful to create a wonderful workout environment for you. You can also get access to various Spas and hotels and also buy fitness instruments, a SoulCycle bike, and much more. 

With an Equinox Membership, you get the following benefits:

1. The members can get access to Unlimited fitness classes. The fitness instructors are experienced and trained so that you can perform better. As a member, you can also get access to complimentary classes. 

2. Members also get access to the limited offers and deals available to them. 

3. If you wish, you can also receive personal training sessions from their experienced trainers. The personal training sessions can be both virtual and in-person. 

4. The members also get complimentary one-on-one Studio Pilates or Virtual Mat Pilates session. 

5. You also get an offer of up to 15% off on your first purchase from the Equinox Shop. 

Equinox Membership Plans And Prices

MembershipInitiation FeeMonthly FeeCancellation Fee
Single Club Access $100$168Nil
Multi Club Access$100$230Nil

As you get a luxurious experience from this membership, you will also be required to pay luxurious prices to get in there. If you want to get Single Club access then the charges start from $100 as an initiation fee and $168 to be paid monthly. To get access to Multi clubs, you will have to pay $100 for the initiation fee and $230 for monthly benefits

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Equinox? Equinox Membership Agreement

Your Equinox Membership will continue and will also automatically renew on monthly basis according to your plans. Do remember that the membership prices vary from place to place and according to the location of your gym or health club. Your membership agreement will have a one-year obligation. It is better if you do In-person cancellation with the club manager as they will easily guide you through the steps. 

The members can also cancel or change their already existing reservation up to 3 hours prior to the initiation of their session or class to avoid any kind of penalty. However, if you go a bit later than 3 hours then you might be required to pay a penalty for the same. 

Can You Cancel Equinox Membership? Reasons For Equinox Membership Cancellation

Yes, the members can easily cancel their Equinox Membership whenever they wish to. Equinox surely provides you with a luxurious fitness experience and training but sometimes the burden of luxury can easily empty your pockets. You will get access to numerous fitness classes, amenities, and benefits but if all this is really costly then it’s better to quit such memberships.  

1. Equinox Membership is really costly and you can get other gyms or health and fitness clubs for affordable rates. 

2. The class schedules can vary with time and might not be available in your free time. 

3. You might not get 24-hour access to the gyms or clubs as many do look for 24/7 access to the clubs. 

How Can I Cancel Equinox Membership?

You can easily cancel your Equinox Membership in person, through a letter, an email to the team, or by a phone call. 

Cancel Equinox Membership In Person

1. Go to your Equinox location and look for the Club Manager

2. Interact with them and tell them about your decision to cancel your membership

3. They will surely guide you through the steps you must follow to cancel your membership. 

 Do remember to provide the 30 days notice or you will be billed for the next session. 

Cancel Equinox Membership Through Mail

1. You will be required to write a letter saying that you wish to cancel your membership

2. Provide detailed information like your personal details and membership details. 

3. Go to the local post office in your area and send the mail to your Club location address

4. Follow the other steps required in the office. 

Cancel Equinox Membership By Phone

1. You can get in contact with the Equinox team at (866)-332-6549.

2. Talk to the representative and inform them about your decision to cancel your Equinox Membership. 

3. They might ask you for the reason behind canceling your membership so answer them and provide the required details. 

Cancel Equinox Membership By An Email

1. Open the email app you use and compose an email. 

2. State in the email that you wish to cancel your Equinox membership

3. Provide the required details they might need with information regarding your membership. 

4. You can send the email to [email protected]. If you do not get any response, you can try sending an email to [email protected]

What Is Equinox+ Membership? How Much Is Equinox+?

Equinox+ is an app for Equinox health and fitness club. The Equinox+ app membership can provide exclusive access to fitness trainers and instructors with live and on-demand classes. You can also get access to a 7-Day complimentary trial. With this membership, you can also purchase SoulCycle and get complimentary access to it. 

Members also get the benefits of unlimited access to Pure Yoga, Rumble, TB12 classes, Headstrong and Precision Run. 

The Equinox+ app charges $40 per month from its members to provide the benefits discussed above. If you don’t want to keep the Equinox+ membership then you can cancel the subscription anytime by following simple steps. 

How To Cancel Equinox+ Membership?

Cancel Equinox+ Membership From Website

To cancel your Equinox+ membership from the website, you will be required to:

1. From your browser, go to

2. Provide your account credentials and sign in to your account. 

3. Go to Profile and Select Manage. You can find the Manage option towards the right of membership details. 

4. Click on the Cancel Membership option then confirm and save the procedure. 

Cancel Equinox+ Membership Through Mobile App

To cancel your Equinox+ membership through the mobile app, you can:

1. Open the application on your device. 

2. Tap on the Profile Bubble

3. Go to the Member Info tab and then keep scrolling till you get Membership Details

4. Tap on the Cancel Membership option then again tap on Cancel Now

Cancel Equinox+ Membership On iOS Device

To cancel your Equinox+ membership on your iOS Device, you can:

1. Open the Settings app on your device and tap on your name

2. Go to Subscriptions Tab.

3. Select the Subscription you wish to cancel

4. Navigate down and tap on Cancel Subscription

Cancel Equinox+ Membership On Android Device

To cancel your Equinox+ membership through your android device, you will have to: 

1. Go to Google Play Store on your device. 

2. Tap on the Profile icon at the top right. 

3. Tap on the Payments and Subscriptions option. 

4. Go to Subscriptions and choose the Subscription you want to cancel. 

5. Tap Cancel Subscriptions and you are done. 

Cancel Equinox Membership- FAQs

How Much Is Equinox Membership Cancellation Fee?

This is a bit complicated as there isn’t a straight answer to this query. There is actually no cancellation fee for ending your Equinox membership. However, you must provide Equinox with a 30 Days’ advance notice for membership cancellation. Also, it’s even more complicated about quitting the membership within the first year. You do not have to provide a cancellation fee but you will still be responsible for the remaining membership fees. 

Can I Pause My Equinox Membership?

Yes, you can always pause or freeze your Equinox membership. You can freeze the account for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months. The members can contact their club staff for the same but will also be required to pay to freeze their accounts. The membership freezing fee can range from $30 to $35 per month

Can I Cancel My Equinox Membership Online?

No, you cannot cancel your Equinox gym or club membership online. You will have to visit the club location in person or send your cancellation request via mail to your local club. However, you can cancel your Equinox+ app subscription online from their official website or through your iOS or Android devices.

Can You Cancel Equinox Membership First Year? How To Cancel Equinox Membership Within First Year?

You can cancel your Equinox membership within first year but that can be a very difficult and even expensive procedure for you. If you have the selected reasons like moving away to a greater distance or have a note provided by a doctor for the same, you may be allowed to cancel your membership, but you have to pay your balance fee and more. You will be required to visit your local Equinox gym and speak to a representative there.

How Do I Contact Equinox Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your Equinox membership or other services provided by them then you can contact their Customer Service department by dialing their help number 1 (866) 332-6549 and speaking to a representative regarding the same. You can also chat with them online by visiting their official page and clicking on the Chat With Us option or visit your local club for more details.

Wrap Up

With Equinox, you can give yourself the special and self-care moments that you deserve. The membership plans are beneficial, however, come with a really high price. If you also feel that these membership plans are insanely costly then you can cancel them anytime by following the steps enlisted and discussed above. You can also cancel your LA Fitness membership and Mountainside Fitness membership.

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