How To Cancel Microsoft Word Subscription? 5 Easy Steps To End Service!

how to cancel microsoft word subscription

You must have purchased the Microsoft subscription on your device so that you never lag behind on your office work, but how is it working for you?

If you are unsatisfied with the services provided by them or no longer need to continue using then we can help you cancel your Microsoft subscription. 

Microsoft 365 subscription keeps you updated with several Microsoft applications up to date and you are able to sign in to your account on any of your devices so that you use it whenever and wherever you require to. You can easily install it on your phones and tablets also and get the benefit of cloud storage of 1 TB. 

It is easy to cancel your Microsoft subscription from the services and subscriptions section on your account page. You can cancel your subscription or turn off the recurring bill feature from there so that you are not further charged for the same.

How Much Is Microsoft Subscription? Does Microsoft Subscription Have A Free Trial?

The Microsoft subscription or Microsoft 365 as we say allows the users to use their Microsoft account on any of their devices and get up-to-date applications of that. You can use Microsoft anywhere and get the benefit of several features provided with the subscription. 

The Microsoft 365 Family subscription plan can be purchased for $99.99 for a year. This plan can be used by about six people and they get the benefit of 6 TB of cloud storage, one for each person. You can also buy the plan for a monthly price of $9.99

The Microsoft 365 Personal Subscription plan can be purchased for $69.99 for a year and the usage is allowed for one person. The benefit of 1 TB of cloud storage is made available with this plan. This plan can also be bought for $6.99 per month

The Microsoft Subscription plans are also available for business use and have set prices accordingly. The Microsoft 365 Business Basic can be purchased for $6.00 per user per month and you get the web and mobile versions of their service. The Microsoft 365 Business Standard costs $12.50 per user per month. You also get the desktop versions with others and can manage more applications.

The Microsoft 365 Business Premium is available for $22.00 per user per month and with similar features to other plans, you also get security and cyber threat protection. The Microsoft 365 Apps for business can be bought for $8.25 per user per month. With desktop and other versions of the service, you also receive standard security and about 1 TB of cloud storage

Users get a One-month free trial on almost all of these subscription plans and during the trial period, they can use the service and benefits and can choose for themselves if they wish to continue with the plan. If they don’t want to continue, they can cancel it by following the below-mentioned cancellation steps and must terminate the service during the free trial period to prevent being charged again. 

How Can I Cancel My Microsoft 365 Subscription?

You can easily cancel your Microsoft subscription online by visiting the official page to proceed. 

1. From Microsoft official, visit the services and subscriptions section and then provide your credentials to sign in to your account. 

2. Make sure that you use a similar account that you had while purchasing the subscription. 

3. Now look for the subscription you wish to cancel and then hit the Manage option there. 

4. Navigate to the next page of your account and you will see the Cancel option there. Click it. 

5. Go through the instructions and steps as prompted and cancel your subscription to Microsoft. 

How To Cancel Microsoft Business Subscription? Turn Of Recurring Bill

If your Microsoft Subscription recurring bill is on by default or with your permission, then you can turn it off to cancel your subscription. 

1. Paying through your bank account or a card may turn on the recurring bill feature, you can turn it off by visiting their admin center. 

2. Navigate to the Billing section and then visit the Your Products page. 

3. You must be signed in for that and then you will able to choose the subscription you want to manage. 

4. On the subscription details page, you will find the Subscription and payment settings option. Hit the Edit recurring billing button beneath it. 

5. You can toggle the recurring bill to off and then save the changes you made. 

Cancel Microsoft Word Subscription- FAQs

Can I Get A Refund For Microsoft Subscription?

If you wish to get a refund for your Microsoft subscription then you must cancel your subscription plan within the 30-day period of your last renewal or purchase. You can make a request for a refund from their billing support page. 

Can You Cancel Microsoft Word At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your Microsoft Word at any time. Canceling it during the trial period would be the best option because if you do not cancel it during the trial period, you will be charged a subscription fee.

How Do I Stop Microsoft From Charging My Card?

If yo don’t want Microsoft to charge your card then you will have to sign in to your Microsoft account and then move to the Payment options page. There, you will be able to select the mode of payment that you want to remove and you can easily remove that payment method and prevent your card from being charged by Microsoft.

How Do I Contact Microsoft Subscription Customer Service?

You can contact Microsoft by dialing their support number 1 (800) 642-7676 and speaking to a representative about your issue. The users can also Chat with the representatives online. Visit the Microsoft Contact Us page and chat with an agent online. 

Wrap Up

A Microsoft subscription can provide help to those who need to continuously work on this platform as it will provide you access to several apps of the service and you get more benefits.

However, if you tried using the service and no longer need it anymore then follow the subscription cancellation steps we discussed above in detail to end the services. Contact the Customer Support department of Microsoft for your related queries.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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