How To Cancel Zipcar Membership? 2 Easy Termination Steps!

how to cancel zipcar membership

If you too believe that renting a car whenever in need is better than owning one then you must have tried Zipcar services. But if you purchased the membership and now don’t need to continue with it anymore then we will help you cancel your Zipcar membership. 

Zipcar provides car rental services and has a car-sharing network that gives you on-demand access to vehicles during the day. These services are made available in numerous cities and campuses around the world.

You can rent or share a car for your desired hours or even purchase a membership plan if you require the services frequently. 

You can easily cancel your Zipcar membership online from the official website by logging in to your account or by contacting the Customer Support department. The members can dial their help number and request the representatives to cancel their membership plan

How Much Does Zipcar Cost?

Zipcar has several charges based on your car-rental preferences and more. You will be required to pay an application fee before then you can choose the frequency of your vehicle needs.

You will have to provide first a  $25 application fee and after that, you must pay $7 a month for your membership and you must pay it even if you don’t rent a car.

If you wish to get the membership for a year then you will be charged an annual fee of $70. The actual car rental may cost about $9 for an hour and the charges may vary in different regions. 

Also if the driver has to drive longer than your usual rental time then you will be charged an extra amount for that. It may be around $.045 per mile added to your journey.

The rates of Zipcar rental vary in different cities and also you don’t have to pay for gas. 

How Do I Cancel Zipcar Membership?

You can cancel your Zipcar membership online or by contacting their Customer Support department for the same. 

Cancel Zipcar Membership Online

1. Visit the official website and Sign In to your Zipcar account

2. Navigate to the My Account section on the screen page and then move to Account Settings.  

3. You can now select the Plan card of your membership and then hit on the Cancel Membership button at the bottom of the page. 

4. Confirm the procedure and this will cancel your Zipcar membership. 

You must know that you will still be able to book cars till the end of your billing cycle even after canceling the membership plan. 

Cancel Zipcar Membership Via Phone Call

1. You can also dial their help number to speak to them and cancel your membership. 

2. Call the Zipcar Customer Service department at 1-866-494-7227 and you will be connected to a representative. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your Zipcar membership and provide them with your required account and personal details. 

4. Do request a membership cancellation confirmation when they are done with the procedure. 

If you cancel your Zipcar membership plan then all the trips that were scheduled after that period will be canceled immediately. For any balance remaining in your account, you will be charged or the amount will be credited to your account. 

Cancel Zipcar Membership- FAQs

Can I Cancel Zipcar Membership Anytime?

Yes, the members are allowed to cancel their Zipcar membership anytime if they no longer require it anymore.

After your membership has been canceled, you will still be able to book cars and you can get the benefit of the service till your current billing period is over. 

Is There A Fee To Cancel A Zipcar?

If you provide the required advance notice then you won’t be charged for canceling or shortening your car rental reservation.

However, if you fail to cancel your Zipcar reservation in the required time frame then you will have to pay for your reservation charge. You can find this notice on your reservation confirmation. 

Will I Get A Refund For Canceling My Zipcar Membership?

You can receive a refund if you cancel your Zipcar membership within 30 days of signing up for your Zipcar account.

If you do not cancel it during that time then you won’t be getting any refund from them, even for the unused period of your Zipcar membership. The remaining balance will be credited to your account. 

How Do I Contact Zipcar Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your membership or the services provided by Zipcar then you can dial their Customer Support number 1 (866) 494-7227 and talk to their representatives. You can also visit their Contact page for more details. 

Wrap Up

Zipcar is a car-sharing service that you can use to rent cars whenever you need. If you are already a member and are now planning to terminate the services then you can follow the membership cancellation steps that we discussed above in detail.

Get in touch with their Customer Service department for more of your related queries. You can also Cancel A Lyft Ride and their services.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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