How To Cancel ReadyRefresh? 2 Effective Ways To End Service!

how to cancel readyrefresh

Are you planning to discontinue using the ReadyRefresh services? If you don’t require ReadyRefresh anymore then we can help you cancel your membership by providing you with easy and effective steps. 

ReadyRefresh provides you with water bottles, sparkling water, and other beverages of your most loved brands. You can purchase a membership plan and receive your deliveries frequently or just purchase in bundles whenever you want to. 

If you are ready to end the services then you can cancel your ReadyRefresh membership easily by contacting their Customer Support department and dialing their help number or by filling out an online contact form from their official website

How Much Is ReadyRefresh Membership? ReadyRefresh Membership Price

ReadyRefresh provides water bottles and gallons to keep yourself hydrated for a long. You can purchase bundles of water gallons or bottles or even purchase a membership plan to receive the bottles at selected intervals. 

Membership PlansCharges
Hydration Superhero$99 for a year
Hydration Hero$59 for a year

The Hydration Superhero membership plan can be purchased for a yearly price of $99. For this membership plan, you won’t be required to pay a delivery fee and will also receive discounts on selected products. You will receive one free Professional Dispenser Cleaning service and the rest at a discounted price. With gifts and samples, you will also receive priority deliveries. 

The Hydration Hero membership plan will cost you $59 for a year. 12 of your delivery fees would be waived with this membership plan and you will get discounts on their products. You will also receive discounts on Professional Dispenser Cleaning services. Samples and gifts are also included. 

You can also purchase water bundle plans where a 4-bottle Bundle will cost you $39.96

per delivery and you also get a 5% discount per bundle. The 5-bottle Bundle can be purchased for $45.40 per delivery and you get a 10% discount per bundle. Another bundle plan is the 6-Bottle Bundle which can be purchased for $51.72 per delivery and provides you with a 12% discount per bundle. 

How Do I Cancel ReadyRefresh?

You can cancel your ReadyRefresh membership by dialing their Support number and speaking to them for cancellation or by filling out an online form for the same. 

Cancel ReadyRefresh By Phone Call

1. You can easily cancel your ReadyRefresh membership by contacting their Customer Service department. 

2. Dial their Help number 1-800-274-5282 and you will be connected to one of their representatives. 

3. Tell them that you want to cancel your ReadyRefresh membership and provide them the required details of your membership and others. 

4. Do ask them for a cancellation confirmation message when they are done with your ReadyRefresh cancellation procedure. 

Cancel ReadyRefresh Via Online Form

1. You can also make your membership cancellation request online by filling out a form for that. 

2. Visit the ReadyRefresh Contact Us page and provide all the required personal details. 

3. From the options available in the Topic box, select Account and from the Sub Topic box, select the Close Account option. 

4. Write details of your membership cancellation in the message box below and when done, click on the Submit Form button. 

You will soon hear from them when your request is accepted. 

Cancel ReadyRefresh- FAQs

Will I Get A Refund From ReadyRefresh?

If the customers can cancel their ReadyRefresh membership within the first 3 business days of signing in for the membership then you will receive a complete refund from them. If you cancel later, you might not receive your refund back. They may even charge a fee for the benefits of the membership you receive during the initial 3 days. 

Can I Remove Auto Pay From ReadyRefresh? How Do I Return ReadyRefresh?

If you want to remove the Auto-Pay feature from your ReadyRefresh account or have to return the ReadyRefresh delivery then you will be required to dial their help number as provided above. You will be connected to a representative there and you can inform them about your request to remove auto-pay or to return your ReadyRefresh. They will help you accordingly. 

How Can I Contact ReadyRefresh Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to your ReadyRefresh membership or you need help from them then you can dial their Support number 1-800-274-5282 and get in touch with a representative. You can also fill out a request form by visiting their Contact Us page and submitting your query to ReadyRefresh. 

Wrap Up 

ReadyRefresh ensures your hydration by providing you with water bottles and other beverages on a membership basis or bundle purchase.

If you bought a membership plan and now don’t want to continue with it then go through the steps of membership cancellation as we discussed above in detail. You are allowed to request a refund and inform them about your other issues by contacting their Customer Support department. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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