How To Cancel Peacock TV?

How To Cancel Peacock TV?

If you are bored with the genres that are available on Peacock TV and are looking for a change, or if you just have found a better platform with similar streaming services at a better price, then you should cancel your Peacock TV subscription. 

On Peacock TV, one gets access to a wide range of premium content from several networks some of which include FOX, NBC, Nickelodeon, Universal Pictures, CNBC, A&E, ABC, CBS, Showtime, and so much more. However, there are several other platforms that also provide similar services, so you can find a better option on a thorough comparison. 

To cancel your Peacock TV Subscription, head to their official website and click on your Profile icon. Select the Account menu and click on Plans and Payments. View your current plan and select the Edit option to find the cancelation button for it. 

The procedure will not remain the same if you have used a different application or platform for purchasing your Peacock TV subscription, so keep reading to find the right method which will work for you. 

How To Cancel Peacock TV?

If you want to cancel your Peacock subscription then the process for this will vary depending upon which platform or device you are choosing for it. We have discussed all the methods in this article, so you can have a look and follow the procedure which is suitable for you.

How To Cancel Peacock TV On Website?

If you want to cancel your Peacock TV subscription directly from its official website, then here are the steps that you are required to follow for this. 

1. Open a web browser on your device and head to the official website of Peacock.

2. Log in to your account and click on the profile icon at the top right of the screen. 

3. Go to Your Account menu from there. 

4. Then, click on the account option present at the top right corner of the screen. 

5. Now, open the “Plans & Payments” menu from there.

6. Here, you will be able to view your account settings and all the related information. You will also find the “Change Plan” option, select it.

7. Finally, you can easily choose either a downgraded plan or simply cancel your respective subscription to Peacock TV.

Remember that this method will work for you if you are in the US. For those outside the United States, you will first have to connect to a VPN after which you can follow the same steps as given below.

How To Cancel Peacock TV Subscription On Android?

Android users who have purchased their Peacock TV subscription from Google Play Store are required to go through the steps provided below to cancel their subscription.  

1. Launch the Google Play app on your device.

2. Tap on the profile icon at the top right of the screen. Make sure that you are logged in from the right account. 

3. Under your Email Address, you will see the Manage Your Google Account option, tap on it.

4. Now, select the Payments and Subscriptions option from the menu.

5. Tap on Subscriptions to view a list of all your currently active subscriptions linked to this account. 

6. Look for your Peacock TV subscription and select it.

7. Now, you can select the Cancel option for the same and it shall be terminated. 

How To Cancel Peacock TV Subscription on iOS?

If you have purchased your Peacock TV subscription from an iOS device, then refer to the following steps for its cancelation.

1. Launch the App Store of your iOS device.

2. Click on the Account option present at the top right corner of the screen. 

3. Select the Subscriptions option from the menu.  

4. Look for your Peacock TV subscription from the list of your active subscriptions and select it. 

5. Tap on the Cancel Subscription option and follow up as directed. 

How To Contact Peacock Customer Service?

If you have any issues with your Peacock TV subscriptions or any queries regarding the same, you can also connect to the customer support of PEacock. For this, you will find the ChatBot option right on their website at the bottom right of their home page. You can have a chat with the chatbot where you will find almost all of your answers. 

If you need more, you can also sign in to your account and go to the Get In Touch page of their website where you can either have a chat with their live customer support agent between 9 am and 1 am ET or simply send them an email message the option for which you will find right there. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we conclude our article on the cancelation of your Peacock TV subscription and hope that you didn’t have to pay for an extra billing cycle as you found our article in time.

If you want to cancel any other streaming service too, you can reach out to us via comments and we will help you with the same. If you also have a subscription to Vidgo or Disney Plus, you can cancel them with our guides.

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