How To Cancel Zalora Order? Return & Refund Policy!!

How To Cancel Zalora Order?

It seems like you want to cancel your order from Zalora which you recently placed. Right? If that’s is so, then be quick in your cancelation because once its cancelation window closed, you are not able to cancel the order. Follow this article to get a detailed and proper description to cancel Zalora Order. 

Zalora is an online fashion retail company that offers different varieties of clothes, accessories, and beauty products for both men and women. It operates its stores in different countries across Asia. Like other online shopping websites, you can shop for any of the products from the Zalora Website and place an order from it. In the meanwhile, if you want to cancel your order, you can do so too. 

You can cancel your Zalora Order at any time before its shipment. You need to submit your order cancelation request as soon as possible from its order page. Detailed steps are explained later in this article. 

Can You Cancel A Zalora Order?

Yes, if your order is yet to be packed or not shipped yet, then you are allowed to cancel the Zalora Order. In short, before its shipment, you can cancel your order. So, be quick in submitting your cancelation request. 

How To Cancel Zalora Order?

You are able to cancel your Zalora Order before it is shipped. Check the status of your order and if it is not packed yet, then follow these steps to cancel your Zalora Order online. 

Cancel Zalora Order From Mobile App

  1. Sign up to the Zalora Account and then tap on Account> My Orders
  2. Tap on the Manage Order next to the order you want to cancel 
  3. Then, tap on the Cancel Order button to submit your cancelation request 
  4. Click on Yes, proceed to confirm your order cancelation

Cancel Zalora Order From Desktop

  1. Login to your Zalora Account. Go to your profile and select My Account> Go to Order & Tracking. 
  2. Select the order you want to cancel and then tap on the Cancel Order button 
  3. Again click on the Cancel Order option to submit your cancelation request. 

Note: Once your order is packed, then you are not able to cancel it. The only way is to Return your order once it is delivered to you. Or you can also refuse to take the order if you choose the “cash on delivery” payment mode. 

Important: If you are unable to cancel your Zalora Order online with these steps from your Zalora Account. Then, you can reach out to their customer service team to submit your order cancelation request. 

How To Contact Zalora Customer Service?

Depending on the location or country you choose, you have different contact details for their customer service team. Here is the contact information of Zalora Customer Service for different countries. 

You can also go to their Contact Page to get the live chat feature. To go on their Contact Page, First visit Zalora Website> Select your preferred Country> Click the Contact Us button from the bottom. 

How To Return Zalora Order?

Zalora has a 30-Day Return Policy. You have 30 days to return your Zalora Order once it is delivered to you. The item should be in its original and unused condition to be eligible for return. 

Follow these 4 simple steps to initiate your return process. 

Step 1: Fill Out The Online Form

  • From your Mobile App, log in to your Zalora Account and navigate to My Orders
  • Select the order and tap on Exchange & Return option
  • Initiate your Return or Exchange process
  • Select your preferred Return Method and Return Courier
  • Verify your details and click on Submit Returns button 

Step 2: Pack Your Items

Place your returned items in the Zalora Packaging pouch or box and be ready to return them. Make sure to check the item before packing. 

Step 3: Return Your Zalora Package In Two Options

You can either choose for Pick Ups or Drop Off option

Step 4: Look Out For Email Notification

Check out the Email notification in which it is confirmed that the status of your return. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Zalora?

Yes, if you returned your order within 30 days and as soon as your return request is accepted, you will be initiated for a full refund of your returned items. 


We hope that now you are not confused about the cancellation process for Zalora Order. Just make this sure that you checked the Order Status before cancelation, if the order is not shipped yet, then you can freely go with the cancelation steps. For any kind of assistance, contact Zalora Customer Service Team. Also Know, how to cancel Trendy Butler.

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